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Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching

Which Enhypen Member Are You

If you want to know Which Enhypen member are you, this K-pop-inspired ENGENE quiz reveals if you are Heeseung, Jay, Sunoo, Jake, Sunghoon, Jungwon, or Ni-Ki.

The Most Accurate Enhypen Personality Quiz Ever!

ENGENEs want to know which Enhypen boy they resemble in real life. That’s why we created the world’s most precise character match using the updated profiles of the members.

We have already created a quiz to reveal which BTS member you are. But this one is a bit different. We included some fantasy questions inspired by the Enhypen universe and Drunk-Dazed and Given-Taken storylines.

Find out which Enhypen member you are.

The premise of the test is to expose the 엔하이픈 boy that shares the same personality with you. We created a database of all the seven members’ profiles to finetune the results. And this is the only online personality quiz that works based on the MBTI characteristics of the boys.

Discover your theme song.

As a bonus feature, the results include the name of your theme song out of the band’s discography. Our editors analyzed the lyrics to all the pieces to match your characteristics to one of them. This has never been done before, and it’s the ENGENEs’ only chance to find their personality song.

Meet your Enhypen best friend.

The boys always hang out like seven besties. And everyone loves each other. But have you ever wondered which one could be your best friend if you were an actual ENHYPEN member? If yes, don’t hesitate to take the test. We have the only online match-maker that predicts your K-Pop BFF based on your behaviors and traits.

Get a FREE comprehensive personality analysis.

Besides all the fantastic information the Enhypen quiz offers, you receive a detailed character breakdown. It helps you determine why you matched a particular member and its meaning. The test includes twenty psychological questions that enable us to analyze your true personality, delivering precise results.

How to Know Which Enhypen Member You Are?

Every ENGENE would like to know which ENHYPEN member they are. But not all of them would like to take a quiz for that. If that’s the case, use one of the following alternative methods to discover your counterpart.

Note: None of the suggested methods are as accurate as taking the quiz. So, don’t expect to achieve a reliable match using them.

The most common method is character description. Below you see a brief profile of each Enhypen member and their primary characteristics. You can use them to decide which one you resemble in real life.

#1. Heeseung

Despite being young, Heeseung is a natural leader. All other Enhypen members count on him when things go wrong. And he keeps the whole team together—like an invisible glue. Heeseung also loves teasing others when he gets a chance.

Heeseung leaves little to no room for mistakes in his performance. So, usually, people who match him in the Enhypen Quiz are perfectionists.

#2. Jay

If you ask ENGENEs, “Which Enhypen member you are?” many would say, “I’m Jay.” He’s a competitive, cool, and tough guy with a heart of gold. Despite his cold appearance, Jay is one of the softest boys in the band. Other guys refer to him as the mood maker of the group. And makes everyone laugh when they’re not feeling so good. Another thing about Jay is that he’s pretty confident, and fans just love it.

#3. Sunoo

The selfie king is also the sassiest boy in the band. If your personality is similar to Sunoo, you’re a fashionista who lifts everyone’s mood no matter what. Sunoo’s friends think he’s a lighthearted, chill-vibe, and amusing character. But he’s also known to be the biggest happy-go-lucky ever.

#4. Jake

Ask fangirls, “Which Enhypen member are you?” and you’d be surprised by how many of them pick Jake as their counterpart. That’s because he’s the cutest, sweetest, and softest boy in the band. Jake is also highly caring, kind, and shy. He might not be as confident as some other guys. But he knows how to steal the ENGENEs’ hearts.

#5. Sunghoon

Sunghoon is the most reserved person in the band. He’s usually quiet, cold, and mysterious. But that’s how he looks on the outside. Deep down, he’s a lovely, loyal, protective friend to all the other members. But it’s a fact that Sunghoon is slightly timid and doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight as much as others.

#6. Jungwon

Being the second-youngest boy in the group has nothing to do with Jungwon’s maturity level. He has the most assertive mentality among all the guys. And his personality is more like the younger brother that his older siblings constantly adore.

#7. Ni-Ki

Ambitious, competitive, and loud. Ni-Ki is the Maknae of the Enhypen, and other boys always protect him. Matching with him in the member match quiz means you’re a lively, determined, and imaginative person chasing dreams no matter what.

Other Ways to Find Your Enhypen Match

Character description might not be the ultimate method to discover your K-Pop counterpart. But there’re three other ways you can find out which Enhypen member you are in no time. (See below).

Zodiac Sign Match

Many believe that people sharing the same zodiac sign have similar personalities. So, you might be able to meet your ENHYPEN twin by checking out the members’ star signs. It’s the easiest and fastest method. But the downside is that there are only seven boys in the band—while there’re twelve-star signs out there.


Star Sign
Heeseung Libra
Jay Taurus
Sunoo Cancer
Jake Scorpio
Sunghoon Sagittarius
Jungwon Aquarius
Ni-Ki Sagittarius


Birthdate Match

Being born on the same day as a person is a sign, right? We think a birthdate match is one of the coolest ways to discover your Enhypen member match because it’s so rare. There’re few ENGENEs who share the exact same birthdate with the boys. But it always makes them feel special and blessed.

Use the following table to see if your birthdate matched any of the boys.


Heeseung October 15th, 2001
Jay April 20th, 2002
Sunoo June 24th, 2003
Jake November 15th, 2002
Sunghoon December 8th, 2002
Jungwon February 9th, 2004
Ni-Ki December 9th, 2005


MBTI Personality Match

MBTI is one of the most popular personality tests in the world. Our editors worked hard to identify each Enhypen member’s type to finetune the results. But you can use their findings to see if you match any of the boys before even taking the test.

Use the following table to see which Enhypen boy shares the same MBTI type with you.


Members MBTI Type
Heeseung INFJ
Sunoo ENFP
Sunghoon ISTJ
Jungwon ESTJ


Take the Online Test Instead

Finding your match by yourself can be challenging and confusing. And let’s face it; you’re most likely biased towards a particular member, which reduces the accuracy of the results. But you can always trust the outcome of our Enhypen quiz because it’s 100% subjective.

Plus, you can share the test results with the ENGENE community and ask for their opinion, too.


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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    What type of music do you listen to aside from K-pop?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 1
    • Pop

    • Hip-hop

    • R&B

    • J-pop

    • Classical

    • Instrumental

    • Rock

  • 2
    Which one describes your energy better?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 2
    • I want to be productive all day long

    • Sometimes, I feel like I have extra energy

    • I’m usually tired

    • I get energized around certain people

    • I have enough energy to finish daily tasks

    • My energy has never been consistent

    • I am super-energetic all the time

  • 3
    Which word describes your personality?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 3
    • Calm

    • Tough

    • Polite

    • Kind

    • Quiet

    • Wise

    • Silly

  • 4
    What’s your goal in life?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 4
    • To succeed in my career

    • To fight for my dreams

    • To make my enemies jealous of me

    • To help as many people as people

    • To achieve peace of mind

    • To learn something new every day

    • To have fun and enjoy life

  • 5
    Which Enhypen member could be your best friend?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 5
    • Jungwon

    • Sunghoon

    • Ni-Ki

    • All of them

    • Heeseung

    • Jay

    • Sunoo

  • 6
    What types of movies do you often watch?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 6
    • Documentaries

    • Action

    • Drama

    • Romance

    • Triller

    • Sci-fi

    • Comedy

  • 7
    Everyone has a rather childish side. How active is yours? (10 means you are very childish).
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 7
    • 0-1

    • 2-3

    • 4-5

    • 6-7

    • 8

    • 9

    • 10

  • 8
    What do you think about romance and relationships?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 8
    • I’m shy around romantic people

    • I’m not a romantic person

    • I like romantic people

    • I am a super-romantic person

    • I don’t like romantic people

    • I’d like to have romance in my life

    • I think romantic people are sexy!

  • 9
    What do you love about Enhypen?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 9
    • Their lyrics

    • Their lore

    • Their styles

    • Their personalities

    • Their hard work

    • Their music

    • Their dance moves

  • 10
    Which description is similar to you at a party?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 10
    • Calm and friendly

    • Protective and sober

    • Dancing like a crazy

    • Making sure everyone’s having fun

    • Private and reserved

    • Trying to meet new people

    • Looking to hook up

  • 11
    How sociable and friendly are you?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 11
    • I try to be sociable

    • I struggle with being a sociable person

    • I’m pretty sociable

    • I’m good at making new friends

    • I cannot make new friends

    • I can be sociable when I want to

    • I super-sociable!

  • 12
    Describe your friends in one word.
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 12
    • Reliable

    • Strong

    • Sassy

    • Sweet

    • Cool

    • Smart

    • Silly

  • 13
    What’s your style like? What type of clothes do you often wear?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 13
    • Formal

    • Casual

    • Classy

    • Arty

    • Grunge

    • Chic

    • Sexy

  • 14
    Of the following options, which one is your favorite color?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 14
    • Red

    • Blue

    • Orange

    • Pink

    • Black

    • Green

    • Yellow

  • 15
    If you were an actual K-pop band member, what role would you like to have?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 15
    • Lead vocalist

    • Lead rapper

    • Choreographer

    • Lead dancer

    • Producer

    • Lyricist

    • Maknae

  • 16
    Enhypen aside, which one is your favorite K-pop boy band?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 16
    • BTS

    • EXO

    • Wanna One

    • NCT

    • Got7


    • Monsta X

  • 17
    What kind of personality attracts you the most?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 17
    • Responsible

    • Determined

    • Confident

    • Sweet

    • Secretive

    • Smart

    • Funny

  • 18
    How do you feel when you listen to your favorite Enhypen song?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 18
    • Calm

    • Motivated

    • Hyped

    • Emotional

    • Playful

    • Nostalgic

    • All of them

  • 19
    What do you usually do when listening to Enhypen songs?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 19
    • Nothing

    • Work out

    • Walk

    • Do my homework

    • Work

    • Study

    • Dance

  • 20
    Final question; what makes a song great?
    Quiz: Which Enhypen Member Are You? 1 of 7 Matching 20
    • Lyrics

    • Catchy choruses

    • Cool music video

    • Good vocalist(s)

    • Catchy rap verses

    • It’s a combination of all

    • I don’t know

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