Quiz: Which The Bachelor Contestant Are You? 2024 Updated

Hey, which The Bachelor contestant are you? Take this personality test to find your doppelganger in The Bachelor.

Which The Bachelor Contestant Are You

The Bachelor Contestant Quiz Explained

Made up of 20 romance questions, The Bachelor Quiz is a dating simulator that reveals which contestant you resemble in real life.

The Bachelor is an American reality show about a man dating several women (contestants) in the hope of finding true love.

The current test compares your dating personality with the actual contestants of the show, exposing which one is actually similar to you.

The First MBTI-Based Bachelor Test

To fine-tune the results, The Bachelor Personality Test utilizes your MBTI type. In other words, the questions help determine your MBTI and compare it with the girls.

If you already know your MBTI type, use the following table to find your match. But for a more accurate result, take the test.

Contestant MBTI
Victoria Fuller INFP
Katie Thurston ENFP
Clare Crawley ESFP
Michelle Young ENFJ
Hanna Godwin ISFJ


Which Contestant of the Bachelor Are You?

With the show’s 27 seasons and over 270 episodes, deciding which contestant you are is as challenging as giving the rose to the right person. (Not if you take a personality test, though.)

In The Bachelor, some contestants are just playing a game. They don’t want love. What they want is money and clout, which makes it even more difficult to find your perfect match. It’s almost like looking for your doppelganger in The Mole.

This Is the All-Star Version! (Season 1 to Season 27)

While every quiz tells you which The Bachelor contestant of this season you are, we do it differently. The test you’re about to take reveals which of the most popular contestant of all the 27 seasons of the show you resemble.

We call it the All-Star Bachelor Contestant Quiz. But you could say it’s inspired by The Bachelor in Paradise.

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