Quiz: Which Starseed Are You? Based on 20 Signs

Do you look at the stars and wonder which Starseed you are? This 20-question Starseed quiz reveals if you are Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, or else.

Which Starseed quiz

What or Who Is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a highly evolved soul originating from stars or higher realms of intelligence. Such a person’s cosmic consciousness is open and perceives what’s beyond the Earth. But technically, all humans are Starseeds because we are all made of stars’ dust.

Starseed Quiz Explained

It’s a series of personality, spirituality, and intelligence questions that help you find out which Starseed you are.

The quiz is designed for those who ask things like, “Is my soul from stars?” or “Why don’t I feel like I belong to the Earth?” By taking it, you have the opportunity to analyze your characteristics and experiences to discover if you’re connected to higher intellectual realms.

If you want to receive the most accurate result, we recommend taking our Soul Age Quiz as well. The two questionnaires are complementary.

Questions that the Test Answers

The free Starseed Quiz offers detailed results that include valuable information. Here are some of the main things you learn by taking it.

Which Starseed are you?

20+ types of Starseeds are out there. So, it’s pretty challenging for you to analyze all and decide which one you belong to. We have created a database of all the known Indigoes and put them into distinguishable categories. That’s why it’s the most efficient way to discover your ancestors and reconnect to them in no time.

What is your purpose on Earth?

One of the Starseed Quiz premises is to reveal your soul’s purpose on this planet. It’s believed that each unique person with an interstellar origin has a goal or mission. But it’s not that easy to find out what it is and how you need to serve it. However, the test helps you figure out why you came here and how you can awaken all your abilities to finish your mission(s).

Are you a Starseed or Lightworker?

Despite what many believe, Lightworker is not interchangeable with Starseed. The former is a term that describes souls with multiple interstellar origins. However, the latter is an umbrella term for any soul with a cosmic background. The good thing about the quiz is that it can reveal if you are a Lightworker or any other type of Starseed.

Signs Your Soul Is Originated from Stars

Although it’s challenging, you can figure out if you are connected to higher realms of intelligence. You need to look for the signs that indicate you don’t belong to this mortal planet.


Starseeds are highly sensitive persons. Their empathetic nature makes them prone to getting hurt easily. So, if you feel like the world is overwhelming and irritating, you might be one.

Psychic abilities

Your third eye might be open, or you may have psychic powers that most people don’t. Starseeds can awaken their cosmic abilities and use them towards serving their missions.

Healing skills

Having an interstellar soul makes most Starseeds natural healers. Their energy helps others feel better and recover faster. But it takes time for them to get the holds of their powers and use them intentionally.


Most Starseeds ask themselves, “Am I a daydreamer?” at some point. That’s because they spend a lot of time exploring their vivid imagination.

Feeling detached

An iconic sign of being a Starseed is feeling like you don’t belong to the Earth. It takes time and effort for most souls to adapt to a new environment and awaken their purpose(s). So, you may be detached from your community for a while before rediscovering your true nature.

How to Know Which Starseed You Are without a Quiz?

Taking the test is the easiest way to get a reliable answer. But you may not like it for whatsoever reason. If that’s the case, use the following steps to determine which star your soul is actually from.

#1: Get to know the Starseed types.

Some famous Starseed variants are Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Orion, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, Lightworker, Lemurian, and Atlantean, Maldek, Feline and Lyran, Blue Ray, Venusian, Reptilian, and Draconian.

Each of these stars evokes specific traits and personalities. So, if you want to figure out which Starseed you are, it’s best to study them carefully.

#2: Look for Starseed markings.

Your markings are signs from your birth that indicate where your soul is from and which Starseed you are. However, it’s pretty complicated to discover them. You might want to consult a knowledgeable guide to help you look and spot your markings accurately.

#3: Use meditation to awaken your soul.

Awakening your cosmic consciousness can lead to discovering your soul’s origin. It requires constant meditation and spiritual experiences. But once you achieve it, you get the answer to some of your biggest questions. Your best bet is to seek guidance and let a reliable spiritual coach guide you through the process.

Take the Starseed Quiz if you’re Confused.

Are you still in doubt and don’t know where to start? The Starseed questionnaire on this page is what you need. It creates a logical path to analyze all the signs and experiences you have ever had. And it’s able to deliver accurate results based on your report.


Some signs like headaches, seeing or hearing things, and feeling lost might be symptoms of serious mental or physical conditions. So, if you experience them frequently, it’s best to talk to a doctor. Don’t assume that you’re going through a spiritual experience caused by your Starseed nature.

The quiz on this page is meant to be an entertaining and educational tool for you to analyze your soul’s origin. It should not be repurposed or used with other intentions.

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