Marvel 2024 Quiz: Which Moon Knight Character Are You?

If you love MCU’s new series, you may wonder which Moon Knight character you are. This quiz reveals whether you are Steven Grant, Mr. Knight, Jake, etc.

Which Moon Knight Character Are You

Moon Knight Personality Quiz Explained

It’s a Marvel quiz that identifies which of the Moon Knight’s alter-egos you have.

According to the comics and MCU series, Marc Spector is Moon God’s host. And he has four alternative personalities: Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Mr. Knight, and Moon Knight himself.

The test uses dissociative identity disorder symptoms and your characteristics to expose which one is more similar to you.  (It’s because Marc is believed to have DID, a type of disorder that causes multiple personalities).

Tip: If you’re looking for a broader match, consider taking our Marvel Character Quiz instead. It includes most of the famous MCU superheroes—not just one franchise.

Which of the Khonshu’s Four Aspects Are You?

According to Marvel’s comics, Marc seals a deal with Khonshu, the God of the Moon, God of Vengeance, and Shepherd of the Lost. The agreement grants Marc another life and turns him into an avatar for hosting the four aspects of the Egyptian God.

By taking the Moon Knight Quiz, you figure out which aspects are prominent in you.

Note: except for the Watcher of Overnight Travelers, it’s unclear which aspect is associated with Marc’s personas. But the following is the possible combination based on what we already know.


Khonshu’s Pathfinder alter-ego is probably manifested as Jake Lockley. As a cab driver in New York, Jake knows every inch of the city. He’s also familiar with street life and can even communicate with criminals to extract intel.


The comics don’t mention which alter-ego is the Embracer. But since the word “embracer” is an alternative form of embraceor, it likely refers to Steven Grant. He is a billionaire playboy who is capable of embracery.


Mr. Knight is the most down-to-earth and helpful person out of all. He is the one who cares about people and is less violent towards the villains. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was the manifestation of Moon God’s Defender aspect.

Watcher of Overnight Travelers

We do know that Moon Knight is the manifestation of Watcher of Overnight Travelers. He is protective and strong, putting the fear of God into his enemies.

How to Know Which Moon Knight Character You Are?

Studying Khonshu’s aspects and Marc’s personas can help you find your match. So, you don’t necessarily need a quiz to identify your MCU alter-ego—although that’s the best option.

# Marc Spector

Personality-wise, Marc is determined, tough, and dutiful ISTJ. As an ex-Marine and CIA agent, he is a skillful fighter capable of working with all sorts of weapons. He is also vengeful, seeking revenge on Bushman.

# Steven Grant

In the new MCU show, Steven Grant has an ISFJ personality type. He is introverted, observant, hardworking, and devoted. However, in the comics, he is more of a confident businessman who’s also a well-known playboy in the city.

# Jake Lockley

Jake is an ISTP whose personality can be described as sensing, thinking, perceiving, and fiercely independent. He’s most likely the manifestation of Moon God’s Pathfinder persona. Other alter-egos, especially Moon Knight, rely on his connections and information.

# Mr. Knight

He is a down-to-earth, subdued, but also flamboyant persona. Mr. Knight tends to be more of a detective than a caped vigilante. And he’s often genuinely caring towards people in need of help.

# Moon Knight

Just like Marc Spector, Moon Knight has an ISTJ personality type. But he’s more brutal, bold, and risk-taking. It’s said that he wears an all-white costume to let his enemies know that he’s coming for them. The comics also show that he can be quite violent, attacking the bad guys ruthlessly.

Character Personality
Marc Spector ISTJ
Steven Grant ISFJ
Jake Lockley ISTP
Moon Knight ISTJ


Is It Possible to Match Other Characters in the Quiz?

The test reveals which Moon Knight persona you have. But that’s not all it does. You might end up matching other characters such as Arthur Harrow, Layla El-Faouly, or Bobbi Kennedy as well.

Is the Quiz Based on the Comics or the MCU Version?

With the release of the 2022 Moon Knight TV series on Disney+, we know that Marvel is taking a new approach to developing the characters. For example, Steven Grant is portrayed as a dorky gift shop worker rather than a billionaire playboy. So, which version is used in the quiz, you might ask?

Our editors created accurate profiles using descriptions from both comics and the MCU. However, the results lean toward the original versions of the characters.


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