What Color Am I? 100% Accurate Personality Quiz

If you want an accurate answer to the question, what color am I? take this personality quiz with 20 questions to find out your color character.

What Color Am I

Colors are not mere physical aspects of matter; indeed, they represent our perception of the world. Throughout history, colors have born a variety of symbolic meanings besides their aesthetic function. Colors can be attributed to many things, such as seasons, as we’ve mentioned in the “What is my seasonal palette?” quiz and the “Color Personality Test.” The “What color am I quiz” is another personality test that will determine how you perceive the world around you and how you can make the world a different place.

Different color quiz goals

As mentioned earlier, colors represent different meanings. Sometimes they are associated with heat; sometimes, they are signs of different ideologies, etc. For instance, the “color personality quiz” was based on how you appeal to others. However, in this color quiz, we take a more subjective approach. What color character are you? In this color article, we talk about two different things based on your personality color. First, what the world looks like from your standpoint, whether it is cruel or fair. Second, how can you influence the world based on your persona? Would you like to view the world as a battlefield or a market? Depending on your answers, one of the four colors below will be your personality color.

The results of the “What color am I?” quiz

There are four hues associated with different personality types: Gold, Blue, Red, and Black.

None is better than the others; in fact, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Altogether, society is made of all tones and can’t go on without any of them. So here are the attributes of each color.

The Gold

“Often have you heard that told- all that glitters is not gold.” _Shakespeare.

Golden people:

These people are rare and precious indeed. They see the world as pure as snow, and they see the glass half full. They can also be considered humans with Midas’ hand, as they can turn the dust of despair into glorious gold. They seek opportunities to help others and wish no ill for anyone. Such people are golden, indeed.

Golden Role:

They do not influence the world with their heroic actions or by their power and money. These people glitter with philosophic illumination and epic ideals. They are not the best executives; still, they inspire many. A Golden person is not defined by glittering words but by integrity and candor.

The Blue

Blue is the symbol for infinity, the sky, the sea, and above all, liberty.

Blue individuals:

They are practical and down-to-earth. They are best at planning and devising strategies. Blue appears in the sky and the seas; nevertheless, it is the most abstract pigmentation of all. This shows that the true power of blue people resides in their logical reasoning. Therefore, blue people are great engineers, medical doctors, and managers who experience many scientific and financial breakthroughs.

Blue Contribution

Blue people are the backbone of society. They are great at setting and following rules. They have a utilitarian point of view of the world that makes them contribute to the community by their knowledge and financial resources. However, these people might take some unpleasant actions for the greater good.

The Red

What do blood, fire, and love have in common? They all see red.

Reds are rough

Red personality is furious and passionate about life. They perceive the world in a more emotional way than others. If you’re not their friend, you’re their foe. They either love you, or they hate you. They are most likely to take things personally. If others oppress the reds, they revolt and overthrow the tyrants because the red can’t stand tyranny.

Red deeds

The reds are the acumen comrades when you’re in need. Whether you’re in a bar fight or a civil war, your red friends will stand by your side till their last drop of blood. This personality type will not tolerate injustice and oppression and will defend what it holds dear against opposing threats. They also have great athleticism and sportsmanship.


The Black

Let’s take a deep dive into the unknown.

Black anima/animus

Black people are masters of the dark world. Darkness here means unknown and mystic rather than evil; however, one of our primal terrors is the fear of the unknown, which makes us reluctant towards the dark shade; unless we can find the treasures buried deep down in the dark.

Black characters have shut their lights to the outside world and have an underground territory within. They have the ability to see beyond the boundaries of sight; therefore, they are potent magicians and artists.

Black is beyond other colors

Black energy controls another dimension while other hues fight over right, good or bad, and other dialectics. These people are masters of loneliness, art, and beauty. They find the promises and positive vibes of the golden people false and deceptive, for they accept things as they are. The blacks won’t fix anything because, in their view, everything is how it should be. This attitude makes them great healers and consultants.


Right into the spectrum of the “What color am I?” quiz

In this color personality quiz, you will be asked 20 questions. The questions are either asked to evaluate your personal opinions or something about the past. Do not worry because there is no best or worst in this test. All hues are vital to humanity, as they have always been in the last millennia. Remember to share this color quiz with your friends and family to share and learn more. No matter what your color, you’ll be passing this test with flying colors. So enjoy.

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