Which Bath And Body Works Scent Are You? 100% Fun Quiz

Which Bath & Body Works scent are you? This odor-based personality quiz is going to match you to one of the famous scents.

Which Bath And Body Works Scent Are You

Which Bath & Body Works Scent Are You?

Ever wondered what Bath & Body Works scent would match your personality? As an odor maniac, I’ve tested most of the 230+ fragrances of this company only to find the ones that resonate with my soul. And now, here I am to help you do the same—without smelling any samples.

With the Bath & Body Works Scent Quiz, I help you discover which fragrances match your personality. In case you didn’t know, yes, smells can be accurate representations of human traits: A woody scent signifies strength and resilience. Floral odor resembles grace and elegance. And citrus whiffs hark back vibrancy and zest for life.

Scent Characteristics
Vampire Blood Passionate and Mysterious
Luminous Luxurious and Classy
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Gentle and Sweet
Ocean Cool and Friendly


Although my goal is not to tell you what Bath & Body Work scent to wear, feel free to use the test results to renew your perfume drawer. (Scents with a sense of your “self” are a style must.)

Are You a Seasonal Scent?

If your moods sway like the seasons, you embody a Seasonal Bath & Body Works scent, ever-changing and diverse. Like winter’s retreat to spring and spring’s departure for summer and fall, your emotions mirror nature’s dance, adapting to the world around you.

Do You Look Like a Signature Fragrance?

If you appreciate a hint of nostalgia, value traditions over modern chaos, and have a classic style, you’re a signature Bath & Body Works perfume.

What If You’re an Aromatherapy Aroma?

Those with a soothing presence are an Aromatherapy scent. They heal your wounds, remind you of the beauty of life, and leave you inspired—and motivated to face hardships. If you have such a relieving company, you already know your scent.

3 Personality Traits That Reveal Your Scent

Personifying fragrances has been a hobby of mine for so long. In my time playing around with smells, I figured that your sensual energy, level of intimacy, and overall vibe or energy can reveal the odor that matches your personality. Here’s what I mean.


If you have a seductive energy, you have a warm, deep, and alluring scent. You’re something like Vampire Blood, mysterious but charismatic. But if you shy away from your sensuality, you have a gentle, elegant, and floral smell. Something like Gingham.


A laidback person smells differently than one with overwhelming nervous energy. If you’re calm and cool, your scent is Ocean. But if you’re bubbly and vibrant, your persona is closer to At the Beach—or maybe even Champagne Toast.


How do you affect the air in the room when you enter? Your presence can reveal your perfume. If you cheer people up, you are Into the Night; if you drop their jaws and make their necks bend, you’re Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Let Your Persona Choose Your Bath & Body Works Perfume

For those of you still looking for their signature B&B Works smell, let me help you out. My 20-question quiz takes every aspect of your personality into account, compares them with personified versions of scents, and reveals the most matching options.

Too good to be true? Try it for yourself. 💅🏻🪔

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