Style Roots Quiz. Find Your Best Style Match in 2024

This accurate style roots quiz identifies the best aesthetic for you based on your fashion choices, body type, and personality.

Style Roots Quiz

What Is the Style Root?

The style root is the natural source you take inspiration from for clothes. Ellie-Jean Royden, a personal stylist, coined the term in 2022, identifying 8 inspiration sources: Mushroom, Moon, Mountain, Flower, Fire, Sun, Stone, and Earth.


Style Root Features
Moon Dark, Strong, Carefree,
Mushroom Delicate, Timeless, Modest
Mountain Strong, Timeless, Responsible
Sun Light, Carefree, Experimental
Stone Modest, Carefree, Strong
Fire Sensual, Carefree, Delicate
Flower Light, Delicate, Modest
Earth Carefree, Delicate, Experimental


What Is the Quiz?

The style roots quiz is a set of 20 questions to discover your natural style inspiration. It analyzes your body type, personality, and aesthetics to find the perfect roots.

How to Figure Out Your Style Root?

To find your style root, decide the effect you want to create with your outfit. Think about how you want to look: sensual or modest, dark or light, carefree or in charge, strong or delicate, experimental or timeless.


If you want to look elegant, clean, and classic, your style root is Mushroom. You love simple and symmetrical outfits. Personality-wise, you prefer to be in charge and look delicate and timeless while remaining modest.


If you want to look formal, conservative, and professional, your style root is Mountain. You like suits, long coats, and chic gowns. Personality-wise, you are strong-minded, self-assured, and self-reliant.


If you like to look edgy, rebellious, and dark, your style root is Moon. You prefer Instagram Baddie outfits: tight jeans, sneakers, crop tops, and bodysuits. Personality-wise, you are trendy, friendly, and sensitive.


If you want to look fun-loving, playful, and bold, your style root is Sun. You love creative and artsy outfits that represent your uniqueness. Personality-wise, you are imaginative, funny, and caring.


If you like to look relaxed, easygoing, and comfortable, Stone is definitely your style root. You favor casual, everyday outfits that are also stylish. Personality-wise, you are a considerate, agreeable, and generous person.


If you want to look glamorous, sensual, and luxurious, your style root Is Fire. You often choose sexy outfits that highlight your natural beauty. Personality-wise, you are daring, alluring, and assertive.


If you wish to look delicate, sweet, and cute, Flower is your style root. And adorable outfits that draw attention to your feminine features are your favorite. Personality-wise, you are lovable, nice, and kind.


If you want to look natural, earthy, and tranquil, Earth is your style root. You wish to wear comfortable dresses that emphasize your natural beauty. Personality-wise, you are a humble, helpful, and risk-taking person.

We Fixed the Problem with Style Roots Quizzes!

Previously, you had to do all the hard work to identify your root. But we’ve fixed it. The current test is fully automated: No need to match your answers to the style roots and no need to register to see the results.

If you want an in-depth analysis, take the comprehensive style quiz next, and if you want to try another style pattern, take our Kitchener Essence quiz.


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