Quiz: What Is Your Art Of Seduction? 1 of 9 Type Matching

Curious to know what your art of seduction is? This quiz reveals your archetype based on your personality and matches you to 1 of 9 seducer types.

What Is Your Art Of Seduction quiz

What Is Your Art of Seduction?

It is the archetype in your subconscious you use to lure or arouse. Robert Greene, an American author, coined the term in his best-seller book, the Art of Seduction.

Uncover Your Archetype with the “9 Seducer Types” Quiz

Take the test if you wonder what your art of seduction is. It’s a 20-question self-report, revealing the type of seducer you are based on your desires, attitudes, and fantasies.

You do not have to have a dirty mind to participate. As Greene points out, “We all have the power of attraction—the ability to draw people in and hold them in our thrall.”

The quiz helps to dig deep into your sexuality, bringing up your sensual sides.

What are the 9 seduction archetypes?

In his book, Robert Greene introduces nine types of seducers: the Siren, Rake, Ideal Lover, Dandy, Natural, Coquette, Charmer, Charismatic, and Star.

Each archetype has a unique character and seduces through distinct characteristics.

Seducer Type Symbol
The Siren Water
The Rake Fire
The Ideal Lover Portrait Painter
The Dandy The Orchid
The Natural The Lamb
The Coquette The Shadow
The Charmer The Mirror
The Charismatic The Lamp
The Star The Idol


Here’s how the Art of Seduction book describes each archetype.

The Siren

It’s a highly sexual, supremely confident, alluring female offering endless pleasure—and a bit of danger.

The Siren finds it easy to lure those who have mommy issues, people who long for a strong feminine personality.

The Rake

The masters of seductive language, the Rake are the manifestation of long prohibited sexual fantasies of many women.

They are clearly amoral, but their love of women lets them charm and arouse.

If your art of seduction is the Rake, you offer a brief but fearless and fiery pleasure to your target(s). And that’s the key to your attractiveness.

The Ideal Lover

“Ideal Lovers thrive on people’s broken dreams, which become lifelong fantasies.” They make you feel desired, lovable, and even godlike.

The Ideal Lover seduces you by appealing to your higher self, a pleasing image of yours buried in your insecurities.

The Dandy

It’s the archetype of free-spirited, ambiguous people. “Dandies excite us because they cannot be categorized and hint at a freedom we want for ourselves.” Their seductive powers come from their individuality and ignorance of social approval.

The Natural


Naturals evoke pleasing emotions rooted in our childhoods: Spontaneity, sincerity, and unpretentiousness. It’s the archetype of pure innocence, the incarnation of alluring weakness.

A Natural would seduce you by being playful and fragile without shying away, awakening your protectiveness. You’re drawn to them because you want to shield them.

The Coquette

A total tease, Coquettes, never allow pure satisfaction. They drag your emotions around, proving they don’t need you to survive. Their independency lures you, fueling your desire to conquer their body—and heart.

The Charmer

Charmers get you; they adapt to your mood. You feel safe around them because they minimize your insecurity. Like their symbol, the mirror, they focus on you, making you feel special.

The Charismatic

The Charismatics are desirable and alluring because they have what many don’t: confidence, purposefulness, and contentedness. It’s the archetype of those who excite you for who they are.

The Star

Objects of fascination, the Stars are spectacular and rare. “Standing out from others through a distinctive and appealing style, they make us want to watch them.”

Find Out the Dangers of Your Seducer Type

The quiz analyzes your erotic persona to determine the threats you might face when using your art of seduction.

According to the book, each seducer archetype has specific dangers, the risks one must take to evoke. For example, “the Rake faces the most danger from members of his own sex, who are far less indulgent than women are of his constant skirt chasing.”

Heads Up: You Might Be an Anti-Seducer

The premise of the quiz is to identify what your art of seduction is. But you might also match the anti-seducer archetype.

Anti-seducers are the opposite of seducers; They are “insecure, self-absorbed, and unable to grasp the psychology of another person, they literally repel.”

The Problem with the Art of Seduction

Despite being a best-seller, the Art of Seduction is not a perfect book. Its biggest problem is that it encourages playing characters to seduce.

Moreover, it exaggerates the importance of being seductive. The book’s tone suggests that you’re of no value if you cannot allure.

But be mindful that real life is not a stage; playing roles can only get you so far. The best strategy to attract people, therefore, is to be yourself.


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