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What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update

What Anime Should I Watch Quiz

This 100% newbie-friendly quiz is for those asking what anime should I watch. Answer 20 questions, discover your manga-ish personality and get recommendations accordingly.

Anime Suggestion Quiz for Newbies!

This test is designed to help the community newbies. Here’s how it works.

Discover Your Personality

Did you know that anime fans are categorized? Some are Weebs; others might be shippers and/or normies. QuizExpo’s What Anime Should I Watch quiz exposes your character. So, by the end of the test, you know what kind of a fan you are.

Let Your Personality Choose

It’s hard to find the anime you love based on what others suggest. So, you’re better off without them. Our recommendation quiz works differently. It recommends a list of series that you might like—regarding YOUR personality. So, you don’t have to watch what others want you to. Instead, you get to stream shows that match your type.

Find a List of Best Series for You

You won’t end up with one recommendation. There’s always a fair chance that you have already watched some of the top series. So, the What Anime Should I Watch quiz provides you with 10+ suggestions. The chances are high that you’ll finally end up finding your dream show on this page!

What Anime Should I Watch | Everything to Know in Advance

1. Who should take it?

The test is meant to help newbies. So, it’s best to take it if you’re new to the industry. It’s an excellent way to get rid of long anime recommendation lists. Such lists only suggest the mainstream shows. But this quiz is the opposite. You get to find shows that are likely to interest you—and not the mainstream fans.

2. What are the questions like?

The questions of the What Anime Should I Watch quiz are simple. You answer 20 personality- and fandom-oriented questions. Then, the algorithms analyze your responses to identify the right category for you. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer. You only need to select the option that makes more sense to you.

3. What are the results like?

The results of the What Anime Should I Watch quiz have two parts. The first section describes your anime universe personality. So, you find out what type of series might excite you the most. The second half of the results is the ANIME SUGGESTION” part. Here, you find a list of 10+ series that suit your taste.

You can also share the results with your friends—in case they need some recommendations.

4. What to do after taking the quiz?

The next step is starting binge-watching the shows. (Just kidding). If you’re a newbie, the next step is to find a proper streaming platform. Hulu has lots of Japanese animation series. However, it’s not accessible worldwide. So, you better find a platform like GoGoAnime, which is globally available. You can check out a list of top anime streaming services in case you’re a picky fan.

5. Do I have to be a geek to take this test?

No, not at all. Every anime lover is eligible to take the What Anime Should I Watch quiz. The questions are easy-to-understand. And the results contain no humiliation. So, you will NOT end up being called a “Weeaboo,” “Baka,” or a “Closet Weeaboo.”

6. Can a Weeb take the recommendation quiz, too?

Yes, they can. Although the Best Anime to Watch quiz works best for newbies, Weebs can enjoy it as well. The results contain 10+ suggestions for each category. So, it’s likely that more advanced fans will find something new to binge-watch, too.

Other Ways to Get Anime Recommendations

You don’t have to take the Best Anime to Watch quiz. There are other ways to get recommendations from expert fans. Below, you find three tools to create your playlist.


It is a website for all the Weebs. It has everything a fan could wish for—news, blogs, forums, etc. However, the best thing about it is the fan-generated anime lists. Users can create inventories of suggestions. Plus, the website’s homepage contains categories like “Top Airing,” “Most Popular Shows,” “Latest Reviews,” and “Lates Recommendations.” So, it’s a gem for newbies who want to become a part of the community.

Reddit Meme Communities

Joining a meme subreddit is an excellent idea. That’s because you benefit from two things: 1) you laugh your ass off, and 2) you find out what series are trending. People won’t make memes about a TV show unless it is popular and binge-worthy. Think about all the SpongeBob memes. There’s a reason why social media loves them—the show is great.

So, if you join such subreddits, you’ll get to know what’s poppin’ in the Japanophilia communities.

The best subreddits to start with are Anime_IRL, Anime Gifs, and Animeme.

Anime Trackers

As the name suggests, trackers help you with what’s going on with your favorite shows. “Is the new season out?” “What are the trending shows right now?” “What anime should I watch after watching?”

These are some of the questions that a tracker answers. So, find one, and keep track of everything—just like a real Weeb. It’s guaranteed that you will discover lots of binge-worthy stuff on your tracker. That’s because they have “suggestion” and “recommendation” sections to lend a hand with selecting the shows.

Anilist is a nice tracker to start your journey with.

Want More Anime Quizzes? Here’s How to Find Some

QuizExpo is home to hundreds of fun quizzes for Weebs. Would you like to find out what Bender are you? What about which Naruto character are you? We have a quiz to answer all that.

However, the most popular Weeb test on QuizExpo is an Amazing Anime Quiz for Real Fans. Fun fact, just %33 participants can pass it. So, it’s time to show who’s the boss around.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Complete this: “The girl fell. She felt like that’s it. However,________________________.” How would you like the first episode to end?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 1
    • However, the boy was there to save her.

    • However, the worst was still yet to come.

    • However, her best friend didn’t want to leave her alone.

    • However, she realized that she has a strange power.

    • However, she tried to fight back.

    • However, she didn’t want to let her parents down.

  • 2
    Which one sounds like a character that you’d like to see in an anime series?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 2
    • A guy who can talk to demons

    • A teenage girl who has 20 crushes and now she’s desperate

    • A nonbinary who falls in love with their teacher

    • An old boxer who’s retired but wants to teach other kids how to fight

    • An alien who kidnapped a human only to realize that they got the wrong person

    • A girl who realizes she can summon angles to fight demons

  • 3
    Which of the following words sound attractive/pleasing to you?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 3
    • Blade

    • Blood

    • Brother

    • Backpack

    • Bisexual

    • Biohazard

  • 4
    You’re in a state of dreaming. You have transported into the anime universe. You open your eyes, and you’re in an anime room. How’d you describe the room?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 4
    • It’s dark. I can’t see much, but it’s scary.

    • It’s pink-ish and full of anime figures!

    • It’s old and rusty.

    • It’s more like a spaceship room. I see weird devices everywhere.

    • It’s like a typical house. But I can hear people talking downstairs.

    • It’s in the middle of a forest. It’s built with sticks and bamboos.

  • 5
    Your anime crush is like_____________.
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 5
    • Bulky, strong, and handsome.

    • Sexy, cute, and funny.

    • Serious, sad, and scary.

    • Reliable, kind, and trustworthy.

    • Talented, smart, and geeky.

    • Complicated, different, and creepy.

  • 6
    How should an anime end? What type of ending excites you the most?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 6
    • A sad and tragic ending.

    • A happy and fun ending.

    • An epic ending.

    • A mind-bending ending.

    • An ending that scares me to bones.

    • An ending that makes me want more.

  • 7
    Anime music is one of the main parts of the show. It should be____________.
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 7
    • Relaxing

    • Exciting

    • Hyped

    • Lo-Fi

    • Epic

    • Nostalgic

  • 8
    You are a detective in the anime universe. There has been a murder in your city. And you have finally found the murderer. He is_____________________.
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 8
    • A young boy who lost her girlfriend in an accident.

    • A man who calls himself the Son of Satan.

    • An unknown creature who only looks like humans.

    • The guy who was running the city’s charity.

    • The guy who escaped the prison several years ago.

    • A bender.

  • 9
    If you had extraordinary power in the anime universe, what would it be?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 9
    • Invincibility

    • Invisibility

    • Summoning demons

    • Reading minds

    • Time travel or teleportation

    • Controlling electronic devices with my brain

  • 10
    Guess what? You’re living in the anime universe (Surprise, surprise). But there’s a strange apartment in front of your house. At nights, you can see________________.
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 10
    • A couple fighting.

    • A father hitting his kids.

    • Strange lights popping on and off.

    • A guy in samurai custom leaving the house.

    • A couple carrying out a heavy bag and bury it in the ground.

    • Ten cars circling the house and then leave.

  • 11
    Imagine you have to have an anime nickname. Which of the following names would you choose?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 11
    • Hunter

    • Sakura

    • Lucifer

    • Ash

    • Cyberpunk

    • Queen/King

  • 12
    A good anime is the one that makes you go__________.
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 12
    • WOW

    • LOL

    • GTFO

    • Phew

    • WTF?!

    • Awe

  • 13
    “An anime without hot girls ain’t an anime!” Do you agree with that?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 13
    • Hell yeah!

    • Absolutely horseshit.

    • I don’t know. Maybe.

    • It depends on the plot.

    • If by “hot girl,” you mean “fighting girls,” then YES.

    • I prefer cute girls over hot ones.

  • 14
    You’re in a very dark room. You cannot see anything. Suddenly, you hear a noise. What is it?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 14
    • It’s my boy/girlfriend calling my name.

    • It’s a bunch of creepy noises.

    • I hear incoherent speech.

    • It’s like something is running.

    • It sounds like a sword fight in the distance.

    • Someone is crying.

  • 15
    You are one step away from creating the magical elixir to fight back the demons. However, you need to figure out the final element. You have only one chance to guess. What is the last element?
    What Anime Should I Watch Quiz. 100% Accurate & 2023 Update 15
    • Love

    • Courage

    • Fear

    • Kindness

    • Sadness

    • Intelligence

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