Quiz: Which Baldur’s Gate 3 Character Are You?

CRPG fans, which Baldur’s Gate 3 character are you? Take this D&D personality quiz to find out if you’re Lae’Zel, Astarion, Sarevok, or some other intriguing character.

Which Baldur’s Gate 3 Character Are You

The BG3 Personality Quiz Explained

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Quiz is a CRPG character identifier. It compares players’ real-life personalities with those of the game’s companions to determine the best matches.

For the newbies, BG is a PC game franchise developed by Larian Studios, based on D&D. It is set in the Forgotten Realms, where players create their own magical crew, solve mysteries, and engage in turn-based battles while exploring the lore.

I’ve been playing the latest installment of the series for the past few weeks, recruiting and analyzing all characters for this test. All you need to do now is answer my Dungeons and Dragons-themed questions so that I can reveal your perfect doppelganger.

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Which Companion Are You?

BG3 can be confusing for fans due to its six Origin and four recruitable characters. Plus, the rich lore and intricate backgrounds of each character add an extra layer of complexity, which can be especially challenging for newcomers to the franchise.

I’ve discovered a simpler method to find your twin or soulmate in the game: character descriptions. Since we already have a good understanding of each companion’s story and personality, you can easily familiarize yourself with them and determine which one you relate to.


Shadowheart is considered one of the most beloved allies in the game. She is known for her loyalty, dedication, and hard work. With her empathetic nature and willingness to help others, she excels as a Cleric with incredible healing abilities. Those who connect with Shadowheart tend to be natural caretakers, bringing comfort to their loved ones no matter how difficult the situation may be.


Lae’Zel is a true warrior, and while she may appear intimidating, she is actually a dependable, kind-hearted, and righteous friend. Those who stand by her side will benefit from her leadership and unwavering determination to take on difficult tasks. On the other hand, those who oppose her will quickly regret their decision once they face her formidable rage.


A complicated BG3 character, Karlach has two faces: a stone-hearted beast and a soft-hearted angel. She despises violence unless it’s for a good cause, making her a fierce companion in battles and a nurturing guardian for those she holds dear.


Known for his rather dark sense of humor, Astarion is a sarcastic, sly, and charming character. He is also quite flirtatious, making him one of the top romance picks for some players.

Find Your Class, Race, and Romance too

I had to learn the ins and outs of classes, races, and romance options in Baldur’s Gate 3 the hard way, but you won’t have to. I’ve designed this quiz to be D&D-friendly, allowing you to choose your avatar’s features based on your own personality. By the end of the test, you can determine the ideal class and race for your character, as well as who they should pursue in their romantic fantasies.

You Might Match a Villain!

Before you take the test, here’s a quick heads-up: The BG3 Test includes antagonists and villains. So, you may—or may not—match infamous characters like Orin the Red, General Ketheric Thorm, or Lord Enver Gortash. (It’s up to you to end up on the light or dark side of the Gate.)

Expose Your Mythical Counterpart in the Forgotten Realms

Now, you’re all set to dive into BG3 and meet your character! Just hit that start button, answer a bunch of D&D questions, and find out which companion shares the most traits with you.

I myself ended up matching with Wyll, the brooding Warlock on a mission to make the world a better place. I’m curious to know who you get in your test results, though, because some of you be wilding in that game. 😁🎲


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