Quiz: Are You in Love or Lust? 100% Honest Relationship Test

Do you want to know if it’s genuine affection or thirst? This love or lust quiz examines 20 factors. Is it all physical, or there’s more to your feelings?

Love or Lust Quiz

An Exposing Love or Lust Quiz

The test is a series of twenty challenging questions about your emotions, actions, and experiences in a relationship. The goal is to help you figure out if it’s a lust- or love-based relationship. While the two concepts go hand in hand, knowing the leading force behind your emotions is always useful. And that’s what the love or lust quiz does.

We have already created an eye-opening quiz for those who ask, “Am I in love?” But that one couldn’t calculate the lust level in your relationship. So, we decided to put together every piece of expert information about sexual desire and affection to design a new one.

Do you want to stop self-questioning, “Does he love or lust me?” If yes, you’re on the right page.

How It Works

The questionnaire is based on the new differences between love and lust. All the questions aim to expose you and your partner’s true intentions in the relationship. You go through different stages that allow a complete analysis. Here’s what to know about each.

Comparing love and lust signs.

Emotional desire differs from physical longing. So, the love or lust quiz inspects all the signs that indicate you crave a person for sexual experiences rather than emotions. See below.

  • Physical vs. emotional connection.

The first sign of lusting someone is being obsessed with their physical aspects. While a sexual connection is a must in most relationships, it’s not its base. So, the quiz tries to figure out how dependent your relationship is on your appearance. If it’s too reliant, you’re in lust—not in love.

  • Fantasies vs. reality.

Relationship experts suggest that lust is rooted in a romantic image of a person. A person who thirsts over others has an unrealistic impression of their crush. So, the love or lust quiz tries to figure out how lifelike your opinions and emotions are to achieve an accurate result.

  • Short-term vs. long-term emotion.

Studies show that lust-based relationships last much shorter than love-oriented ones. Scientifically speaking, hormones your body produces during sexual arousal will soon go away. In contrast, love hormones are proven to be long-lasting and more reliable. That’s another area the test inspects to finetune the results.

  • Increasing vs. decreasing intense feelings.

Sexual desire decreases throughout time, but true love grows bigger. The quiz helps you review your feelings to see if they’re progressive or not.

Letting you self-assess your relationship.

It’s challenging to assess your emotions in a relationship, especially in the initial stages where everything is intense. The love or lust quiz creates a step-by-step process for you to self-report and analyzes what’s going on with your dating life.

How to Stop Asking Yourself, “Am I in Love with Him/Her?”

Dr. Terri Orbuch, a psychology professor at Oakland University, says you can ask four simple questions to distinguish sexual and emotional desire. She believes that almost all relationships follow the same patterns that make it easier to discover their driving forces.

#1. Do you want to introduce your partner to others?

If you feel like you want to show your partner to other important people in your life, you’re in love. Most of the time, lustful people try to keep their relationships as private as possible. But when you feel affection for a person, you want others to know about it. So, you either talk about your romantic partner or introduce them to others.

#2. Do you use the ‘I’ or ‘we’ language?

One of the factors in the love or lust quiz is the lingual clues. According to Dr. Orbuch, when you’re in love, it’s more likely to use sentences that start with ‘we’ rather than ‘I.’ That’s because your brain sees the two of you as a pair.

#3. Are you okay with self-exposure around your partner?

When you wonder if it’s love or lust, ask yourself this: “Am I okay to reveal my secrets to my partner?” If the answer is no, then your sexual desires might be stronger. But if you feel fine when your partner sees your silly and somewhat embarrassing sides, you’re probably in love.

#4. Do your partner’s actions influence you?

When you have affection for a person, you get affected by their deeds, behaviors, and words. But when the only driving force is physical intimacy, you might find it easier to detach and move on. You may even think it’s less challenging to ignore your partner or break up.

Why You Should Care about the Love or lust Quiz

It’s okay to be in a happy relationship where sexual desires are predominant. But that’s true when both parties are aware of each other’s intentions. And that’s why a genuine online quiz like ours comes in handy. You should take the results seriously and discuss them with your partner if you think you’re not on the same page.

Don’t Get the Results Wrong.

Ask any relationship expert, and they’d tell you that lust is the initial stage of love. Dr. Terri Orbuch says, “Lust can turn into love in time. And you can always reignite your sexual desires in a romantic relationship.” So, don’t get the test results wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to your partner or wanting physical intimacy more than emotional connection.


The love or lust test is not appropriate for underage users. Please, try other fun quizzes on QuizExpo if you’re younger than 16.

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