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Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest

Am I Intimidating

If you ask yourself, “Am I intimidating?” this quiz helps you discover your intimidation factor and, uncover hidden personality traits & boost self-awareness.

What Does Being Intimidating Mean?

When used to describe a person, the term “intimidating” means someone who frightens others or diminishes their confidence. In other words, being intimidated by someone means they either physically threaten you or boost your insecurity.

Am I Intimidating? Signs You Intimidate Others

If you are snappy, impulsive, blunt, critical, arrogant, competitive, dominant, aggressive, and overly logical, you are an intimidating person. But your intimidating others might also be because of your strong and independent personality of yours.

Intimidating Approachable
Impulsiveness Thoughtfulness
Bossy Considerate
Hostile Friendly
Judgmental Supportive
Entitled Independent


What Is the Intimidation Quiz?

Made up of 20 questions, the intimidation quiz identifies if you have an overawing or unapproachable personality. The premise is to answer questions like, “Am I intimidating?”

Some associate intimidation with being a bad person, while others believe it’s tied to being handsome or attractive. The test, however, exposes the actual reason behind your daunting character.

How to Know if You’re Intimidating?

Look for signs. If you can relate to four or more of these indications, you DO HAVE a frightening personality.

1.     People avoid eye contact with you.

Lack of eye contact is a sign of fear. If others seem unable to look you in the eye, there’s a problem. Likely, they’re intimidated by you.

2.    You dominate the conversations.

Dominance is an intimidating feature. Controlling the talks is a warning that you might be a daunting person.

3.    Your friends often agree with you.

It’s challenging to disagree with an intimidating person. So, if your loved ones, especially your friends, are flunky around you, they’re probably taken aback by you.

4.   Strangers don’t feel comfortable around you.

Observe the body language of people who don’t know you. Do they actively try to avoid you? If yes, you’re likely an intimidating person.

5.    You hear too many apologies.

No one wants to upset you—out of fear. So, you are exposed to lots of over-apologies, which indicates you’re intimidating.

6.   Most people tiptoe around you.

Since daunting personalities are snappy, others tread lightly when interacting with them. In other words, others’ tiptoeing in your presence is not a sign of respect; it’s a sign of intimidation.

How to Know if It’s Intimidation or Unattractiveness?

When someone is intimidated by your looks—or finds you unattractive—they mostly avoid romantic or sensual interactions. But when the intimidation comes from a place of fear, they circumvent any interactions.

For a more detailed answer, take our other quiz, “Am I attractive?”

Is Being Intimidating Attractive or Off-Putting?

It depends. If someone is intimidated by your desirable features—style, intelligence, confidence, etc.— it’s attractive to be intimidating (at least to that particular person). However, if it’s because of your arrogance or aggression, it’s unattractive.

What If the Test Result Was Positive?

The intimidation quiz doesn’t give a simple yes or no answer. The results are detailed and come with suggestions on what to do next.

If the quiz detects you’re negatively intimidating, it offers practical advice on bettering yourself.


The intimidation quiz is not meant to label or discriminate against you. It’s an educational and entertaining test to self-assess your personality.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    How do people apologize to you?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 1
    • Causally. I don't hold a grudge.

    • Sincerely. I don't fall for fake apologies.

    • Repeatedly. I'm not satisfied with one apology.

  • 2
    How do you react when people apologize to you?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 2
    • I forgive them immediately.

    • I only forgive them if they're honestly regretful.

    • I force them to promise it won't happen again.

  • 3
    How do you make most of your decisions?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 3
    • I make important decisions based on emotions.

    • I try to balance my emotion and logic

    • I rely on logic and ditch all emotions.

  • 4
    How do you express your anger?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 4
    • I often cry or hide my anger.

    • I talk about it and put my emotion in words.

    • It depends. I might yell or become aggressive.

  • 5
    Are you easily upset?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 5
    • I'm not sure. I might be.

    • No, not really.

    • Yes, I'm extremely sensitive.

  • 6
    Do people avoid eye contact with you?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 6
    • Some do.

    • No, I value eye contact.

    • Yes, everyone avoids eye contact with me.

  • 7
    Which one describes you in a conversation?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 7
    • A passive listener.

    • An active listener and speaker.

    • The dominant speaker and moderator.

  • 8
    How do you criticize others? What's your approach?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 8
    • I don't criticize people.

    • I do it considerately and point out both the good and bad.

    • I do it frankly and avoid ingenuine comments.

  • 9
    Do people tiptoe around you? Why is that?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 9
    • No, I'm friendly to anyone.

    • Some do. It's because they don't know me well.

    • Yes, it's because they respect me.

  • 10
    Do you consider yourself an agreeable person?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 10
    • Yes, I'm incredibly agreeable.

    • It depends. I'm not blindly agreeable.

    • No, I'm not agreeable at all.

  • 11
    Are you insecure?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 11
    • Yes, I am.

    • I have insecurities. But they don't define me.

    • No, I'm not insecure at all. I dislike insecure people.

  • 12
    How do you feel when people disagree with you?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 12
    • I feel hurt or disappointed.

    • I feel fine—or motivated to hear them out.

    • I feel irritated and insulted.

  • 13
    What's your body language like?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 13
    • I smile and am mindful of my facial expressions.

    • I don't overthink my body language and go with the flow.

    • I show my confidence through my body language.

  • 14
    How would you react if you found out that someone was intimidated by you?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 14
    • I'd leave them alone.

    • I'd try to have a conversation about it.

    • I'd mess with them to break the ice.

  • 15
    Do you enjoy it when people respect you out of fear?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 15
    • I don't think so.

    • No, that's not true respect.

    • Yes, it empowers me.

  • 16
    Would you consider yourself an alpha or beta personality?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 16
    • Beta

    • I don't believe in alpha or beta characters.

    • Alpha.

  • 17
    What's failure to you?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 17
    • The consequence of your mistakes.

    • A lesson.

    • An indication that you're not working hard enough.

  • 18
    How would you react if a friend vented to you?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 18
    • I'd ask them how I could help.

    • I'd actively listen and avoid judging them.

    • I'd suggest solutions and ask them to be strong.

  • 19
    What kind of people intimidate you?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 19
    • Unattractive or weird-looking people.

    • Disrespectful or mean people.

    • Insecure or over-confident ones.

  • 20
    Final question: How careful are you about who you let in your life?
    Quiz: Am I Intimidating? 100% Honest 20
    • I'm not that careful. But I'm working on it.

    • I'm pretty picky about who I let in my life.

    • I'm not picky at all because I know no one can hurt me.

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