Which Overwatch Character Are You? Are You 1 of 32 Heroes?

Hey, seriously, which Overwatch character are you? Answering the 20 questions of the following quiz reveals your Overwatch Generation Hero instantly.

Which Overwatch Character Are You

This Personality Test Reveals Which Overwatch Hero You Are

The questionary you take on this page focuses on your characteristics, matching them to that of heroes. It is a simple quiz that both Overwatch players and non-players enjoy. Here is what you find out by taking the Which Overwatch Character Are You test.


The initial result lets you know who your soulmate is in Blizzard’s Overwatch universe.


Another piece of information you get is your in-game class. Overwatch has four main classes, Attack, Defense, Support, and Tank. Taking the quiz reveals yours based on your personality and traits.

List of the Most Popular Overwatch Characters

The Which Overwatch Character Are You quiz works based on the latest list of the most popular heroes. According to the most recent data, gamers searched the following hero names more than others.

Overwatch Hero Estimated Popularity (Search Trend)
D.Va 60.000.000
Mercy 57.000.000
Roadhog 49.000.000
Junkrat 48.000.000
Reaper 46.000.000
Pharah 45.000.000
Reinhardt 43.000.000
Genji 42.000.000
Symmetra 42.000.000
McCree 42.000.000


Other Ways to Find Out Which Overwatch Character You Are

Taking the Which Overwatch Hero Are You test is the best approach. However, if you are not interested in online quizzes, here are some alternative methods.

#1: Playstyle

Your in-game behavior is one of the best ways to find your Overwatch soulmate. Blizzard’s Hero Shooter game offers three primary playstyles, damage, tank, and support. Each character is specialized in one of these gameplay types. So, how you play narrows down your choices when wondering which Overwatch character are you.


Damage is one of the main classes in the game. It is the best option for aggressive, brave, and fast gamers. If your playstyle matches this class, then your possible hero matches are as follows.

Ashe Bastion Doomfist Echo
Genji Hanzo Junkrat McCree
Mei Pharah Reaper Soldier: 76
Sombra Symmetra Torbjörn Tracer



Only the most reliable players choose this class. Tank gamers are strategic, strong, and helpful. If you are one of them, the following Overwatch characters match your personality.


D.Va Orisa Reinhardt Roadhog
Sigma Winston Wrecking Ball Zarya



Other games introduce this class as a healer. However, in Overwatch, supporters are sometimes the hidden heroes. Players who choose this class are often giving, smart, and humble. Your possible in-game character match is one of the following personalities.

Ana Baptiste Brigitte
Lúcio Mercy Moira


#2: Backstory

Blizzard tells the story of each Overwatch character through short animated movies and other forms of media. Knowing what happened to the heroes could help you discover your perfect match easier. Fandom.com has an excellent article on the Five Best ‘Overwatch’ Character Backstories. You can also head to overwatch.fandom.com to read every character’s origin story to see which one you relate to the most.

#3: Personality

The Which Overwatch Character Are You analyzes your persona to come up with an accurate result. However, you can follow a simpler method to expose the hero within you. Below, you see a table of the most iconic treats of each popular Overwatch hero. See which column pairs with your behavior to discover your soulmate.

Hero Name Characteristics
D.Va Competent, egotistical, loves video games
Mercy Pacifist, violence hater, caring
McCree Calm, carefree, polite, and respectful
Reaper high-functioning psychopath, a dark humor fan
Winston Wise, smart, innovative, strong
Hanzo Responsible, honorable, giving


#4: Game Mode Preference

Blizzard’s MMORPG has four primary modes, Escort, Hybrid, Assault, and Control. Your favorite game mode explains what classes suit your personality. And your class reveals what type of character would match you.

  • Escort players match Support Heroes.
  • Hybrid players match Tank Heroes.
  • Assault Mode gamers match Attacker Heroes.
  • Control players match Defense Heroes.

Accuracy of the Overwatch Hero Personality Test

The Which Overwatch Character Are You quiz is highly accurate due to its broad criteria. During the test, your traits, beliefs, behaviors, and interests are assessed. That is while many other questionaries only consider your interests. The game has 32 main characters. So, none of the online tests is 100% accurate. However, this page’s one is the most reliable as it is an analytical exam rather than a simple self-report.

Which Overwatch or Blackwatch Character Are You?

Not only does this quiz reveals your Overwatch hero, but it also uncovers your Blackwatch persona—if you have one. Not every persona in the game is purely innocent. There are some individuals like Reaper who might have dark and villain-ish intentions. That is why the QuizExpo questionary aims to see your deeper and darker sides for a more precise result.

For some of the participants, the question is, “which Blackwatch character are you?”

Tips on What to Do After Taking the Blizzard’s Overwatch Heroes Quiz

It is important to know that taking the Overwatch character quiz should not affect your gameplay. So, these are some tips to have in mind before embracing your soulmate.

Tip #1: Do not main your Overwatch Hero

The game promotes strategic approaches to win each match. That is, you should learn when and how to change your character to win the advantage over your opponents. So, do not let the results of the Which Overwatch Hero Are You quiz affect that. You still need to play with other personas as well as your main protagonist.

Tip #2: Do not change your playstyle because of the test results

Do not change your playstyle just because the test told you.

Suppose you are a Tank class player with a Supporter character match, no need to worry. Although the questionary digs into your gameplay preferences, it is still a personality analysis.

Tip #3: Find the perfect match for each team

Blizzard encourages the MMORPG players to adapt and change during each game. So, you are better off without one particular hero. It is best to try out other classes and personas as well.


Blizzard Entertainment owns the right to all the images used in the Which Overwatch Character Are You quiz.

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