Twin Flame Test: Have You Found 100% True Flame?

The Twin Flame Test reveals if you have found your mirror soul and if your energetic signature matches your partner’s. Are you true soulmates, or is it just a karmic connection?

Twin Flame Test

What’s the Theory?

According to Robert Zink, a Miracle Mentor, the Twin Flame theory is that “At the creation of the soul, there is so much love, so much energy, so much vibration put into the fabric of the soul that it tears apart and becomes two souls.”

So, because it tears apart,” he explains, “the souls mirror each other; they become Twin Flames, often masculine and feminine.”

The idea is that two mirror souls, derived for the same Over-Soul, share the same energetic signature. But unlike other complementary soulmate types, they are on the opposite side of each other.

Twin Flame Test Explained

With the Twin Flame Test, you check if you’ve found your soulmate. It offers 20 relationship questions that look for the spiritual signs and overview your vibrations, exposing how deep your and your partner’s connection is.

But be mindful that it’s not a Love Tester; it doesn’t evaluate your affection. What it does is expose any divine connection between the two of you.

FAQs that the Flame Twin Test Answers

As with other spiritual topics, many questions might pop into one’s mind about mirror souls: What are they? How to know if you have met one? Or what’s the point?

While it’s challenging to cover all, the quiz answers most of them.

Have you found the other half of your soul?

Some signs are ignorable. You may wake up at 11:11 AM, head out, take the 11th bus to the 11th street, sit next to a stranger, and exchange a couple of words with them out of all the 1111 strangers you see that day, wondering where your soulmate is the whole time.

But don’t worry; the Twin Flame Test won’t let those signs slip away. Contrarily, it will help you focus on the tiniest details (e.g., the 11:11 sign).

What’s the current stage of your relationship?

One might expect a Twin Flame relationship to be magical, heavenly, and fiery. But it’s not; it’s actually turbulent. You go through eight different stages when bonding with your mirror soul. And most of them pose unique challenges to your relationship.

It starts with longing for a soulmate, continues with ups and downs, leads to an on-and-off interaction, and ends with an inseparable romantic relationship.

But the question is, what stage of the Twin Flame relationship are you at? After inspecting your love language, communication style, and spiritual synchronicity, the test lets you know.

Is it a karmic connection?

A karmic soulmate is the opposite of your Twin Flame. It forces you out of your way, bringing the worst in you. Karma is a neutral energy source, as one would expect. But a karmic relationship often wrecks your life, hence the name wrecking ball soulmate.

The problem, however, is that some people mistake a karmic connection with a mirror soul relationship. They assume the challenges are due to their spiritual bond. But in reality, they are two opposing souls hurting each other on deeper levels the more they engage.

To help with that, the Twin Flame Test distinguishes karmic relationships. So, you’ll be warned if your partner is not meant to be your soulmate.

Is it a high or low vibration bond?

The quiz helps you determine if you and your partner are vibrating at an above-average frequency.

In theory, Twin Flames vibrate at a higher frequency than normal people. And that is why they feel intense emotions or instant attraction.

You may reflect on your relationship and ask yourself, is it true love or lust? Should you fully invest in this relationship, or is it best to avoid it? Many spiritual guides—and even some relationship coaches—believe that the answers to such questions depend on your high or low vibrations.

Are you synchronized with your partner?

What is referred to as “a shared moral compass” is often common among Twin Flames. They have mutual life experiences, mutual life goals, and even mutual habits and hobbies. So, put differently, they are synchronized even before meeting each other.

The test, therefore, looks for any sign of harmonious connection to prove your divine bond.

How to Know if You’ve Found Your Mirror Soul

If you feel an instant recognition, intense connection, and extreme emotions for a person, and you can’t help but feel drawn to them, you have found your Twin Flame. The chances are you are synchronized with that person and might be able to bond with them on a deep, spiritual level.

Other ways to check if you are in love with your mirror soul.

#1. Signs

Check for these six subtle signs to ensure you’re dating your Twin Flame:

–           You had a feeling of déjà vu when you met your partner for the first time.

–           It was easy for you to connect despite the challenges.

–           Your shared experiences, views, and goals are surprisingly a lot.

–           Your emotions are amplified around your partner/date.

– It’s a stormy connection, but you somehow feel safe.

–           You bring out the best in each other.

#2. Birth date match

In astrology, your Twin Flame is a soul with the star sign that complements you.

Many participants come with questions like, “Who is my Twin Flame astrology?” And although unapproved, it’s common to look for your mirror soul based on your zodiac sign and birth date matches. But you’re better off without such shallow approaches.

#3. Tarot cards

Besides Twin Flame Tests, tarot cards are another popular way of discovering mirror souls. But one drawback is that you have to rely on a psychic or a tarot reader.

#4. Quizzes

A genuine Twin Flame Test is the easiest way to see if you’ve found the one. It might not help individuals self-questioning, “Will I ever find love?” But it certainly helps you find your mirror soul.

Things to Know Before Taking the Twin Flame Test

Since our Twin Flame Test is trending, and many couples are comparing it to a compatibility test, we would like you to keep the following in mind.

You might be overly curious to know if you’ve already met your divine soulmate. But be cautious: You don’t want to let a test decide your relationship’s fate.

It’s a rare coincidence.

Robert Zink puts it this way, “Twin Flames are very rare. They are not an everyday occurrence. I know you hear the word bantered around all the time. But trust me; it is rare that two people are Twin Flames.”

So, don’t feel disappointed if the results back this up. Few participants actually end up being mirror souls.

Some Twin Flame relationships don’t work out.

The connection might feel heavenly. It might feel like you’ve been lovers in your previous lives. But it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be happy in your relationship.

Your soul connection might be of another type.

No matter how magical it sounds, Twin Flames are not the only soulmate types that can experience a fiery love. So, don’t make it a big deal—especially if you already enjoy your relationship.

Don’t mistake soul crossings with mirror souls.

A crossing soul is not meant to stay with you no matter how deep the connection is. They are passengers who should not be mistaken with your life’s locals—those who never let go.

So, keep your eyes open.


QuizExpo does not endorse any actions of people mentioned in the Twin Flame Test. It’s an independent questionnaire meant to provide a spiritual guide. And the results should not be interpreted as relationship advice.

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