Appendicitis Quiz: Do You Have Appendicitis (15 Signs)?

Do you want to know if you have appendix issues? Take this appendicitis quiz to see if your abdominal pain needs attention.

appendicitis quiz

Appendicitis Quiz, Explained

The Appendicitis Quiz is an online diagnostic tool that determines if your appendix is inflamed, blocked, or infected.  By answering the test’s questions, you find out if you have appendicitis—and roll out other similar conditions like kidney stones and gastroenteritis.

Appendicitis is caused by stool blockage, appendix infection, or cancer. It often starts as a moderate pain around the belly button and gradually grows into a severe inflammation with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fever, and loss of appetite.

With the online tool on this page, you self-review 15 common signs of appendicitis to see if you have it. But the test also examines you for comparable conditions to ensure you get the right diagnosis.

Do You Have Appendicitis

If you feel pain in the lower-right part of the abdomen, are nauseous, experience vomiting, have a fever, and have little to no appetite, you probably have appendicitis. It is not clear what causes this condition. But generally, when the appendix is blocked or infected, it inflames and causes pain.

Don’t worry if the test says you have appendicitis. This condition is treatable; doctors often remove the appendix through an appendectomy, immediately stopping the pain.

Signs Appendicitis Causes Your Abdominal Pain

Here are common signs of appendicitis (source):

  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite

However, note that diagnosing appendicitis is complicated and requires precise medical examinations. You are better off consulting your doctor about your symptoms to get the right opinion.

Conditions That Are Confused with Appendicitis

Since appendicitis has common symptoms, it’s often mixed with kidney stones. But kidney stones aside, the four conditions that share the same indications as appendicitis are gastroenteritis, Crohn’s disease, ovarian cysts, and urinary tract infections.

Take This Test to Check If You Have Appendicitis

The Appendicitis Quiz factors 15 symptoms to determine if you have the condition. It asks about your pain, appetite, and overall well-being in the past few days to accurately diagnosis any appendix issues.

By the way, if you feel like your pain might be caused by hormonal changes, take our Hormone Type Quiz instead.

Also, those with positive test results should give our Best Diet Quiz a try to cope with their appendix problems.


While the Appendicitis Quiz considers medical symptoms, it does not replace clinical examinations. Please, consider talking to a doctor regardless of the results.

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