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The Am I Pregnant quiz analyzes your early symptoms to tell if you are pregnant or not. Take the most accurate online test to detect your pregnancy.

Am I Pregnant Quiz

Am I Pregnant Quiz (Explained)

Online pregnancy tests or quizzes are questionaries that investigate any early signs of having a baby. Most of them are self-report checks. They ask you to report on how you feel or how your body has been functioning lately. The goal is to match your answers with other pregnant women’s recorded symptoms. If you have most of the known symptoms, then it is likely you should expect a baby.

3 Reasons Why an Online Pregnancy Test Is a Good Idea

Taking an Am I Pregnant quiz might not interest many women. However, here are three benefits of using an online analysis before anything else.

It is the only free pregnancy check.

Most women experience changes in their ovulation and period cycle. So, not every missed period should require you to buy a pregnancy test. It would be costly and unnecessary. However, an online evaluation is always free—and it returns instant results.

It does not require any personal information.

Some women do not like to talk about their pregnancy speculations to others. And the good thing about an online Am I Pregnant quiz is that you remain anonymous the whole time. You can even take the test for someone else—if you know all their symptoms.

It helps when it is your first pregnancy.

Expecting your first child is exciting. However, most women do not know much about the early signs of pregnancy when it is their first time. An online Am I Pregnant test is one way to deal with that. It does not require any background knowledge or experience. You just need to answer simple questions about how you feel to get an accurate result.

How to Tell if You Are Pregnant Without Taking the Test

The most reliable method is looking for early signs. Our ancestors’ primary technique is to predict or spot a possible pregnancy when there was no test around. Of course, self-detected pregnancy is more of a wild guess than anything else. And the only accurate examination would be a medical one.

However, those familiar with the symptoms have a better chance of guessing such a condition more accurately. Reading about the pregnancy indications is the best bet you have if you do not trust an Am I Pregnant test. (Below, you can find a list of nineteen early signs to help with that).

Why Would I Trust an Online Pregnancy Quiz?

You should trust the Am I Pregnant quiz on this page because it is based on pregnancy symptoms [almost] every woman goes through. We analyzed the obvious signs and changes mothers undergo in their prenatal period and other stages. So, those parenthood candidates who answer the questions honestly will receive the most accurate and reliable results.

19 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy That the Test Assesses

The Am I Pregnant test you are about to take works based on the following symptoms. In other words, it investigates their presence in your body with the help of your responses.

  1. Missed period. The most obvious sign is when you do not experience your monthly menstruation. Doctors suggest considering a pregnancy test for an unusual 3+ days delay.
  2. Breast change. Most mothers claim that their breasts were tinder and bigger before they noticed pregnancy. Seeing more veins or having a darker area around your nipples could be a prenatal period indicator.
  3. Tiredness. Due to the increase in progesterone levels, a pregnant woman feels extreme and constant exhaustion.
  4. Sickness. Most expectant undergo nausea and vomiting throughout the day—especially in the mornings.
  5. Increased urination. An expectant mother needs to use the bathroom quite often due to the changes in her body.
  6. Mood swings. Unstable hormone levels lead to moodiness, irritability, and changeableness.
  7. Food craving. The most cliché symptom of pregnancy is increased or altered appetite.
  8. An expectant might feel pain around her belly or legs.
  9. Sensitive smelling. A pregnant woman’s reaction to scents increases during the 9 months of expecting.
  10. Bloating. It happens due to changes in your digestive system.
  11. Headaches. It is normal for expecting women to feel more pain around their head—especially if they already have a migraine.
  12. Dizziness or faintness. It happens because of bleeding and hormonal changes.
  13. Feeling gassy. Changes in the pregnant women’s digestive system might cause such feelings.
  14. Bright skin or acne. An expecting women’s skin cells work harder during pregnancy, producing more oil/fat. That leads to brighter skin—or in some cases, acne.
  15. Swollen gum. Some expectant feel like their gum is bigger than usual.
  16. Metallic taste in the mouth. It is a feeling of tasting something metallic (e.g., aluminum) in your mouth.
  17. Cervical mucus change. The liquid around a pregnant woman’s cervix becomes thicker.
  18. Excessive saliva. You feel like you have endless spittle.
  19. Vivid dreams. Your sleep routine and dreams change.

What Are Possible Results of the Am I Pregnant Quiz?

Even the most accurate Am I Pregnant Quiz would not give you a 100% reliable result. That is because pregnancy is a complicated condition. Sometimes, medical tests and procedures fail to spot it in some expectant. However, those who answer the questions honestly get the most reliable outcomes that are as follows.

“You Are Pregnant.”

If the online pregnancy detector says you are pregnant, it means you have most of the known symptoms of becoming a mother. Of course, it is not a definitive diagnosis. However, you might want to be prepared for some good news.

“You Are Not Pregnant.”

If the Am I Pregnant quiz says you are not expectant, it means you do not match other expecting moms. So, your symptoms might be due to other conditions, such as pseudocyesis.

“It Might Be a Cryptic Pregnancy.”

Cryptic pregnancy is the one that you overlook until it is undeniable and self-evident. It is also called stealth expecting. If the Am I Pregnant quiz says you might have this condition, you should go for more accurate detectors, such as ultrasound scans.

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