Which Supernatural Character Are You? All S15 Characters

Find out which Supernatural character you are with this Winchester family personality quiz. Sam, Dean, Bobby, or someone else? Let’s find out!

Which Supernatural Character Are You

We Know Which Supernatural Character You Are

The Supernatural Character Quiz is a personality test based on The CW’s titular hit show. It identifies which of the show’s characters or creatures you resemble in real life after analyzing your dark core traits.

For the newbies, Supernatural is an American fantasy tv show about two brothers who fight off demons and angels while trying to protect their loved ones and save the world.

With the quiz on this page, you get to find out which of these brothers or other characters shares the same personality as you—and why.

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Are You a Winchester, a Demon, an Angel, or a God?

The cool thing about the SPN Character Quiz is that it includes all types of mythical and paranormal creatures. So, by taking the test, you might either match one of the protagonists (one of the Winchesters), one of the iconic demons, an angel, or maybe even God himself.

If you’re a Supernatural fan, you might even recognize some of the results from the spin-off, The Winchesters. They were pretty awesome, right? Even though the show got canceled, we couldn’t help but include them in this quiz.

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How to Know Which Supernatural Character You Are

An MBTI match is the ideal way of discovering your Supernatural doppelganger. If you already know your personality type, use the following table to find your character.

Supernatural Character MBTI
Sam Winchester INFJ
Dean Winchester ESTP
Robert Bobby Singer ISTP
Lucifer ENTP
Castiel ISTJ
Crowley ENTP
Jack Kline INFP
Charlie Bradbury ENFP
Kevin Tran INTP


Sam Winchester

Despite his rational aspects, Sam is an empathetic person. He is fiercely loyal to his family and wants everyone to live a happy life. However, Sam is also secretive and remorseful, making him a rather distant and cold character at times.

Dean Winchester

Personality-wise, Dean is courageous, protective, and charming. However, his toxic traits are being impulsive, stubborn, and self-loathing.

Bobby Singer

A fatherly figure, Bobby is wise, supportive, and responsible. But he’s not perfect; Bobby’s alcoholism, gruffness, and narrowmindedness detach him from others.


A loyal and reliable friend, Castiel is naïve and socially awkward. He finds it challenging to understand non-verbal cues and acts impulsively from time to time. However, his dedication and will to sacrifice himself for others makes him one of the most beloved Supernatural characters ever.

Discover Your Supernatural Soulmate Too

Some SPN fans want to know who their Supernatural boyfriend or girlfriend is. Well, the good news is that our quiz knows the answer! Based on your responses, we reveal the male or female character from the show that could be your love interest.

Are You Ready for a Trip to Hell and Back?

Okay, it’s about time to answer the big question: Which Supernatural character are you? Take our personality test to see if you’re one of the Winchesters, an angel, a fallen demon, or God.

Buckle up! This quiz will take you to hell or heaven. 👿👼🏻


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