Who Is My Guardian Angel? 100% Accurate Angel Name Finder

Do you ask yourself, “Who is my guardian angel?” This spiritual experience quiz discovers the archangel who’s protecting and watching over you. Get to know your holy protector’s name.

Who is my guardian angel

Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Your guardian angel is a manifested God’s energy who’s assigned to protect you. Every person is attached to their guardian angel at birth, and the connection never ends for as long as the person is alive.

How to Know Who Your Guardian Angel Is

It’s not easy to find out who your real protecting spirit is. However, there are some methods you can try. If you meditate and allow the spiritual energies in, you might be able to meet your guardian angel and get to ask their real name or message.


Guardian Angel Known for
Michael Leadership
Uriel Wisdom
Raphael Healing
Selaphiel Prayer
Jegudiel Meditation


Asking directly

Melanie Beckler, a spiritual guide, believes that you can get in touch with your angels through meditation. It requires time and effort, though. The goal is to relax your mind and body to an extent where you can access higher realms of knowledge and presence to discover and communicate with the manifested God’s energy who’s assigned to protect you. Few people can actually experience a direct connection with their protector. But it’s worth trying.

Paying more attention to the signs

Your angels leave you meaningful messages hidden in everyday happenings. So, you should pay closer attention to the surroundings if you want an answer to “Who is my guardian angel?” Here’s where to look for the signs.


It’s said that most guardian angels use your dreams as a means of communication. They often incarnate as one of your loved ones to get their messages across and talk to you. If you happen to see many insightful images, it might be because your angels are talking to you, trying to guide you through the journey.


A sudden pleasant smell, feeling cold or warm with no reason, and other comparable sensations are signs of an angel’s presence. Most people report that they feel like they’re not alone when their guardian is around. You should not neglect such strong emotions if you genuinely want to know who your protecting angel is.

Spiritual messages

Hearing rather incomprehensible and strange voices or seeing lights you normally shouldn’t are signs of a higher presence—likely that of your guardian angel. Attuning to these messages helps you get closer to your spiritual guides and protectors and, hopefully, get in touch with them.

How Can a Quiz Help You Find Your Angel’s Name?

While it’s nearly impossible to guess someone’s angel’s name, your experiences and sensations can help us do so. The quiz is designed to analyze the signs and emotions you’ve gone through in life to accurately guess your protector’s title.

Questions that the quiz answers

–      What is my guardian angel name?

The main goal of the questionnaire is to identify the name(s) of the spirit(s) protecting you. We look into every detail to create a reliable profile to match our database. And you get to see a list of possible archangels who might be guarding you throughout your life.

–      Which family member is your guardian angel?

Sometimes, one of your loved ones is actually the spirit who’s watching over you. The good thing about the ‘What is my angel name quiz’ is that it can identify if a real person, such as your parent or lover, is safeguarding you from all the hazards in life.

–      Why a specific Archangel might be your guardian?

It’s one thing to know the name; it’s another to know why having a specific protector. The quiz gives you an analysis, explaining why you have your angels and what it means.

Is It Okay to Ask Your Guardian Angel’s Name?

Most denominations prohibit assigning names to angels or seeking them. According to the Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy, “The practice of assigning names to the Holy Angels should be discouraged, except in the cases of Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael whose names are contained in Holy Scripture.” There are several reasons why the practice is discouraged:

No angel’s name is mentioned in the Bible except for Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel. So, there must be a reason for keeping the titles hidden.

The church doesn’t approve of the practice.

Naming something means you have authority over it. But you’d never have authority over your guardian angel.

You may learn a fallen angel’s name while trying to find your guardian’s title.

You Might Be Your Own Guardian Angel

In his book, The Third Man Factor, author John Geiger explains how the sensation of a higher presence at the time of danger might be your survival instincts trying to help you out. When one asks, “Who’s my guardian angel?” the answer might be as simple as, “you, yourself.” But many religious people don’t buy the idea and insist that ordinary human instincts cannot explain some incidents.

Disclaimer; Read Before Taking the Test

The ‘Who Is My Guardian Angel Quiz’ is an entertaining way of discovering your spiritual protector in life. It’s not meant to disrespect or insult any religious beliefs or practices. Please, take the results lightly.

Plus, some ideas mentioned in the test, such as seeing or hearing things, might be side effects of serious health issues. So, please do not consider them as holy or spiritual signs and visit a doctor to discuss your situation instead.

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