Quiz: Which Supercar Are You? 100% Fun for Real Fans

If you want to know which supercar you are, take this sports car personality quiz. It reveals if you’re a Bugatti, Lamborghini, McLaren, or else!

Which Supercar Are You

This Quiz Reveals the Supercar in You

With 20 car & driving questions, the Supercar Quiz identifies which fancy sports car you resemble. What it does is personify supercars and compare their characteristics with that of yours. Think of it as a personality test, except it determines what super vehicle you look like.

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Can Supercars Have Personalities?

A 2009 study by the University of Florida State confirmed that cars can have personalities. Just like how people interpret facial expressions, individuals attribute human traits to vehicles based on their physical characteristics. Intriguingly, this phenomenon may impact how drivers interact with their cars, treating them as distinct entities with their own personas.

Generally, you can determine a supercar’s personality using three factors: symbolic meaning, social values, and impressions.

Symbolic Meaning

As with all other possessions, supercars imply symbolic messages. For instance, a dark-color masculine sports car might signify confidence and independence, while a pink and exotic one may suggest nonconformity.

Social Values

Supercars are luxurious artifacts associated with wealth and success. By examining the values and customs of a society, one can gauge the perception of a supercar and whether it carries a positive or negative image. In nations facing economic hardships, for instance, supercars are frequently viewed as symbols of corruption or callousness.


People will indeed have unique first impressions upon seeing supercars. These impressions can help map out a car’s personality and personify it accurately.

Some Supercars That You Might Be

According to the most recent data by Wheelz.me, the most popular supercars are the Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 720S, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren P1, and Bugatti Veyron.

Here’s a list of supercars that might match your personality.

Bugatti Chiron

Known for its power and speed, Chiron is a dominant and prestigious sports car. Matching this fancy vehicle means that you’re a classy, uncompromising, and adventurous person with high levels of confidence.

Ferrari F40

An old-school supercar, the Ferrari F40 is the symbol of raw, intense power. Matching this supercar indicates that you’re a traditionalist with a knack for speed—which encourages you to live life on the fast lane.

McLaren 720S

Versatile and innovative, the McLaren 720S has a futuristic, compromising, and relatable persona. Having the same personality as this supercar implies that you’re a modern, agreeable, and yet charismatic person.

Discover Your Supercar Persona with a Fun Test

For those wondering which supercar they are, this sports car personality quiz can accurately match your character to that of a classic or modern supercar. You need to answer 20 questions to give us enough info about yourself so that we can uncover your matching sports car. No worries, though; it only takes up to five minutes!

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With that being said, here’s which supercar you are based on your personality. 🏎



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