First Impression Quiz. What Impression Do You Leave?

The First Impression Quiz exposes others’ initial perceptions of you. Do you leave positive or negative impressions? Find out now.

First Impression Quiz

What Is the First Impression Quiz?

Comprised of 20 sociopsychological questions, the First Impression Quiz guesses strangers’ perceptions of you.

In psychology, the first-impression bias is the process of judging people based on the earliest information you receive from them.

With the current quiz, you identify whether people see you as a likable, dislikeable, suspicious, or exciting person before getting to know you.

Behavior First Impression
Eye contact Positive
Assertive tone Exciting
Casual style Neutral
Aggressive tone Negative


What Are the Four Types of First Impressions?

In everyday speech, the first impression refers to the vibe that you give off. It can take many forms, as there are no set boundaries. But psychologically speaking, the initial reactions to newly met people are of four kinds: Negative, positive, neutral, and exciting.

·       Negative First Impression.

When someone has a negative first impression of you, they assume you’re neither likable nor interesting nor trustworthy.

A bad first impression often projects into their behavior as they make less eye contact, reply with short responses, and avoid you.

·       Positive First Impression.

When someone has a positive first impression of you, they assume you’re likable, interesting, or trustworthy. Their affirmative view of you often reflects in their reactions as they use open body language with you, make eye contact, show interest in the conversation, and take a genuine interest in you.

·       Neutral First Impression.

A neutral first impression is when the other party has neither a negative nor a positive view of you—they’re indifferent or uninterested.

The good thing about this first impression is that it leaves the door open for you to change it. Someone with neutral opinions about you is likelier to like you than someone with bad ones.

·       Exciting First Impression.

Often assumed as a sexual first impression, exciting perceptions happen when you’re curious to know more about someone you just met.

Of course, it is not limited to sensual relationships, and anyone might find you interesting for who you are.

Why Should You Care About the First Impressions?

The first information you have about a person is the strongest, most influential, and easiest-to-remember thing about them. That’s called the Primacy Effect.

According to the Primacy Effect theory, less frequent behaviors leave a long-lasting influence on others. In other words, an unusually negative or admirably positive trait is likelier to affect your first impression.

What Determines the First Impression You Make on Others?

According to Ric Phillips, a Canadian communication coach, three types of interactions determine your first impression on people: Verbal, Vocal, Visual. The 3-V, as he calls them.

Verbal interactions are your word choices, they are what you say. Vocal interactions are the non-verbal signals in your speech, they are your tone, pitch, and intonation. And visual interactions are physical signals you give off, they are your body language, style, and facial expression.

Together, the 3-V form the fourth V, the “vibe,” also known as the first impression.

Ready to Find Out What Your First Impression Is?

The following sociopsychological questions reveal if people like or dislike you at first sight.

If you want to know what vibe you give off to people who don’t know you, take the First Impression Quiz. It’s free and accurate.

Do people think you’re a bad person, or do they actually like you? Hit the start button to find out.

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