Quiz: Which Laika’s Comet Character Are You? 2024 Updated

Which character from Laika’s Comet webtoon are you? This personality test will tell you whether you are Laika, Mars, Yue, or another character.

Which Laika's Comet Character Are You

Laika’s Comet is Four Leaf Island’s tribute webtoon about a titular furry girl. Laika lives as an interstellar mechanic who fixes other furries’ tools while searching for an answer to the mysteries in Furth, her home planet.

In this personality quiz, you figure out which of the anthropomorphic characters of this story looks like you.

Laika’s Comet Characters

Laika’s Comet has three primary characters: Laika (protagonist, Mars (deuteragonist), and Yue.

  • Laika (ISFP)

The webtoon’s protagonist, Laika, is a brave, bold, and adventurous dog-girl. She is righteous and idealistic, believing that it’s her duty to help the people of her planet. An early event that describes her personality is when Laika meets Mars. Despite her own life being in danger, she decides to save Mars from giant toys and bring her back to safety.

  • Mars (INFP)

Also known as Marzipanne, Mars is an introverted, reserved, and melancholic kid. They’ve been traumatized by tragic events in the past and have lived in an altered reality all by themselves for a long time. And this chronic loneliness has negatively affected their personality, giving them a bittersweet persona.

  • Yue (INFJ)

A loving father, Yue is a supportive, collected, and wise character. He is always there for her adopted daughter and later creates the same safe and love-induced environment for Mars—Laika’s new friend.

See Which Space Adventurer You Are with a Quiz

Laika’s Comet is a fairly new but phenomenally good webtoon. Four Leaf Island has done an excellent job of bringing cute—yet relatable—furry characters to life. But we want the fandom to see these personas from a new perspective: What if you were one of them?

The Laika’s Comet Quiz puts you in the shoes of these space travelers and exposes the one you resemble in real life.

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Okay, now, let’s see which character from Four Leaf Island’s web cartoon you are. 🚀

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