Quiz: Am I a Furry? 100% Fun and Accurate Results

Are you self-questioning like, “Am I a furry?” That’s fine because this quiz exposes if you are an anthropomorphic animal enthusiast or not. It discovers your furry type, too!

Am I a Furry Quiz

A Test That Proves if You Are a Furry (or NOT)

The Ultimate Furry Quiz is the latest tool to help fresh furdom members. It is a set of 20 super-relatable questions to discover your fursona, your alter-ego in animal form.

But you know how it is on QuizExpo; we offer much more than Yes-or-No results. And here is everything you learn by taking our ‘Am I a Furry?’ test.

Get a Genuine Furridom Evaluation

It is challenging to know if you are an anthropomorphic animal lover or not. That is because the standards are not set in stone. However, our quiz uses the community guidelines and factors to expose your real fursona—if you have it already.

It is genuine because we did our best to include only the most reliable information. Some of the fandom members have reviewed the questions and results to ensure they are respectful and accurate.

Find Out What Type of Furry You Are

Besides answering questions like ‘Am I a furry?’ the quiz identifies your fursona type. Currently, there are two major groups in the furdom, fursuiters, and non-fursuiters. You will match one of these categories (provided that you ARE an anthropomorphic enthusiast).

Fursuiter is a furry who like to wear a costume that represents their animal alter-ego.

Non-Fursuiter is a furdom member who loves anthro creatures but does not wear a suit.

Assess the Possibility of Other Things You Might be

You are wondering if you are a furry or not. But what if you are something else, a Therian, for instance? The most remarkable thing about our quiz is that it does not focus on furridom only. The test includes a couple of other options to make sure you match the correct category. (See below).


If you feel spiritually connected to a specific animal species, you are a Therian, not a furry. Anthropomorphic fandom is about being an enthusiast about animals, not thinking you are one. A therian might believe that they are born in the wrong body or have been an animal in their past life.


If you believe you were a mythical creature in your past life or spiritually connected to one, you are an Otherkin. The only difference between you and a Therian is that the latter feels the same connection with animals. Furries, on the other hand, are individuals who like human-like animals. However, they might relate to characters or creatures with mythical features, such as a dragon and tiger hybrid.

Furry Fan

The furry quiz can distinguish a casual fan from a fandom member. You might love Disney movies and all the anthro characters on the internet. But that does not necessarily make a furry.

How to Know if You Are a Furry

Furries have two distinctive characteristics, they are enthusiasts about humanoid animals, and they like to have an anthro alter-ego. If you have these two features, you are a furridom member—no need to take the quiz.

#1: You are interested in anthropomorphic creatures.

An anthro animal has human-like characteristics, such as a bipedal posture. Being a super-fan of these OCs is the first sign of having a furry persona.

#2: You like to have a fursona.

Fursona is the visual representation of your furry alter-ego. If you like to have one, you might be a part of furdom.

Things to Know Before Taking the Ultimate Furry Quiz

Here are a couple of things we want you to know before finding the answer to your big question, “Am I a furry?”

Furdom is not a fetish (common).

Unfortunately, the media has failed in picturing the real image of furridom. Most people wrongfully think that being a furry has something to do with sexual desires/orientations. But that is entirely false. The fandom is all about the love for anthro characters.

Furries do not think that they are animals.

Some are afraid to ask questions like, “Am I a furry?” because they feel absurd. But you have to know that fursuiters do not think they are animals! Their costumes or OCs are just a way of showing their enthusiasm for anthro creatures.

Being a furry is NOT a bad thing.

Would you say Marvel or DC fans should be ashamed of their fandom? NO! because it is a natural thing to feel connected to your favorite fictional characters. The same thing is true about the furdom. Being a furry is not irrational. It is just a way of showing interest in a particular topic, anthropomorphic animals.

Anyone can be a furry—regardless of the test results.

You need to take the quiz because you have questions like, “Am I a furry?” But what if the test said you are not? Should you not join the community and pursue your passion? Of course, not. If you already identify yourself as a furry, there is no need to rely on the test results. You are already a part of the fandom. ✌🏻



QuizExpo is against any discrimination and favoritism. The Furry Quiz is NOT designed to label the participants or judge their interests. We did our best to avoid any misinformation in the test. But please let us know if you find any part to be inaccurate or inappropriate.

QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the ‘Am I a Furry Quiz.’ Please, contact us if you own any, and you want them to be removed.

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