Which Sailor Moon character are you? Which 1 of 10 Sailors?

Which Sailor Moon character are you? This quiz analyzes your personality by 20 questions to reveal what kind of a Pretty Warrior you are in the Senshi universe.

Which Sailor Moon character are you

Sailor Moon Character Test Explained

The test discovers your anime character in the 美少女戦士セーラームーン universe. It is a set of twenty personality questions that mostly take place in the anime world. The goal is to identify which Sailor Moon character you are based on your thoughts and beliefs.

Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn is a popular anime show from the late 90s. It is about a group of girls (Senshi) who fight to save the world. The quiz you are about to take reveals which Sailor matches your personality.

It Is an Accurate Sailor Moon Quiz

The following questions are based on the personality analysis of the anime characters. That is why it is the most precise test you would find on the internet. However, you must answer with honesty to achieve the best results.

How Do You Identify My Sailor Senshi Type?

The primary goal of the questionary is to analyze your choices and morals. That is because such qualities form who you are. The test on this page, therefore, focuses on two factors.


Some questions try to figure out who you are without judging you. According to popular beliefs, you expose who you are when you have a mask! So, most of the questions require you to imagine you are in another universe—or the anime world.


Your concerns and interests are a reliable source to identify which Sailor Moon Senshi you are. So, some questions simply ask you to choose between simple-looking options. But the thing is that such decisions expose more parts of your personality than anything else.

Which Sailor Moon Character Are You? (Without Taking the Test)

You do not necessarily need to take the quiz to find out. Below you find the characteristics of the five main Senshi. Read each description carefully to realize who your anime soulmate is. Hey, it does not have to be complicated. If you relate to a Sailor, that is who you would be in such a universe.

Sailor Moon

You are funny—even when you are not trying to be. That is mostly because of your innocent childish behavior. You might cry too much. But that does not make you a crybaby. It only shows how emotional you are. One of the downsides of your character is being lazy. You do not want to leave the bed until you have no other option. However, you are brave and helpful. That makes others easily rely on you. (Take the quiz to make sure if this is your Sailor Moon character).

Sailor Mercury

Everyone relies on your knowledge and wisdom. That is because you are smart. People think you are a bookworm. But it is more of a hobby for you. Fun fact, you are a shy person in your daily life. However, when your Senshi (or fighter) mode is on, no one can stop you. Take the “Which Sailor Moon Character Are You?” quiz to find out more about your anime soulmate.

Sailor Mars

You are a serious person—that is not a dismissible feature. However, others need to wait to see your friendly side to immediately fall in love with you. That is because you are a friend-forever type of person. Being elegant and classy is another characteristic you are known for. People like you are respectful warriors who make any fight look cool due to their stylish traits. If you doubt whether or not Sailor Mars is your Senshi, take the quiz. It offers precise and reliable results.

Sailor Jupiter

Your feminine side is highly active. You like to enjoy relaxing activities such as baking, crafting, or doing other cute things. People around you find you a lovely person. However, the most interesting thing about you is your tough and tomboy parts. You quickly change into a determined, serious, and heroic person when it is necessary. That makes you a good friend for when one is in trouble.

Sailor Venus

You are a total loner inside. But you get along with others as well. The thing is that you just enjoy loneliness and solitude. That does not make you antisocial or something. Contrarily, you enjoy being around others for a specific period. And others like hanging out with you as well. One of the funny things about you is the way you fall for your crushes. You are somewhat obsessed with hot people, losing control when you see one. But you are a picky person when it is time to building serious romantic relationships.

Is It a Girls-Specific Test?

Not at all. The Which Sailor Moon Character Are You test is gender-neutral. You do not have to be a girl to take it. Anyone with love for the anime world and Pretty Senshi group could enjoy it. Plus, the results are not limited to girl characters. You might end up matching with Tuxedo Mask and other masculine personalities.

What Does Your Bishōjo Senshi Character Reveal About You

Have you ever wondered about the names of the main Sailors in the show? Their planet-inspired names indicate lots of details about who they are. So, taking the “Which Sailor Moon Senshi Am I quiz” on this page will do the same. Your planet name reveals the astrology behind your personality. (See below).


It is a mystical planet. Many cultures believe that it is related to non-physical and spiritual events. Like the moon can affect the oceans and creatures in real life, the anime character (Usagi Tsukino) is an influential person. So, if you match with her, it means you are a dominant daydreamer who appreciates helping and guiding others. However, being too spiritual sometimes leads to minor problems such as being a clumsy and unenergetic person.

Planet Mercury:

This planet is known as the symbol of structure, strategy, thoughtfulness, and communication. Those who match with Ami Mizuno are detail-oriented, smart, and perfectionist. Like the planet, they represent meditation, care, and attention.

Planet Mars:

Being close to the sun makes mars a bit angry and stubborn. So, people who match with Rei Hino a bit hard to deal with at first. Mars is a symbol of strengths and persistence.

Planet Jupiter:

A planet that represents the love for learning and experiencing. Those who match with Makoto Kino are enthusiasts of wisdom.

Planet Venus:

We are talking about a planet that symbolizes the most feminine things ever, beauty, love, and appearance. Those who match with Minako Aino are the ones that get all the attention. And they seem to be loving it.

How to Know Which Sailor Moon Character Would Date You?

You need to take the Which Sailor Moon Character Are You quiz. That is because science and studies show that people who share the same personality with you are more likely to fall in love with you. So, despite common sense, the opposite characters do not attract each other—all the time. Your anime soulmate is probably the one who’d date you in an alternate reality.


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