Quiz: Which Hazbin Hotel Character Are You? 2024 Updated

See which Hazbin Hotel character you are with this hellish quiz. Are you Charlie Morningstar, Vaggie, Angel Dust, or another resident of hell?

Which Hazbin Hotel Character Are You

This Quiz Exposes Your Hazbin Hotel Match

The Hazbin Hotel Character Quiz is a personality test inspired by the titular animated series. It identifies which of the show’s personalities matches your real-life persona—and why.

Hazbin Hotel is a dark comedy animated series by Vivziepop about a girl named Charlie who runs a soul-redemption hotel in hell. The story follows her struggles in solving the overpopulation problem in hell and proving that even sinful souls deserve a second chance.

Hazbin Hotel’s debut season is right around the corner, with so many interesting characters in it. If you want to know which one you might be similar to, you should try taking the Hazbin Hotel Quiz. It’ll help you figure out who your hellish doppelganger is with fun and relatable questions.

Psst! By the way, you might want to try or Heaven or Hell Quiz too. It determines if you’re on Charlie’s team or if you’re an already-purified angelic soul.

Which of the OG Hazbin Hotel Cast Are You?

Like Vivziepop’s other animated series, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel has a handful of unforgettable personalities. But how should fans find their comfort character among them?

We suggest three methods for that:

  • Take the Hazbin Hotel Quiz and discover your soulmate in minutes.
  • Compare your MBTI with that of the show’s personalities.
  • Read the character descriptions of the show and see which one you relate to the most.

The good news is that you can do all those three things right on this page. Check out the table below and read through the character descriptions to see if you have a connection with any of them. And if you’re really curious, take our personality test to find your ultimate counterpart.

Hazbin Hotel Character MBTI Type
Princess Charlotte “Charlie” Morningstar ENFP
Vaggie ISTJ
Alastor ENTP
Angel Dust ESTP
Niffty ESFJ
Tom Trench INTP
Katie Killjoy ENTJ


Charlie Morningstar

As the Hazbin Hotel’s protagonist, Charlie is a visionary who wants to solve hell’s problems. She has a kindhearted and empathetic personality who’s also quite naïve and, ironically, has the soul of a rebel.


Vaggie is a fiercely loyal friend who can be impulsive and passionate at times. However, she deeply cares for her loved ones and always goes above and beyond to support them in their pursuit of a fulfilling life.

Angel Dust

A seductive personality, Angel Dust is a flamboyant and charismatic character in Hazbin Hotel who, despite his hedonistic façade, is quite sensitive.


Enjoying her OCD, Niffty is a hyperactive and cheerful character. She is obsessed with cleaning and organizing and takes pride in her job as a cleaner. But personality-wise, she’s a sweet, energetic, and likable soul.


Although he comes off as sarcastic and grumpy, Husk is a reliable friend. He’s philosophical and wise, helping other Hazbin Hotel members reflect on their lives and make better decisions.

Meet Your Sinful Soul; See if You’ll Ever Rehabilitate

Are you ready to see which Hazbin Hotel character you are? The quiz on this page reveals if you are Charlie, Vaggie, Angel Dust, or one of the other cool characters of the show with twenty entertaining questions.

Hey, just a heads up – we’ve also got this cool quiz called the Seven Deadly Sins. It’s a fun way to see which wrongful deed of yours might send you to hell.

Now, let’s reveal the Hazbin Hotel weirdo in you! 😈



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