Quiz: Which Soul Eater Character Are You? 2024 Version

Hey, which Soul Eater character are you? This Shinigami-level personality quiz reveals if you are Maka, Soul, Black Star, Crona, Death the Kid, or else.

Which Soul Eater Character Are You


The Soul Eater Character Quiz Explained

It’s a series of questions inspired by the Soul Eater anime and manga events. The goal is to identify which of the show’s characters shares the same personality as you.

The story of Soul Eater is somewhat similar to other Shōnen like My Hero Academia, a bunch of teenagers attending a school where they learn how to fight the demons.

But it introduces many unique characters, making a personality quiz a must for the fans.

This is the First MBTI-Based Soul Eater Personality Quiz

It’s impossible to discover what character you are unless you compare your personality to that of the show’s heroes and villains. That’s why we decided to base the test on the MBTI type of the Soul Eater characters.

Here’s a list of the main characters’ MBTI types we use for the test results.

Character MBTI
Maka Albarn ESFJ
Crona INFP
Soul Evans ISTP
Death the Kid ISTJ
Death ENFJ
Franken Stein INTP
Black Star ESFP


What Race Are You?

Soul Eater has four main races: Weapon, Human, Werewolf, and Phantom. So, the question is this: what race would you be if you lived in the DWMA universe? The quiz analyzes your behaviors and interests to determine that.

Demon Weapon

People of the demon weapon race have a unique gene that allows them to turn into weapons.


The meisters are humans who can wield demon weapons to fight Kenshins, witches, and monsters.


In Demon Souls, werewolves can shift their shape and become a wolf whenever they want.


Because of their Kishin egg soul, Phantoms are anthropomorphic demons.

What Is Your Soul Eater Rank?

It’s cool to know which Soul Eater character you are. But don’t you wonder what kind of weapon or meister you’d be if you lived among other DWMA students?

The good news is that the quiz determines your star or rank based on your decisions.

1-Star: All DWMA students start as one-star weapons or meisters, which means they can’t participate in dangerous missions.

2-Star: A talented one-star student can be promoted to a two-star student and participate in fighting the Kishin.

3-Star: The highest rank in Soul Eater, three-stars participate in all the most dangerous missions.

How to Know Which Soul Eater Character You Are

Taking a personality quiz is the best way of discovering your anime counterpart. But you could also read the following descriptions of the main characters to decide which one you relate to.

#1. Maka Albarn

As the protagonist of Soul Eater, Maka is a brave, determined, and levelheaded girl who genuinely cares about others. As a hardworking meister, Maka is always optimistic and empathetic, cheering up her friends whenever they feel down.

#2. Soul Evans

A professional Soul Eater, Soul’s personality is the opposite of Maka: He is laidback, careless, and aloof. Doctor Stein believes that he is somewhat arrogant, too. But you cannot deny that he is a reliable, loyal friend who’d never let his loved ones down.

#3. Crona

Because of their traumatic childhood, Crona has turned into an introverted, shy, and pessimistic person. They are incredibly insecure, believing that no one will ever love them.

Other Soul Eater characters.

Soul Eater has hundreds of interesting, or as Evans would probably describe them, cool characters. So, if you’re looking for an accurate match, don’t miss out on our personality quiz. It compares your persona to that of all weapons, meisters, gods, and even monsters and witches to generate perfect matches.

Ready to Meet Your DWMA Counterpart?

The big question remains unanswered: Which Soul Eater character are you? So, take the quiz ASAP to find out the answer.


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