Which Berlin Character Are You? Money Heist 2024 Quiz

Berlin, Money Heist’s first spinoff, is the new Netflix hit; take this personality quiz to see which criminal from the show has the same personality as you.

Which Berlin Character Are You

As Money Heist swept the internet, anticipation for Netflix’s next moves grew. True to expectations, the company unveiled the first spinoff in 2023: Berlin. Delving into the titular character’s intriguing past, the show unfolds through eight captivating episodes, introducing a new set of accomplices aiding the protagonist in the heist of $44 million worth of royal jewelry.

This quiz is designed to assist you in discovering which of these fresh faces aligns with your vibes and what it signifies for you.

Find Your Counterpart in Money Heist: Berlin

The Berlin Character Quiz identifies which criminal you are from Money Heist’s spinoff. It puts you through fictional heist and crime scenarios that eventually reveal if you are the protagonist, Berlin, or one of his crew members.

Lucky for you, not all the results lead to crime enthusiasts of the show. You have the chance to match non-criminal personalities, like Camille, who is Berlin’s innocent love interest.

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Which Criminal’s Personality Matches Yours?

The main crew in Berlin consists of the titular character (Berlin) and five other criminals: Damián, Bruce, Cameron, Keila, and Roi. The following descriptions might help you find out which one shares the same personality as you.

  • Berlin (ENTJ): As a crime mastermind, Berlin is a charismatic and quick-thinking leader. He cares about his crew members on a deeper, personal level and wants to ensure everyone’s okay. However, he is prone to falling for his emotions and sometimes making irrational decisions.
  • Damián (ISTJ): A wise, content, and loyal old man, Damian is the source of intelligent ideas in the group. He can balance emotion and ration perfectly, often playing the role of peacemaker.
  • Bruce (ESTP): Described as the jack of all trades, Bruce is a confident and easygoing gangster. His chill and cold-blooded attitude funds his charm and attracts other women—more specifically, Keila.
  • Cameron (INFP): Despite her anger issues, Cameron is a caring person. Her traumatic childhood and past experiences have forced her into a tough shell. But once you get to know her, she’s just a love-seeking young girl.
  • Keila (INTP): Under her nerdy façade, Keila is an adventurous girl. During the Berlin events, she broke her tender persona and engaged in risky team missions.
  • Roi (ISTP): Sharing a similar fate with Cameron, Roi comes from a tragic childhood. His rough experiences have made him cold and reserved on the outside, although he’s a protective and kindhearted boy on the inside.

Take the Test to Join La Casa De Papel

If you still can’t figure out which character from Berlin matches you, take this test. Our Money Heist-inspired questions reveal which of the outlaws from the spinoff you represent in real life.

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With that being said, let’s see which of Berlin’s band members looks like you.


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