Quiz: Which Cobra Kai Character Are You? 2024 Version

Do you want to know which Cobra Kai character are you? Here is a martial arts-inspired quiz to reveal if you are Daniel, Johnny, Miguel, Miyagi, or else.

Which Cobra Kai Character Are You

A New Cobra Kai Character Quiz That Doesn’t Disappoint You

A real fan, at some point, would ask, “Which Cobra Kai character am I?” And the test here is a tool to help when the time comes. It is a 20-question personality quiz that exposes your karateka self, matching you to one of the 10+ characters of Netflix’s spin-off show.

Unlike other teenager tests like ‘High School Musical Character Quiz,’ this one is serious—and slightly gloomy. That is because the new show’s storyline is relatively dark compared to the original Karate Kid saga.

Find out which Cobra Kai character you are.

The goal of the quiz is to answer questions like, “Which Cobra Kai character are you?” To do so, we analyze your traits, characteristics, and mindsets, matching you to one of the show’s personas.

Discover your fighting style.

We wanted to create a personality test that is loyal to the show’s primary theme. Since the new Netflix series is all about martial arts, specifically karate, the results include related info as well. By participating in the questionary, you find out your fighting style as a Cobra Kai character.

There are two possibilities, though:

  • Miyagi-Do

Mr. Miyagi taught this style to Daniel in the original Karate Kid movie. It is all about balance and control. Harming the opponent and being violent are discouraged in this fighting style. And a karateka who uses Miyagi-Do is often believed to be humble, self-managing, and responsible.

  • Cobra Kai (Dojo)

In this style, the karateka is encouraged to show no mercy. Promoted by Johnny Lawrence in the new Netflix series, Cobra Kai is a harsh and damaging method. People who employ it might have anger issues or develop them thanks to its vicious nature.

See if you would win the All-Valley tournament.

The whole Karate Kid saga revolves around the events of the 84 All-Valley tournaments, where Daniel beat Johnny in the finals. To acknowledge the importance of the game, the Cobra Kai Character Quiz includes a section where we predict if you could ever be a champion.

Meet your possible love interest.

You know how it went; a new kid came to the town and stole the school’s bully’s girl (Ali). And the rivalry began. But that is not how things work in the Cobra Kai Character Quiz. We analyze your personality to decide which of the characters would have the potential to be your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Want to Know Which Character You Are Without a Test? Here’s How

Not every fan is up for a personality-matching quiz. So, we wanted to give you a quicker way of finding your perfect Cobra Kai counterpart. Read the following descriptions and see who you represent in real life.

#1: Miguel Diaz

Being one of the key karateka kids in the new show, Miguel starts as a nice, naïve, and caring person. But the events of the first few seasons, and the influence of his new sensi, Johnny, turn him into a tough and rather cold boy. Despite being encouraged to have no mercy, Miguel still keeps his kind personality alive underneath his fighter persona.

#2: Johnny Lawrence

If you asked the 80’s fans, ‘Which Karate Kid character are you?’ hardly anyone would say, “I’m Johnny Lawrence.” That is because he started off as a villain. But Netflix’s take on the original story made Johnny a new fan-favorite personality. He is now a disappointed, broke, and lonely man in his 40s or 50s. Plus, he seems to be stuck in the past, constantly comparing his failure to Daniel’s success.

#3: Daniel LaRusso

Being the protagonist of the original saga, Daniel is a friendly, easygoing, and heroic person. He has continued his success as a karateka kid into his adulthood, running a thriving local business. Despite being a tolerant guy, Daniel can be overprotective and stubborn. Sometimes, he acts like a guru who knows everything about life and forces others to follow his ideologies.

#4: Robby Keene

Robby is one of the newly introduced characters in the Cobra Kai series. He is Johnny’s son, a troublemaker who hangs out with the city’s bad boys and all that. However, thanks to the positive influence of Daniel, he becomes a Miyagi-Do practitioner and gets his life together—at least for a while. He is an attractive and charismatic young man who happens to be clever, too.


Character Age
Daniel LaRusso 52
Johnny Lawrence In his 50s
Miguel Diaz 16-18
Robby Keene 16-18
Mr. Miyagi 86


The Quiz Includes Karate Kid Characters

The good news is that you might match some of the original film’s personalities, too. Iconic characters like Mr. Miyagi, John Kreese, and Ali Mills are all part of our 2021 test.


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