Which Criminal Minds Character Are You? 1 of 8 Match Quiz

Are you a BAU fan? If yes, which Criminal Minds character are you? Are you an FBI special agent like Spencer Reid or a profiler like Aaron? Maybe you are Emily, the unit chief!

Which Criminal Minds Character Are You

Wait, What Is the Show About?

The show is about a group of FBI agents in the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. It is a crime drama that has been aired since 2005—currently having 15 seasons. During the procedural events, the said FBI agents try to solve the mystery of various cases, most of them being related to serial killers.

A Mind-Bending Criminal Minds Quiz

The test on this page is designed to answer questions like, Which Criminal Mind character are you? It uses the BAU techniques to analyze your personality, matching it with the show’s agents—and even criminals.

As Jim Clemente, a former FBI profiler, explains, “Criminology is reverse-engineering the crime.” So, most of the quiz’s questions will require you to examine a fictional crime scene. Your responses then allow us to find your perfect match among the show’s actual crew. More on this below.

Explaining the BAU Test

We created a Criminal Minds quiz based on the profiling and criminology methods. The goal is to find out which BAU agent is your soulmate. But at the same time, we would like to know if you have any unlawful thoughts.

· Checking Your FBI-ish Instincts

Would you be a reliable detective, cop, or Federal Bureau of Investigation agent? The Criminal Minds quiz on this page can reveal that. We have several unsolved murder, robbery, rape, and assault cases waiting for you. Solving them exposes your actual criminology instincts, making it easier for us to find your match.

· Looking for Criminal-ish Stuff

Which Criminal Mind character are you? Most people would think of the show’s main cast when encountering such a question. However, our test also looks for villains and offenders. So, you might end up matching The Reaper, Mr. Scratch, or Cat Adams (some of the dangerous bad guys in the show).

· Finding Your Criminal Mind Character

After analyzing your responses, we discover which BAU agent is your soulmate. It only takes a few seconds for our algorithms to identify your character in the world of FBI profilers and venomous lawbreakers.

Which Criminal Minds Character Are You?

Don’t you have enough time to take the quiz? It is fine. Read the following descriptions of each main character and find the one you relate to the most. That is the easiest way to find out who represents your personality in the series.

#1: Dr. Spencer Reid

Being portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler, Spencer is currently the most popular CM character. He is a socially awkward, intelligent, and analytical person who is also a special agent. Fans would love to resonate with him when asked, “Which Criminal Minds character are you?” That is because he is impressively smart, even though he suffers from emotional complexes.

#2: Emily Prentiss

If you asked someone, Which Criminal Minds character are you?” and they were like, “Emily,” just know that you are talking to a natural leader. Emily Prentiss is the BAY unit chief. A calm, empathetic, and intelligent person who knows how to run a team. She is the second most admired agent in the show as she is strong, reliable, and pretty much protective.

#3: Aaron Hotchner

Aaron, portrayed by Thomas Gibson, has little to no change throughout the show. He is an extremely serious, determined, and dedicated FBI profiler who cares about his job more than anything else. Or at least, that is what we see in most of the episodes. However, it is believed that Aaron has an emotional and easygoing side which he expresses out of the office.

#4: Jennifer “JJ” Jarreau

People who resonate with JJ when asked, “Which Criminal Minds character are you?” are attractive. She is a sarcastic agent who becomes a successful profiler later in the show. JJ can see details most people would ignore. However, she is often struggling with her past and sad memories.

#5: Penelope Garcia

She is the sweetest person in the BAU. Penelope was a hacker before she was caught and got a job offer as an FBI agent. She is funny, cute, and somewhat spontaneous, which makes her a fan favorite. Interestingly, not many people would say, “I’m Penelope,” when asked, “Which Criminal Minds character are you?” So, note that you have a unique personality if you matched the Black Queen in the test.

#6: Derek Morgan

Emmy Award winner Shemar Moore made Derek a memorable character. He is a regulation maniac who enjoys flirting with women—especially Penelope. However, most people say, “I’m Derek,” when asked, “Which Criminal Minds character are you?” are usually ladies-man types. Or at least, that is how they would describe themselves in short.

Criminal Minds Quiz’s Character Profiles

Okay, so the big question is still around, which Criminal Minds character is your soulmate? Use the following table to identify your match if the above information confused you.

Character Rank Description
Dr. Spencer Reid BAU Special Agent Intelligent, Socially Awkward
Emily Prentiss BAU Unit Chief Leader, Calm, Protective
Aaron Hotchner Supervisory Special Agent Serious, Workaholic, Determined
JJ (Jennifer) Profiler Smart, Sarcastic
Penelope Garcia Supervisory Special Agent Analytic, Flirtatious
Derek Morgan Special Agent Orderly, Disciplined


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