Leadership Style Quiz. Find Out Your Style 100% Accurately

The Leadership Style Quiz determines your management methodology based on Kurt Lewin’s chart. Is your style Autocratic, Democratic, Transformational, or else?

Leadership Style Quiz

Leadership Style Quiz Explained

Also known as Kurt Lewin Model Analyzer, the Leadership Style Quiz is a management typology tool. It determines if the participants are Autocratic, Democratic, Transformational, or Laissez-Faire leaders.

According to Kurt Lewin’s Leadership Model, leaders are of four types: 1) Those who take full responsibility, 2) Those who include everyone in managerial processes, 3) Those who prepare the team to become autonomous, and 4) Those who give full autonomy to the team from the very beginning.

The current test analyzes your behaviors as an executive to determine which style fits you.

Leadership Style Emphasis
Autocratic High task emphasis
Democratic High emphasis on tasks and people
Transformational High emphasis on people
Laissez-Faire Low emphasis on tasks and people


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What Is Your Leadership Style?

Your leadership style is the way you feel comfortable managing a group of people or a project. And it is determined by your emphasis on tasks or people. If you prioritize tasks, you’re an Autocratic or Laissez-Faire leader, and if you prioritize people, you’re a Democratic or Transformational leader.

On Kurt Lewin’s Leadership Chart, low emphasis on tasks and people results in Laissez-Faire management. A slightly higher emphasis on tasks with a low emphasis on people causes Autocratic leadership. A higher emphasis on people with a lower focus on tasks, however, leads to a Transformational style. And high emphasis on both people and tasks creates Democratic management.

How to Know Your Leadership Style?

To discover your supervising style, determine your communication style, task distribution method, decision-making process, goal-setting approach, and responsibility acknowledgment. These factors reveal what type of leader you are, and here’s how to interpret them.

1.     Autocratic

Autocratic Leadership is when the person in charge makes all decisions, settles the roles, and takes full responsibility for the outcome. A leader with this style is a quick decision-maker who wants a compliant and loyal team that follows their instructions.

2.    Democratic

Democratic Leadership is the process of involving the team in managerial processes, such as goal-setting, decision-making, and task distribution. A leader with this style wants a creative team that helps lead the project and engages in the entire process from start to end.

3.    Transformational

In Transformational Leadership, the manager models the behavior they want to see. They set clear goals and explain the vision, offering unconditional support for all teammates. But such a leader’s goal is to create future leaders who can perform independently without excessive reliance on the leader.

4.   Laissez-Faire

The philosophy of Laissez-Faire Leadership is having a team that leads itself. A leader with this style is more concerned with assembling the best-performing group and giving them the right tools rather than micromanaging all their moves.

Take This Management Quiz to See How You Lead

Do you still want to know what your leadership style is? If yes, take this 20-question management quiz to find the answer. It analyzes all aspects of managing a team or project to determine if you’re an Autocratic, Democratic, Transformational, or Laissez-Faire leader.

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