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Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character

Which Batman Are You

Don’t you wonder which Batman you are? This quiz reveals the bat within you. Out of all 11 actors who’ve portrayed the Dark Knight, which one is similar to you? Let’s find out.

The Batman Actor Quiz Explained

It’s a personality test that compares your persona to all the Batman movies and voice actors. The goal is to identify which one you present in real life based on your motives, actions, decisions, and even appearance.

Unlike our DC Superhero quiz, you’ll only find your Bruce Wayne lookalike—and other comic characters such as Superman or Joker are omitted.

Which of the 11 DC Batmans Are You?

Contrary to Marvel characters, DC heroes frequently change actors. And that has led to having eleven different actors for one superhero: The Caped Crusader. So, it’s become more challenging for fans to find their perfect match.

Don’t look any further if you’ve been looking to find out which Batman you are because we’ve got you covered. After asking you twenty simple questions, the Batman Actor Quiz reveals which of the eleven bats you represent in real life.

The Search for the Perfect the Caped Crusader

Ironically, some DC fans can’t decide which Batman they are since there are too many options. Maybe Hollywood has the same problem. No matter how hard film companies try, they never get close to fulfilling all the fans’ expectations. And the Dark Knight seems to be too challenging for actors to portray no matter what.

Oscar-winning actors have tried their hands at the role. But no one has been able to break the curse and play the perfect Batman.

It’s said that Adam West’s version of Bruce Wayne is probably the closest one to the original comics. But if you ask fans, “Which Batman are you?” not many would pick him. He portrays a bright, goofy, and even happy-go-lucky superhero who’s also extremely rich. (The perfect cringe combo).

Some suggest that Christian Bale’s rather dark and gloomy Bruce is way more interesting for the DC cinematic universe. And others think Robert Pattinson was a proper choice for the role because he expresses more emotions and humanizes the rich superhero.

Despite all the disagreements, one thing’s for sure: There’s not just one successful Batman actor. And that’s why we created this quiz to help you find your own perfect Dark Knight.

How Does the Test Decide Which Batman You Are?

We have created accurate profiles of all the actors who’ve played or voiced Bruce Wayne throughout these years. When you take the test, your answers allow us to generate your virtual avatar and compare it to that of the actors. And that’s how we get to decide which Batman you are.

Here’s what you need to know about the test:

#1. It analyzes your take on the franchise.

Are you a Batman comic enthusiast or a cinematic universe fan? Do you believe in the non-lethal approach of the Caped Crusader, or do you think he should be more aggressive towards DC villains? These are questions that could help us find your matching Batman actor.

Each director and actor has added a new perspective to Bruce Wayne’s personality and lifestyle. So, we’d like to know what you think about their decisions before revealing your counterpart.

#2. It lets you make tough decisions as Batman and reviews them.

Bruce has PTSD, and he has to fight the criminals of Gotham city at the same time. Throughout his journey as a superhero, he has to make lots of difficult decisions, some capable of changing millions of people’s lives. So, we want you to do the same thing in order to expose your inner Batman.

The quiz includes some controversial questions that put you in catch-22 situations. And you have to pick an option that makes the most sense since there are no right or wrong options.

#3. It asks questions about your appearance and compares them to different Batman actors.

Your physical features and style matter when trying to find out which Batman you are. So, the quiz includes some simple—not-so-personal—questions about your appearance to get that out of the way and discover the perfect version of Bruce Wayne for you.

#4. It creates your virtual avatar and looks for your perfect match.

Based on your responses, the quiz creates your profile and prepares it to be compared to that of the DC Batman actors. It takes a few seconds for the algorithms to determine your match and reveal the results.

Why do Fans want to Know Which Batman They Are?

Each actor brought a new point of view to Bruce Wayne’s life. So, Batman is one of the few comic characters who have many different personas. Although most of them have many features in common, the slight differences make fans want to know which persona they could’ve had.

Some examples of the differences between Batman actors’ take on the character.

Adam West

Although a classic, West’s Batman is probably the brightest and most kid-friendly version of the Gotham Knight. He portrayed a rather ludicrous and comical Bruce who enjoys fighting criminals and making jokes about their costumes.

Christian Bale

Contrary to Adam West, Bale created a wounded, depressed, and dark version of Batman, which matched Nolan’s trilogy. His character didn’t make any jokes and wouldn’t bother to smile at others.

Ben Affleck

Ben’s Batman seems to be tired of all the superhero things. It seems like he wants to quit and forget about his bat suit one way or another.

Robert Pattinson

The latest Batman is much more emotional and human. Pattinson tried to focus on Bruce’s feelings instead of his badass hero aspect.

Batman Actors That You Might Not Want to See in Your Result

You should know that not every Batman actor has been praised for their role. George Clooney, for example, is among the least favorite Caped Crusaders of all time. So, some results might not make you happy—and it would be wise to be prepared for them. (Just saying).


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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    What is a unique feature of Batman as a comic book character?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 1
    • Sense of humor

    • His funny voice

    • His tragic backstory

    • His on-and-off relationships

    • His uncertainty and constant confusion

    • His emotional side

  • 2
    Should a Batman movie remain loyal to the comics, or should it take a new storytelling approach?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 2
    • It should copy the original comics’ style

    • It should be a blend of both

    • It should take on a new approach

    • It doesn’t really matter

    • I’m not sure about that

    • It should focus on humanizing Batman

  • 3
    Who is the most iconic villain in the entire Batman franchise?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 3
    • The Penguin

    • Deathstroke

    • Joker

    • Bane

    • Scarecrow

    • The Riddler

  • 4
    How do you feel about Batman’s no-lethal-force style in fighting the bad guys?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 4
    • I like it

    • Meh

    • I don’t like it

    • I relate to it

    • I don’t get it

    • I admire it

  • 5
    What makes the Catwoman a desirable and seducing character?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 5
    • Her body

    • Her voice

    • Her intelligence

    • Her personality

    • I don’t know

    • Her empathetic side

  • 6
    Do you think that Bruce Wayne should have a recognizable sense of humor?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 6
    • Yes, he should be funny AF

    • He should appreciate dark humor

    • He needs to be dead serious (no sense of humor)

    • It depends. He should be able to smile, I guess.

    • I’m not sure about that.

    • His tragic past would stop him from being a funny guy.

  • 7
    What are your thoughts on Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 7
    • I loved it

    • It was meh

    • I hated it

    • I didn’t even watch it

    • I didn’t get it

    • I have mixed feelings about it

  • 8
    Fill in the blank. Every actor who plays Bruce Wayne should have __________.
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 8
    • A love for comic books

    • A great look

    • A great physics

    • A memorable voice

    • A lot of knowledge about the DC universe

    • A relatable personality

  • 9
    What is something that the Batman franchise has never managed to deliver successfully?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 9
    • Batman’s goofy aspects

    • Batman’s dark side

    • Batman’s emotions

    • Batman’s true intentions

    • Batman’s relationship with women

    • All of them

  • 10
    What would you do to Joker if he decided to surrender?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 10
    • I’d humiliate him in public

    • I’d imprison him

    • I’d make sure he never talks again

    • I’d hand him to the authorities

    • I’m not sure how I’d react to that

    • I’d give him a second chance

  • 11
    What is your favorite Batman gadget?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 11
    • Fake Vampire Teeth

    • Magnetic Batarang

    • EMP Gun

    • Kryptonite Ring

    • Explosive Gel

    • Batmobile

  • 12
    What would it be if you had to describe Alfred Pennyworth in a few words?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 12
    • True friend

    • Family

    • An angel

    • A sacrificer

    • I don’t know how to describe him

    • Father

  • 13
    What part of Bruce Wayne’s life should be the main focus of Batman movies?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 13
    • His friendship with Robin

    • His relationship with Joker

    • His loneliness

    • His adventures with Justice League

    • His mental health issues

    • His love life

  • 14
    Who is the best Joker of all time?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 14
    • Jack Nicholson

    • Mark Hamill

    • Heath Ledger

    • Jared Leto

    • Cesar Romero

    • Juaquin Phoenix

  • 15
    What could force you to use lethal force as a superhero?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 15
    • Nothing. I’d never use it

    • Anger

    • Revenge

    • Boredom

    • I don’t really know

    • Saving someone’s life

  • 16
    What do you think about Marvel characters?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 16
    • I love them

    • They’re cool

    • I don’t like them

    • They’re too childish

    • I don’t know much about them

    • I’d like to know more about them

  • 17
    Batman aside, who’s your favorite DC superhero?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 17
    • The Flash

    • Catwoman

    • Superman

    • Wonder Woman

    • Shazam

    • Aquaman

  • 18
    Do you relate to current generation Batman adaptations? Why?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 18
    • No, they’re too dark for me

    • No, they’re too serious

    • Yes, I relate to them

    • Meh

    • I relate to some of them.

    • Yes, they’re reflecting more of Batman’s emotions.

  • 19
    What’s the silliest thing about Bruce Wayne’s personality?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 19
    • His awkwardness

    • His lack of confidence around women

    • His voice

    • His spoiled nature

    • The fact that he has no superpowers

    • His gadgets

  • 20
    Final question; how old were you when you watched your first-ever Batman movie?
    Quiz: Which Batman Are You? Updated 2023 New Character 20
    • 19-20

    • 21-25

    • 26-29

    • 30-35

    • 36 or older

    • 18 or younger

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