Quiz: Which Barbie Character Are You? Movie Version

If you wonder which Barbie character you are, take this movie version quiz to find out. Are you Barbie, Ken, Allan, Gloria, or else?

Which Barbie Character Are You

Which Barbie Movie Character Are You?

This Quiz is a set of 15 fun questions inspired by the Mattel Universe in Greta Gerwig’s 2023 Barbie movie adaptation. The goal of the test is to determine which of the film’s dolls or humans share the same personality traits as you.

In the movie, Barbies, Kens, and other Mattel toys are living in a secret parallel universe. But mysterious events lead them to discover the outside world and face a harsh reality check.

With the character quiz on this page, you find out which of the lovely ladies and handsome boys in the movie you resemble in real life. But you also get a free personality breakdown explaining why you matched a particular doll.

Find the Barbie in You with an MBTI Match!

Our Character Quiz is the first on the internet to discover your doppelganger per your MBTI. By taking the test, you let us analyze your behavior, identify your toxic traits, and compare your characteristics to that of the Barbies and Kens.

If you can’t wait to see the quiz results, though, use the following table to match your MBTI with a movie character personality.

(2023) Character MBTI
Barbie ESFJ
Weird ENTP
Allan ISFP
Midge ISFJ
Mermaid INFJ


Main Characters and Their Personalities

In the new movie adaptation, the characters are much more relatable than their toy forms. Margot Robbie’s character, for example, starts off as a basic American Doll but develops into a strong woman with realistic goals and motivations.

Here’s a rundown of some of the main characters’ personalities.


Margot Robbie as Barbie portrays a cheerful, kindhearted, and rather naïve character. She is all about being nice to others and spending quality time with friends. However, her personality goes through significant changes as she learns about the real-world issues that women are struggling with.


As an ESFP, Ken in the movie is a spontaneous, outgoing, and energetic character. However, just like Barbie herself, he experiences personality development after visiting LA. The catch, though, is that his transformation takes a dark turn…

Weird Barbie

This character is eccentric, nonconforming, and unpredictable. Due to the hardships that she’s been through, she’s rather antisocial and has a hard time bonding with other toys in Mattel City.


Also known as Just Allan, Allan is a normie doll. He’s trying his best to be a nice person and a good citizen. But he’s doomed to live in Ken’s shadow and live the life of a wingman.


A Mattel executive, Gloria is a depressed, hopeless, and nervous woman who’s experiencing a mid-life crisis. In the movie, she yearns to restore her relationship with her daughter and relive the nostalgia of them playing with Barbies.

What Makes Barbie Movie Characters Special?

Unlike most Barbie adaptations, the new movie touches on deep and dark concepts. The film’s characters undergo difficult experiences and face relatable emotions as they grow up. What makes them unique, however, is the pain they endure as they realize their life has been a lie.

So, Which One Matches You?

Did you ask yourself, “Which character am I?” after watching the 2023 Barbie movie? If yes, you’re not alone! We had the same thought and wanted to find our perfect matches so badly. And hey, that’s why we created this accurate, MBTI-based Movie Quiz.

Answer the following Mattel Universe-inspired questions to see if you’re a Barbie, a Ken, or a Human.

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