Quiz: What Roblox Face Are You? Accurate 500+ Faces Match

Don’t you want to know what Roblox face you are? Every Robloxian has an inner personality that matches one of the 500+ head decals of the game. Are you a humble smiley face, a weird alien, or else?

What Roblox Face Are You

A Quiz to Reveal Your True Roblox Face

The Roblox face quiz is a series of personality questions inspired by the game’s experiences. The goal is to discover which of the in-game head decals matches the type of person you are. But the quiz can also reveal your Roblox face’s worth, rarity, and popularity.

You don’t need to be a pro to take this test because, unlike the Roblox Trivia Quiz, there are no right or wrong answers. You pick the options that make the most sense to you, and we reveal your face.

Here’s what’s included in your results.

Find out how much your Roblox face is worth.

How many Robux would others pay for it if your Roblox face was on an auction? 10, 50, 100, 1,000, more? Welp, you never know—unless you take the quiz. We analyze your face’s attractiveness and popularity to price it.

Warning: you may not like your Roblox face’s price tag.

See what type of Roblox player you are based on your head decal.

Are you the type who constantly changes your style? Or the role-play-maniac type? Have you ever tried to know which Adopt Me! you are? Do you get along with creepy players? These are some mind-boggling questions the Roblox face quiz answers after analyzing your facial features.

Choose an in-game face that matches your personality.

With its hundreds of different face designs, Avatar Shop can confuse you. You may struggle to find the decal that represents your gamer persona. And the search for the perfect face might turn into frustration, but not when you take a genuine Roblox quiz. The results could help you figure out the best face for your avatar.

How to Find Out What Roblox Face You Are

To discover your Roblox face, you can read the descriptions of head decals on the game’s Avatar Shop. They’ll give you small hints on what kind of player should wear a particular design and why.

The only problem is that Roblox has hundreds of faces. So, it’d be quite time-consuming to read all the descriptions in hopes of finding your perfect match. You can either use the following brief descriptions to find your face or take the quiz to save yourself some time.

#1. Super, Super Happy Face

With its self-explanatory name, the Super, Super Happy Face suites happy-go-lucky players, those who don’t mind the bugs, crashes, and noobs.

The face’s description says, “I am not sure I have ever been this happy.” But as players, we all know that that’s a cap.

Super, Super Happy Face is worth 100 Robux and is currently one of the most popular decals in the game.

#2. Man Face

Now a well-known Roblox meme, Man Face is a must in most gamers’ inventory. More than a million players have already purchased this creepily smiling decal. But it suits noob hunters, the Roblox players who always mess with the newbies.

#3. Epic Face

Its description says, “ZOMG SO EPIK! SO FAIC! BUT IS IT OVER 9000?” which is not that helpful. But despite its weird smile and haunting eyes, Epic Face is a beloved decal. It is best for friendly players who spend most of their time petting and adoring pets.

#4. Sapphire Gaze

You know your Roblox face is Sapphire Gaze when you can’t stop taking selfies. The decal represents a player who can “Get the look. Own the attitude. And strike a pose.”

Some of the Iconic Roblox Faces that You Might Be

We are here to answer your big question, “What Roblox face am I?” But the chances are slim you match an iconic, rare one.

Here are some of the faces few participants see in their results.

Red Tango: the first colored face decal ever.

As Roblox’s official website mentions, “Red Tango is actually a code name, and you are a spy for Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Your cover is that you are an amazing Tango dancer.” That’s why it rarely shows up in the results; it’s nearly impossible to spot the spies in disguise.

But another reason it’s an iconic face is that Red Tango was the first colored decal on the Avatar Shop. So, it’s a one-of-a-kind texture.

Shiny teeth: the face of every online dater.

Not everyone would like to match Shiny Teeth in the Roblox face quiz. It’s because the decal has become the game’s signature feature of ODers. When you see it, you know that the person behind the avatar is probably thinking about some naughty stuff.

Stitch face: the ugly best-seller.

If you randomly ask Robloxians, “What Roblox face are you?” many would pick Stitch Face.

With over 4 million sales on the game’s store, Stitch face is surprisingly one of the most popular decals in Roblox. But players unanimously call it one of the ugliest ones, as well.

Robloxians! Your Face-Reveal Is Near

Here comes the moment of truth. For real, which Roblox face are you? Respond to 20 fun questions for a reliable and accurate result. We know what face decal you are and will be super-honest about it—maybe a bit brutal, too.

We dare you to bite the bullet and start the quiz.


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