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Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers

Am I Handsome

Do you secretly wonder, “Am I handsome?” Answer 20 questions then this quiz analyses your face, body, style, and personality to reveal how good-looking you are.

Signs You Are a Handsome Person

You are handsome if random people compliment your look (especially your facial features), check you out multiple times, are nice to you for no particular reason, act awkward or shy around you, or find ways to spend more time with you.

Handsomeness Quiz Explained

It’s a questionnaire that analyzes your face and shape, style, and character to determine how attractive you are.

Your personal evaluation is based on your physical appearance, excluding all other factors such as personality. And as pointed out on Daily Mail, a study by Dr. Debra Luftman and Dr. Eva Ritvo showed that you view yourself as 20% less attractive than you actually are.

So, you are never a reliable judge regarding your charisma. And taking a genuine test could actually reveal your actual hotness percentage.

The Criteria the Test Considers to Decide if You’re a Handsomer

Being a good-looking individual is not all about having a symmetric face and a fit body shape. Multiple studies have confirmed that other factors such as manner and communication style play a significant role in one’s attractiveness.

So, the quiz considers all of them to generate unbiased, accurate, and reliable results.

Face shape

We ask questions about the symmetry and shape of your face as well as your hair or eye color. The goal is to compare your features with known attractiveness standards and come up with a solid evaluation.

Of course, each historical period has its unique beauty standards. So, you might be labeled beautiful or ugly based on the era that your face seems to be from.

Body type

You don’t have to have a super-model body to be attractive. But it’s crucial to know your body type before answering questions like, “Am I handsome?”

We would like to know your height, overall shape, and things like fat percentage to finetune the results.


It’s not like you should have a particular aesthetic to be handsome. But the way you dress matters. So, we would ask for a sneak peek of your closet to ensure you have a desirable taste in clothes.


It would be inaccurate to call someone handsome before knowing their character. So, several questions of the test focus on exposing what type of person you are to avoid that mistake.

A 2011 study by Anthony C. Little et al, indicated that: “Desired personality influences perceptions of facial attractiveness in opposite-sex faces, changing the result to: ‘what is good is beautiful.’”

Why Some Men Are Afraid to Ask Questions Like, “Am I Handsome?”

As a male, there’s a stigma around asking, “Am I beautiful or ugly?” as if you’re supposed to show no signs of insecurity about your look or style.

But such biases root in toxic masculinity and are not valid at all. Guys, like everyone else, could wonder if they’re attractive in the eyes of others. And it’s totally okay for them to ask for others’ opinions.

It’s not girly to ask, “Am I cute?” or be worried about your appearance. And it’s sexist to think only females are concerned about their looks.

The Problem with Online Handsomeness Tests

The thing is that most other quizzes are incredibly biased. So, they’ll evaluate your attractiveness based on cliché standards and sheer masculinity. But data shows that guys with more dominant feminine features are also considered to be handsome by modern-day standards. Take BTS members as an example.

Unlike what’s promoted on some media and social platforms, you don’t have to be an alpha or sigma male to attract others. But the problem with other tests is that they’ll only call you handsome if you stack up to such outdated criteria.

Can You “Become” a Handsome Male?

Yes, you can appeal to people by working on your manner, communication skills, and style. To be handsome, you don’t have to be born with a super-model face. Multiple studies proved that people might find you physically more attractive after getting to know you and liking your character.

Things to Know About the Test Results

Your big question might be, “Am I handsome?” But our answer is definitely not a simple yes or no. We go the extra mile to determine what type of man you are and what it means.

Here are some of the possible results of the handsomeness test:

·        Pickup Artist

You are physically attractive. And you use your charisma to approach more people.

·        Genuine Handsome

Not only do you look good, but you also have a likable personality.

·        The Spoiled Self-Obsessed

You might be a good-looking individual. But you’re also overconfident and arrogant.

·        The Average Guy

You may not be the most handsome guy ever. But you’re not basic either.

·        The Unattractive Loner

It’s like you’re intentionally trying to look unappealing and claim your loneliness for some reason.

·        The Incel

You are an involuntary celibate, which means you are lonely either because of your look or personality.

Disclaimer: This Quiz Is Not Made by a Biased Person

Our editorial team wants to ensure you receive a fair evaluation. So, you’re not going to face any prejudiced questions or results.

Basically, you don’t have to be Chad to be considered hot or handsome.

Enjoy the test, and let us know what you think afterward.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Let’s start with your own analysis. Do you believe that you’re a good-looking person?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 1
    • Yes, I am.

    • I probably am.

    • I don’t think so.

    • No, I’m a real man.

    • I’m the most good-looking person ever.

    • I don’t even care how I look.

  • 2
    Which one sounds like a compliment that you hear a lot?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 2
    • That I look like a celebrity.

    • That I have a good style.

    • That I’m a nice person.

    • That I’m a natural alpha.

    • That I’m too good for anyone.

    • No one compliments me ever.

  • 3
    Which one describes a likelier encounter or exchange with a stranger?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 3
    • Random people ask for my number or social media handle.

    • Random people often try to talk to me.

    • People smile when talking to me.

    • People are scared of me.

    • People are all over me all the time.

    • None of the above.

  • 4
    Have you ever experienced one of these rather odd interactions? If yes, which one was it?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 4
    • Someone requested to take a picture with me.

    • An unexpectedly hot person asked me on a date.

    • A random stranger complimented my style.

    • I picked a fight with a random person, and they chickened out.

    • Multiple people were thirsting over me at once.

    • None of the above.

  • 5
    Do you have a particular passion that you’re proud of or want people to know about?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 5
    • Yes, I do.

    • Kind of.

    • I’m trying to find mine.

    • I’m obsessed with going to the gym.

    • I don’t need to have a passion.

    • I’m not passionate about anything at all.

  • 6
    Which one better describes people who meet you for the first time?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 6
    • They’re often shy around me.

    • They seem to be interested in my life.

    • They’re polite, nice, and friendly to me.

    • IDK, I don’t care how they treat me.

    • They’re all over me and simping for me.

    • They’re as ignorant and numb as I am.

  • 7
    How often do people tell you that you look like a famous celebrity or popular character?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 7
    • I get that all the time.

    • I get that once in a while.

    • That would be rare.

    • IDK, celebs look like sh** anyway.

    • IDC, I look better than all of them.

    • No one has ever told me that.

  • 8
    How often do random people ask for your number or social media handle?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 8
    • Quite a lot of times.

    • It has happened a few times.

    • No more than once.

    • I’m not a girl. No one asks for my number.

    • I’m obviously out of their league, so they don’t even try.

    • No one has ever done that because I’m ugly and poor.

  • 9
    How would you describe your face shape?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 9
    • Symmetric with sharp lines.

    • Sharp lines but not quite symmetric.

    • Square

    • Masculine and well-defined

    • Diamond

    • Round or other

  • 10
    What color are your eyes?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 10
    • Blue or green

    • Brown

    • Black

    • I’m not a girl, so IDK

    • I use colored contact lenses.

    • None of the above.

  • 11
    What color is your hair?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 11
    • Blond

    • Brown

    • Black

    • I’m bald

    • I dye my hair

    • Other

  • 12
    How often do you work out?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 12
    • Every other day

    • Four to five times a week

    • Once or twice per week

    • I live in the gym. Every day.

    • I don’t need to go to the gym.

    • I never work out.

  • 13
    How would you describe your height compared to other men the same age as you?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 13
    • Taller than most people I know.

    • Taller than my peers.

    • The same as most of my peers.

    • I’m shorter than my peers.

    • I could be an NBA player.

    • I’m shorter than anyone I know.

  • 14
    What about your voice? How’d you describe it?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 14
    • Significantly lower-pitched

    • Slightly lower-pitched

    • Average

    • Manly

    • Heavenly

    • High-pitched

  • 15
    What’s your work-life balance like?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 15
    • I have a perfect work-life balance.

    • It’s slightly leaning towards work these days.

    • I’m trying to improve it.

    • I’m all about work and don’t care about anything else.

    • I’m all about having fun in life and IDC about anything else.

    • Everything is out of balance in my life.

  • 16
    What would it be if you had to summarize your personality in one word?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 16
    • Compassionate

    • Caring

    • Polite

    • Manly

    • Unique

    • Freaky

  • 17
    What would you do if you had a crush on an attractive person?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 17
    • I’d ask them on a date

    • I’d ask for their number

    • I’d try to get to know them better

    • I’d hook up with them

    • I’d wait for them to approach me

    • I’d do nothing and move on

  • 18
    In your opinion, what makes a guy super-handsome?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 18
    • Confidence

    • Experience

    • Politeness

    • Manliness

    • Money

    • I don’t know

  • 19
    How much time do you spend on buying clothes that suit your style?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 19
    • A lot

    • More than my peers

    • The same as everybody else

    • I don’t like shopping. It’s too girly for me.

    • I have people who do my shopping.

    • I buy random clothes and don’t even care.

  • 20
    Do you have a specific skin-care routine?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 20
    • Yes, I do.

    • Kind of.

    • No, but I want to have one.

    • Real men don’t need that.

    • I have the best routine on this planet.

    • No, my skin looks horrible.

  • 21
    Which one is a fitting description for your lifestyle?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 21
    • I have a healthy lifestyle

    • I’m creating a healthy lifestyle

    • I’m working on my lifestyle.

    • I have a strict and disciplined lifestyle.

    • I have a perfect lifestyle that everyone’s jealous of.

    • I don’t even have a lifestyle. I just exist.

  • 22
    Final question; have you ever considered becoming a model?
    Quiz: Am I Handsome? Get the 100% Honest Answers 22
    • Yes

    • Not really

    • No

    • I’m not a girl. So, no.

    • I’m better than that.

    • It would be a hilarious joke if I did.

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