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The Rizz Type Quiz reveals if you have got the game and can pull off anyone you desire. Are you a W, V, L, or God-tier rizz?

What Is Your Rizz quiz

What Is Your Rizz?

A person’s rizz is their ability to attract or seduce others with words. To rizz, someone up means to convince them to give you their number or, at least, flirt back.

Rizz differs from charisma as it refers to an intentional pickup game. (Charismatic people might do nothing and still get laid.)

The formula for calculating someone’s rizz is their pickup ability divided by their attractiveness. In other words, between two people with the same amount of rizz, the one who’s less attractive has the W rizz—since disadvantages add up to their score.

What Is the Rizz Type Quiz?

Comprised of fifteen flirt questions, the Rizz Type Quiz is a personality test that reveals if you have W, L, or V Rizz.

With the current test, you get to find out what vibe you give off when flirting or trying to hook up. So, to clarify, W is the winning, and L is the losing rizz.

But the rizz game has other results as well. You might end up matching the Unspoken or Traumatizing Rizz, which are controversial rizz types. Or you might earn the Rizz God status, the highest honorary title.

How Did TikTok’s “Rizz Phase” Start?

The term “rizz” started trending on TikTok after the famous Twitch streamer Kai Cenat coined it. Soon, TikTokers offered so-called rizz strategies and tactics, which helped the hashtag take over social media.

But Kai Cenat, the word’s creator, has repeated that the new definition of rizz—especially the one spreading on TikTok—is not what he meant. In his own words, rizz is one’s ability to flirt with any girl despite the possible disadvantages. So, he doesn’t validate the new subcategories like unspoken rizz because hot people don’t need to play the game.

By the way, if you’re into TikTok-trending quizzes, try “Are You a Princess, Slut, or Loser?” next.

How to Know What Your Rizz Is?

Your flirt history reveals your rizz. If you’ve pulled off many girls or boys despite being an average-looking, not-so-rich, clout-free person, you got some rizz. But if you’ve always been simping around or have only impressed gold-diggers, you got no rizz.

  • W Rizz. One who’s smooth with words and plays with pickup lines as Michael Jordan plays with the ball.
  • L Rizz. A loser who simps to get laid.
  • Unspoken Rizz. A Gigachad or Stacy who puts no effort into flirting and still gets laid.
  • Traumatizing Rizz. A weirdo who does crazy stuff to impress others—and traumatizes them with their inappropriate moves.

You Got any Game? Let’s Find Out

It’s about time to answer the big question, what is your rizz type? Are you a W, L, V, or else?

The following controversial questions expose your rizz with brutal honesty.

Let’s see if you got any rizz.

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