Quiz: Are You a Gigachad? Let’s Be 100% Honest

If you feel you are an extremely muscular man, take this Gigachad quiz that exposes how big of a Chad you are. Is your status Giga, Lite, or Sub 5?

Am I a Gigachad

Who Is a Gigachad?

Topping the masculinity hierarchy, Gigachad is a male with rather unrealistic ultra-masculine features. The term is a combination of two words (Giga and Chad) referring to the ideal—almost perfect—image of a sexually desirable man.

Gigachad was coined around 2017 after a few photos of a Russian menswear model, Ernest Khalimov, surfaced on the internet. While it’s unclear if he’s a real person, his snapshots were enough to start a movement: the Gigachad era.

Currently, asking “Am I Gigachad?” is the equivalent of “Am I handsome?” among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. But certain online communities, such as Incels, use the term in a derogatory way to insult what they call Fu**boys.


Chad Status Masculinity Level
Gigachad Ultra-masculine
Chad Masculine
Chadlite Slightly masculine
Pretty Boy Feminine
Sub 5 Not masculine at all


What Is the Gigachad Quiz?

Comprised of 20 look, style, and personality questions, the Gigachad Quiz reveals how Chad-ish you are. In other words, it determines how attractive you are based on online masculinity standards.

How to Know Which Male You Are?

The internet has unique methods to categorize male figures. Take men type test. It identifies whether a guy is an alpha, omega, or beta in the power hierarchy.

But when it comes to Chad and Stacy’s communities, looks and styles play a more significant role in classifications.

The following guides could help you figure out which male category you’d fall into.

1.     Gigachad

If you have a muscular body, sharp jawline, thick beard, above-average height, and deep, low-pitched voice, you’re likely a Gigachad.

2.    Chad

Slightly less masculine than a Gigachad, a Chad is an alpha or sigma male with a fit body and charming personality features such as confidence or protectiveness.

3.    Charlie

A spot lower than a Chad in the masculinity hierarchy, Charlie is a male figure with the potential of becoming a Chad. He has a nice-looking body, a fairly attractive voice, and satisfyingly above-average height.

4.   Pretty Boy

Benefiting from the popularity of K-Pop and Korean boys, a Pretty Boy is a male with “cute” attributes. He has nice skin, beautiful hair, and rather feminine facial features, as well as a good fashion sense and a lovable personality.

5.    Normie

Falling on the baseline of the men’s hierarchy, Normie, as the title suggests, is a normal guy. His features are average, and there’s nothing significant or over-the-top about him. He’s neither bad-looking nor good-looking. He’s just an ordinary man.

Take the Normie Test if you wonder if you might be one.

6.   Sub 5

Sometimes confused with a Simp, a Sub 5 is an unattractive male with no desirable features. The term Sub 5 refers to his score on a scale of 0 to 10—which is, unfortunately, minus five.

What Gigachad Style Are You?

Your big question is, “Am I a Gigachad?” But there’s more to that. Assuming you are one, what’s your style? Are you an Alpha or Sigma Chad?

The Gigachad Quiz exposes your style, too.

·       Alpha

Power-thirsty and extra-confident, an Alpha Gigachad fights for a spot on the male hierarchy. His style is comparable to medieval warriors, according to which nothing matters but the survival of the fittest.

·       Sigma

A non-conformist, Sigma Gigachad doesn’t care about social norms and expectations. He does what he does regardless of approvals and disapprovals. His style is comparable to a lone wolf: Untamable, independent, and dangerous.

Is Being a Gigachad a Good Thing?

Having a Chad status—whether it’s Giga or Lite—is not necessarily a good thing. At the same time, many associates the nickname/title with being sexually desirable, Chad communities are inspired by toxic masculinity ideologies.

Currently, Chad-ness is a rather controversial concept that crashes into healthier images of manhood. But taken only as a scale of attractiveness for guys, Gigachad-ness might even make one feel flattered.

Basically, it all depends on your interpretation and reaction. If you’re not a toxic guy but enjoy having a Chad status, there’s no need to worry about the collocations.


The Gigachad Quiz is not meant to discriminate against any specific group. It’s an entertaining test to answer basic looks and style questions for males. Please, take the results lightly.

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