Quiz: What Color Is Your Love? 100% Accurate Estimation

Hey, what color is your love? Take this romance hue quiz to see if your love is a passionate red or another shade.

What Color Is Your Love

Is Your Love Colored? What Color Is It?

Multiple studies have proved a correlation between people’s personalities and their favorite colors. But did you know that love has colors, too?

In theory, your love is the same color as your personality. For instance, if you’re a passionate and intense person, your romantic hue is red. But if you’re a loyal and trustworthy one, it’s blue.

Use the following table for a quick overview of your romance color:

Love Color Features
Red Passion, romance, desire
Blue Trust, loyalty, peace
Yellow Warmth, happiness, intimacy
Orange Excitement, enthusiasm, joy
Green Growth, harmony, calmness
Purple Luxury, spirituality, mystery
Black Power, elegance, sophistication
Pink Affection, tenderness, nurture


What Do Colors Symbolize in Love?

Psychologically speaking, the color that you relate to represents hidden aspects of your personality. And when it comes to love, it can indicate how you show affection, trust, and commitment. While it’s not an accurate way of analyzing one’s dating personality, color profiling reveals the relationship values and priorities of a person.

Here are some common love colors and what they mean.

Red Love

The color of seductiveness and intensity, red represents passionate, romantic love that reminds you of fairy tales. Red lovers have a clear and bold love language and often find it easy to confess their feelings for their crushes.

Blue Love

As the color of calmness and trust, blue in love means commitment and compassion. Blue lovers don’t give up on their relationship and are willing to build compatibility rather than find it.

Green Love

From the perspective of romantic relationships, green symbolizes peace of mind and calming energy that results in a trust-orientated relationship. Green lovers make their loved ones feel safe and encourage them to thrive in their personal lives.

If you’re a green lover, we recommend you take our “Soul Color Quiz” next because it matches your spiritual vibes.

Black Love

Black in love stands for sophisticated and respectful relationships. It’s the color of lovers who prioritize ration over emotion and fall in love with the ideal candidates, not the ones that excite them the most.

Yellow Love

As the color of energetic vibes, yellow means joyful and playful love. Yellow lovers are adventurous and would like to try out new things with their partners, as it makes them feel alive.

This Quiz Reveals the True Color of Your Love

Don’t you ask yourself, “What color is my love?” I know it sounds like a random thought. But just imagine how cool it would be to know you and your partner’s mutual hue! 😍

Think of all the crazy-romantic things you could do with that information. (I’ll go first, get matching-colored PJs that remind you of the color of your love.)

All you need to do is answer the following romance questions to discover the true color of your feelings for your significant other. We promise you a super-emotional quick journey with accurate and free results.

By the way, ask your partner to take the quiz as well. It would be a blessing to know that their color of love matches yours!

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