What’s My Favorite Color? 99% Accurate Guess of Your Color

Do you want an answer to “What’s my favorite color?” This accurate color psychology quiz can help you. Do you favor blue like 35% of the population?

What’s My Favorite Color

A Personality Quiz to Reveal Your Favorite Color

It’s not usual for someone to ask, “What’s my favorite color?” But some people might be confused about their preferred hues. This quiz’s goal is to help you discover your beloved color according to your character.

Get a Free Character Breakdown

We added a personality analysis to the results just to make the quiz more fun. You’ll find out why a particular color should be (or could be) your favorite and what it reveals about you.

If you are into such breakdowns, make sure to take our Color Personality Test as well. It exposes the shades behind your behaviors and traits like a therapist!

How Does the Favorite Color Test Work?

It’s a set of twenty psychological questions to identify what your desired hue is. It does so using three parameters, your persona, interests, and our database. Here’s how:

Analyzing your personality.

According to BigChill.com, “Your favorite color is said to define a part of who you are, offering an inside look into your personality and behavioral traits.” Studies show that the shades you favor are directly related to your character and ideologies.

So, when you ask, “What’s my favorite color?” the key is to find the correct answer is decoding your persona. Therefore, the bigger question is, “What type of person are you?”

The test on this page uses psychological tricks to uncover your true self before determining your favorite shade.

Digging deep into your preferences.

Your surroundings affect the type of color you prefer. And you already have a particular desire for specific shades, even if you haven’t noticed it yet. So, the quiz will put you through a series of questions that magnify your preferences. We can then reverse engineer our way back to your favorite color and expose it.

Matching the info to our color database.

The final stage of the test is to compare your profile with the information we already have. You’ll be matched to our color database profiles to determine which one is the most similar to you. The data is gathered by global surveys and studies about the color spectrum.

How to Guess Anyone’s Favorite Color by 76% Accurately?

It’s best to pick one of the three most popular colors in the world when guessing someone’s favorite color. There’s a 76% chance that the person’s favorite shade is blue, green, or purple. Adding red and orange to your guesses increases the accuracy to 91%.

The following table shows how popular each color is. If you had a room of 100 random people, 91 of them would favor one of these five options.

Color Popularity
Blue 35%
Green 22%
Purple 19%
Red 8.5%
Orange 6.5%


How to Know What Should Your Favorite Color Be?

If you are confused about what color should be your favorite, pick one according to your personality. Each hue reveals some info about what type of person you are. So, you can read the following descriptions to decide which shade suits your character.

#1. Blue

The most popular color on earth is also one of the rarest ones. If your favorite color is blue, you are a gentle, calm, and loyal person. The shade is also a symbol of trust. That’s why people rely on you so easily. The downside of your character is that you put others’ needs before yourself. And that might lead to toxic relationships.

#2. Green

If your favorite color is green, you are a time-management guru. You are an excellent organizer who’s also very open-minded. People like you love learning new things, and their curiosity helps them with that.

#3. Purple

Often, when people ask, “What’s my favorite color?” they don’t think of purple as an option. However, it’s the third most popular color on the whole planet. If you favor purple, you are a power-seeking, royal, and spiritual character. The shade also signifies unpredictability and creativeness.

#4. Red

If you like red, you are a passionate, adventurous person. This shade implies desire, aggression, love, and even sexuality. Less than nine people out of one hundred would say red is their favorite color. So, it is also rare. The best part of your personality is that you are action-oriented. You do not value words as much as you do deeds. And that makes you a natural go-getter.

#5. Orange

Some believe that orange is the happiest color. If it’s on your favorite list, you are an optimistic, energetic, and productive person. You tend to see the best in everyone, and you lift everyone up no matter how negative their mood is. However, the downside of your personality is being moody. You may go through a series of unpleasant emotions out of a sudden and snap back to your hyped mood as fast.

#6. White

White is associated with purity, innocence, and righteousness. If it’s your favorite shade out of all, you are a beloved, popular member of any community. White also signifies order. So, it’s safe to say you are organized and orderly as well.

#7. Black

People who favor black seek power and control. They value inner qualities over appearance. And many believe that they mask their emotions, no matter how intense they are. Independency and privacy are the two crucial parts of your life. And you might flip out when people invade such values.

Still, Wondering What Your Favorite Color Is?

Take the quiz to get a solid answer. It might be tricky to decide what shades you like—especially when you already like several colors equally. The questionary will help you focus your desires and thoughts to decide which ones deserve to be your all-time favorite.

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