Levels of Attraction Quiz. 100% Honest & Free Like Back Test

With the Levels of Attraction Quiz, you see if your crush likes you back, 100% honestly. Plus, you find out the chemistry level between the two of you.

Levels of Attraction Quiz

What Is the Levels of Attraction Quiz?

Comprised of twenty romance questions, the Levels of Attraction Quiz is a crush level indicator. It identifies if and how much your crush likes you back.

The test also determines your flirting style, offering a detailed analysis of your art of seduction.

Level of Attraction Sign
High Hugs you longer than usual.
Moderate Makes eye contact when laughing
Low Is reluctant to hang out with you
No Attraction Avoids any interaction


A relationship expert and psychologist, Kimberly Moffit, created the original Levels of Attraction Test. Her version had 40 questions and included professional pieces of advice. However, you had to pay a fee to access the test results.

Dr. Kimberly’s work inspires the current Levels of Attraction Quiz. But it’s 100% free and has no paywalls.

What Are the Main Levels of Attraction?

There are four levels of attraction in the pre-relationship stages: Your crush is either into you, has mixed feelings for you, has not noticed you, or doesn’t like you.

·       Your crush might be into you.

One of the early levels of attraction has to deal with mixed emotions. In this stage, your crush either sees you as a friend or is not confident in dating you.

·       Your crush is definitely into you.

When the level of attraction is high, your crush gives off obvious signals of liking you. Basically, they find you attractive, and you can sense that through their open body language, smiles, compliments, and flirt attempts.

·       Your crush is not into you.

At any point, your crush may feel like you two are not compatible. This is when they show a lack of interest in hanging out with you or taking an interest in your personal life.

·       Your crush has not noticed you.

When your crush is not aware of you, the level of attraction is low. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t like you. In this stage, you have the opportunity to confess your feelings for your crush or ask them out on a date.

Who Needs the Levels of Attraction Test?

Anyone wondering if their crush likes them would benefit from the Levels of Attraction Quiz. It’s a helpful self-report test that analyzes your crush to see if there’s chemistry. (Note that the test is gender-inclusive and offers accurate results for all participants.)

Ready to See If Your Crush Likes You Back?

You may not be able to read your crush’s mind. But with the Levels of Attraction Quiz, you get to decipher their verbal and non-verbal signals. The test reveals if they like you back with solid pieces of evidence you already have.

All you have to do is press the start button and answer 20 quick questions about your crush.


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