Quiz: What Color Braces Should I Get? 5 Trending Color Idea

If you wonder what color braces should I get? This quiz discovers your dream tie and wire color via personality, style, and appearance questions.

What Color Braces Should I Get

A Fun and Scientific Quiz: What Color Braces Should I Get?

The test here works based on the Color Theory to reveal what orthodontic case color suits you. It tells you what type of hue scheme (i.e., Complementary, Analogous, or Triadic) you should get.

The premise of the quiz is similar to our other trending test called “What Color Looks Best on Me?” But it is different in that it offers cool ideas for your braces’ color based on your personality and style.

Teeth Color Color Braces to Get
Auburn family (red/brown) Warm tones
Yellow/Red family Warm tones
Gray family Cool tones
Gray/Red family Cool tones


Analyze your teeth like an expert.

Picking the right color is all about making it look good on your teeth. An orthodontist would inspect your dental health and overall mouth condition to suggest the best orthodontic case tie and wire shades. The Color Braces Quiz does the same thing for free!

Choose a color that matches your skin.

Knowing your skin tone helps in finding the best braces color. Generally, choosing colors with the same tone as your skin makes your case look better. So, the quiz will help you figure out what shades would accentuate your skin color.

Get some fun ideas for your braces’ color.

The Brace Color Quiz has a bunch of interesting and lovely suggestions for you. Depending on your style, taste, and teeth condition, we will recommend some of the coolest color combinations and themes possible.

Things that the Test Considers

To create an accurate quiz, we look into four major areas before deciding which color braces you should get. Here are things that the test takes into account to come up with the best results.

#1: Your Teeth Color

As the Dentist (Dr. Ben Winters) points out, choosing the wrong braces color can ruin your teeth color, making it look duller or darker. So, it is crucial to know what your current teeth hue is like in advance. Otherwise, you might end up getting a case tile or wire shade that damages your smile.

#2: Your Skin Tone

You might not even know what your skin color is. But that is not good when deciding on what color braces to get. Do not worry, though. The quiz has simple questions that help expose your tone in no time.

#3: Eye Colors and Other Physical Features

Dr. Ben Winters says, “One way to pick the right color for your braces is to match them with your eyes.” For instance, blue and pink ties make blue eyes pop, while purple, red, and orange are excellent options for green eyes.

Other aspects of your look, such as hair color, makeup style, and facial hair, affect the color of orthodontic cases. That is why the test considers all of them to come up with a reliable and accurate result.

#4: Your Style and Personality

The type of person you are affects the Color Braces Quiz results, too. That is why you face personality-related questions throughout the test.

#5: Your Age and Sex

Gender and age have nothing to do with color cases. But some people want to know what shades would look better on them based on such factors. So, such pieces of information affect the results as well.

Tips on Choosing the Right Color Braces

You might still wonder what color braces you should get. So, here are some pieces of expert advice to make up your mind. But keep in mind that taking the quiz is still the fastest way to find your dream tile and wire shades.

Don’t Go White, Brown, or Yellow.

These colors would make your teeth look yellowish—even though they are not. Most orthodontists recommend patients avoid tan colors and pale white tiles because they would damage their smile.

Avoid Clear and Transparent Braces.

Clear tiles die quickly. Foods and drinks affect these types of braces negatively. And they get stained after a couple of weeks. So, please, avoid such colors unless you are planning to change them regularly.

Popular Color Braces Ideas for 2021

You are not alone. Most people visiting an orthodontist ask questions like, “What color braces should I get?” And it is okay if you have not made up your mind yet. Here are a couple of modern ways of owning your dental tiles and wires, making them a stylish part of your look.

· Be bold and have fun with colors.

2021 was all about embracing who you are. So, why don’t you get color braces that describe your personality? There is no particular rule to restrict your decisions here. You can either go with your favorite hues or come up with a unique combination you think is fun.

· Change the shades regularly.

Are you tired of overthinking what color braces you should get? One way to compensate is to change them frequently. It would allow you to experiment and see what shades look good on you compared to others.

· Go creative.

You do not have to follow others’ steps when it comes to choosing the right color braces. You can find many creative ideas for that, such as matching your tiles with your favorite sports team’s outfits.


The Color Braces Quiz is not meant to give you any medical advice. Please, visit an orthodontist or a doctor for any clinical requirements.

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