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Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test

Am I Worthless

Can’t stop asking yourself, “Am I worthless?” Take this self-hatred quiz to judge your actual worth. Is it your useless personality, or is it depression?

No, You Are Not Worthless

You were not born insecure. But you might feel worthless due to trauma, depression, or toxic attachment styles. Regardless, you should know that all the living are worthy of love and happiness, and nothing could determine one’s worth but their actions.

Carl Jung believed, “[Humans] cannot stand a meaningless life.” So, your self-sabotaging feelings, which make you feel worthless and unlovable, are unnatural. They are side effects of physical or emotional abuse or even a mental illness.

This Quiz Reminds You of Your Worth

The following are 20 psychology-backed questions to expose your true value. It’s a self-hatred assessment test that analyzes your personality and actions to declare if you’re an inept, undeserving person.

The useless personality quiz is designed for people self-questioning things like, “Am I a loser?” But the underlying purpose is to highlight your significance and push you towards self-love.

7 Signs You Are Struggling with Self-Loathing

Feeling worthless has various red flags. For the most part, it influences your self-confidence, causing questions like “Am I lovely?” But there are other signs, too, that indicate you’re self-sabotaging.

You are your cruelest critic.

Self-loathing individuals are overly harsh on themselves. They don’t leave any room for mistakes or imperfections.

You believe others are better than you.

Insecurity and feeling worthless go hand-in-hand. And it causes low self-esteem around others—because you assume you’re inferior.

You neglect self-care.

Don’t mistake self-sabotage for laziness. It’s not that you’re lethargic to care for yourself. It’s that you don’t think it matters. You neglect yourself because you believe you deserve it.

You are a pessimistic person.

Inevitably, self-hatred leads to cynical views on life. So, if you can’t see the good in your life, you struggle with inferiority or feel worthless.

You isolate yourself.

In your eyes, no one loves you, and you have no friends. So, why bother hanging out with people who hate you? However, such interpretations only lead to self-isolation and loneliness, eventually worsening your self-loathing attitude.

You pretend to be someone else.

Self-questioning your worth is painful. So, you might put on a mask and pretend to be a lovely and popular person to cope. But it will turn you into a people pleaser—and hide your problems under the carpet for a while.

You don’t set goals.

Dreaming becomes challenging when dealing with questions like, “Am I worthless?” Self-hate separates you from fantasizing, leaving you pessimistic assumptions about the future.

5 Reasons You Feel So Worthless

Why I feel so worthless, you might wonder. It’s either because of your parents’ negligence, physical or mental traumas, internal or external triggers (e.g., depression or school bullying), or insecurity.

#1. You’ve had unloving parents.

Children who are deprived of parental love struggle with self-hatred. So, you might ask, “Am I worthless?” because your mom and dad made you feel this way.

#2. You’ve been physically or emotionally abused.

Manipulation is one of the main reasons some grow self-hatred. Often, manipulators cause a victim mentality and impose a feeling of guilt to continue their sabotage. And that might leave you with emotional scars, destroying your self-worth.

#3. You’re exposed to external or internal triggers.

Any negative thought, comment, or behavior might make you feel worthless. For external triggers, cyber-bullying, school bullying, verbal abuse, and social pressure come to mind. However, internal stimuli are thought processes, mental illnesses, or personality disorders that push you into believing you’re worthless.

#4. You don’t forgive yourself.

Lack of self-forgiveness creates an unlovable image of a foul-up who doesn’t deserve proper treatment and is not worthy of love or respect.

#5. You’re using the wrong measurements.

You may question your value because you feel unproductive or underachieving. But those are not good metrics for self-evaluation. Your worth is not dependent on how you measure up to others, and by overthinking your achievements, all you do is damage your self-esteem.

How to Stop Feeling Worthless All the Time

Kati Morton, a licensed therapist, offers the Bridge Statements technique to deal with self-hatred. Bridge Statements are slightly positive mindsets that leave room for self-love. For example, you can practice asking yourself, “What if I’m not as worthless as I think I am?” instead of assuming you’re worthless.

Here’s how to practice the technique:

–           Replace “I’m fat and ugly” with “Maybe I’m not that fat, and people actually love my look.”

–           Replace “No one loves me” with a Bridge Statement like, “Maybe most people love me.”

–           Instead of saying, “I’m useless,” say something like, “I could be useful in many jobs.”

Questions You Should Ask Instead of “Am I Worthless?”

You’re about to take a useless personality quiz, which indicates you might be self-sabotaging. So, please, ask yourself the following questions in advance.

Am I depressed?

You might need a depression test for that. But the thing is that depressed individuals often feel unworthy as a result of their condition. So, they might need medications and therapy to practice self-love.

Am I being manipulated?

You assume you’re inferior to others when you’re being manipulated. So, it’s crucial to ensure no toxic person affects your self-assessments.

Read Before Taking the Useless Personality Quiz

It’s not normal to have questions like, “Am I worthless?” So, please, don’t ignore your emotions and seek professional help. You can always talk to a therapist about your problems and care for your mental health with their help.

Please, consider calling 988 or (1-800-273-8255) if you think about self-harm or suicide. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7 help and free support through trained counselors.


QuizExpo is not associated with any of the names/organizations mentioned in the self-worth test.

The useless personality quiz does not provide any medical diagnosis or prescription. The questionnaire aims to remind the participants of their worth and encourage them to care for themselves.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Why do you think you are worthless or less than others?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 1
    • I don’t think that way

    • Because I make lots of mistakes

    • Because I’m ugly

    • Because I’m always compared to others

    • Because no one loves me

    • Because my life is pointless

  • 2
    When did you start feeling like there might be something wrong with you?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 2
    • I’ve rarely or never felt that way.

    • I felt that when I caused trouble in others’ lives

    • I felt it when I realized I’m unattractive

    • I felt worthless when my parents called me that

    • I felt worthless when others made fun of me

    • I’ve always felt this way. It’s like my identity.

  • 3
    What type of incidents triggers your insecurity or make you feel worthless?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 3
    • I can’t think of anything significant.

    • Failures often devastate me.

    • Being rejected hurts my emotions deeply.

    • My parents’ arguments and fights trigger my emotions

    • Being bullied or humiliated

    • All of them. Everything triggers me at this point.

  • 4
    How do you feel about your skills and capabilities?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 4
    • I’m confident about my skillset

    • I feel like I’m a clumsy person with no skills

    • I think my skills are useless and ordinary

    • My parents think my skills are useless

    • Everyone thinks my skills are useless

    • I don’t want to have any skills. It’s all pointless.

  • 5
    Which one gives you stress?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 5
    • Falling behind schedule

    • Embarrassing yourself in public

    • Approaching your crush and talking to them

    • Talking about an important decision with your parents

    • Breaking up with a toxic partner

    • None of them. I’m numb (or used) to stress.

  • 6
    Which one describes your relationship with your parents?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 6
    • They’ve always loved me unconditionally

    • They love me, but they want me to be perfect

    • I think they don’t love me, and their emotions are fake

    • They always blame me for who I am and have never loved me

    • I don’t have parents, or my parents are divorced

    • IDK how they feel about me.

  • 7
    Do you have a purpose in life?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 7
    • Yes, I’m living a purposeful life.

    • I’m not sure.

    • Yes, but I’m not sure if it’s a good one

    • Yes, I want to make my parents feel proud of me

    • No, not anymore.

    • No. Life is pointless, and I need no stupid purposes.

  • 8
    How big of a dreamer are you? 10 means you dream a lot.
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 8
    • 10 (I love dreaming)

    • 7-9

    • 5-6

    • 3-4

    • 1-2

    • 0 (I hate dreams)

  • 9
    How do you feel when someone compares you to others?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 9
    • I don’t like it. But it’s not a big deal.

    • I feel like I have to improve myself

    • I feel like they don’t love me

    • I feel numb because my parents do that all the time

    • I feel indifferent because everyone compares me to others

    • I feel irritated and become aggressive

  • 10
    What do you think is the least pleasant thing about you?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 10
    • It depends on who you ask.

    • My stupidity and clumsiness

    • My look/body is my least favorable feature

    • My underachieving and lazy nature

    • My toxic traits and messed-up relationships

    • Everything about me is unfavorable

  • 11
    In your opinion, which of these people are worthy of love?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 11
    • Everyone is worthy of love.

    • Talented and skillful people

    • Attractive ones

    • Financially or academically successful people

    • People who’re good at building healthy relationships

    • No one is worthy of love

  • 12
    How do you express your love and affection for others?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 12
    • I love you.

    • I show my love by helping them solve their problems

    • I show affection by being submissive to them

    • I struggle with showing my affection directly.

    • I show my affection by protecting them

    • I have no love for anyone.

  • 13
    What’s the harshest reality of your life?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 13
    • That I’m imperfect—like everyone else

    • That I’m useless no matter how hard I try

    • That I’m unlovable no matter what

    • That I’m a failure and I disappoint my loved ones

    • That it’s my fault I feel so worthless

    • That everything is meaningless

  • 14
    How do you feel after achieving a goal or doing something impressive?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 14
    • I feel joyful and proud

    • I feel like I could’ve done better

    • I feel like it’s nothing impressive compared to others

    • I feel like it’s not enough to make my loved ones proud

    • I feel like people will underestimate me no matter what

    • I feel numb. I never achieve anything in life.

  • 15
    How do you feel when someone compliments your personality or look?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 15
    • I feel flattered

    • I feel like I owe them

    • I feel like they’re pitying me

    • I feel like they’re lying

    • I feel like they want something from me

    • I feel numb. No one ever compliments me.

  • 16
    What could make you feel better about yourself?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 16
    • Helping others

    • Making fewer mistakes

    • Having a likable body/look

    • Proving my parents wrong

    • Building a healthy relationship

    • Nothing would make me feel better about me

  • 17
    Which statement do you agree with?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 17
    • I am worthy of love despite my imperfection.

    • I could be worthy of love if I weren’t stupid and airheaded

    • I could be worthy of love if I had an attractive body

    • I could be worthy of love if I weren’t lazy and underachieving

    • I could be worthy of love if I had more money

    • I will never be worthy of love

  • 18
    What is something that others have that makes you envy them?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 18
    • Nothing. I don’t envy others.

    • Useful skills

    • Trendy style

    • Happy family

    • Happy love life

    • All of them

  • 19
    What determines a person’s worth?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 19
    • Their actions

    • Their achievements

    • Their popularity

    • Their social status

    • Their friends and relationships

    • I don’t know

  • 20
    Final question; why did you take the quiz?
    Quiz: Am I Worthless? 100% Honest & Respectful Test 20
    • I did it for fun

    • I took it because I feel useless

    • I took it because no one loves me

    • I took it because my parents call me worthless

    • I took it because everyone thinks I’m useless

    • I did it to prove that I’m a worthless being

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