Am I Lovely? This Quiz Has 100% Honest & Accurate Answer

Are you struggling with questions like “am I lovely?” Is it bothering you if you are an unlovable person? This quiz reveals how adorable or dislikeable you are.

Am I Lovely

Am I Lovely? Read This Before Deciding

Understandably, all of us might go through a stage in our lives where we wonder, “am I lovely?” or “am I beautiful or ugly?” Sometimes, we just need someone else to confirm our value and worth. Taking the test on this page is one way to prove you are worthy of love, attention, and care. Please, devote five minutes of your time to yourself and take the quiz before falling for any negative thoughts in your head.

How Does the Test Help You?

Our test is designed to remind you of self-worth and self-love. The questions help you focus on things you might be ignoring about yourself. Plus, the quiz lets you know why you feel unloved, unlovable, or unworthy of love at the end.

Why “Am I Lovely?” Is a Key Question for Your Relationships

Marisa Peer believes self-value is the most crucial part of having a successful relationship. She is the author of ‘I Am Enough’ and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy®️(RTT). And she spent her career helping people struggling with attachment traumas and lack of self-esteem. In one of her instructions, Marisa says, “You can only love another person to the degree that you love yourself. So, if you go through life, feeling you are unlovable, that will always affect the quality of your relationship.”

It is almost impossible for someone to feel liked, appreciated, and valued when they do not hold such emotions for themselves. So, you are less likely to establish satisfying relationships while the answer to “am I lovey?” is no—in your brain.

What If You Decided You Are Unlovable?

Alan Robarge, an Attachment Therapist, says, “The unlovable-self which is created by an emotional wound might become who you are.” He suggests that people with low self-esteem and self-love tend to identify themselves with their fabricated sense of unworthiness, pitifulness, and shame.

No matter how unrealistic and cruel their self-assessment is, they believe it. So, that creates a fear of being left out or dumbed in their head—because they think no one can ever love them. Eventually, they accept any mistreatments, abuses, and manipulations due to their fears.

3 Reasons Why You Ask, “Am I Lovely?”

Marisa Peer suggests we are all born knowing that we are adorable. As a child, we do not wait for permission to cry and ask for some extra attention. So, there must be something wrong with our upcoming days to force us to wonder, “am I loveable?” Here are some reasons why you left your self-esteem alone in your childhood.

Negative Comparison

Destructive evaluations of children are the primary reason they ask, “am I lovely?” as grownups. It is emotionally damaging when parents, relatives, and teachers compare you to other kids, claiming they are better than you. No matter how innocent their comments are, they will hurt your feelings deeply.

Negative Bias Effect

Psychologists believe that negativity effect forces your brain to focus on the bad side of the events. According to this theory, when you face two equal negative and positive happenings, your thoughts tend to exaggerate the former—negative one. For instance, if you hear one compliment and criticism simultaneously, you will overthink the latter and ignore the former. Such biases might be the real reason you wonder, “am I lovely?”

Attachment Traumas

Being ignored or abused is another reason you might face self-esteem issues. People with attachment traumas find it hard to believe they deserve love, attention, and appreciation. That is because their experiences indicate the opposite. If that is the case, consult a therapist as soon as possible. Such mental issues are treatable through cognitive therapies. And there is nothing to worry about as long as you care for yourself.

Healing Through Self-Love by Robert Carley

Robert is the head of ideas at The Right Mind. He advocates love and its unbeatable nature, helping people learn how to appreciate themselves. In one of his speeches, Robert points out the importance of self-love. “Your thoughts become your mood. Your mood turns into your words and actions. And your words and actions form the results.”

So, if your thoughts are all about how unlovely and miserable you are, your words and actions follow the same pattern. And as a result, you end up feeling lonely, left alone, poor, and undeserving.

However, if your thoughts the opposite, your actions and words are the opposite, too. So, you will feel lovely, deserving, appreciable, and happy. And that is how you can help yourself heal gradually.

3 Questions to Ask Before, “Am I Lovely?”

You have lots of time to question your value. But if you want to help yourself heal, ask the following questions in advance.

#1: What Do I Love About Me?

One of the best practices of self-love is reminding yourself of your positive traits and features. You can write down a list of things you like about yourself to better at acknowledging your beauties. But do not let others’ opinions interfere with this task. Write down only things YOU like about yourself—no matter how significant, small, silly, or complicated they are.

#2: Am I Lovely Out of a Relationship?

You should realize that relationship status is not a standard of self-value. Being single does not mean you are unlovable or problematic. You need to remind yourself of your loveliness and adorability no matter what your current romantic relationship status indicates.

#3: Is the Way People Treat Me a Reflection of Myself?

The way people interact with you is not always a reflection of you. It is easy for manipulative individuals to make you feel guilty for their cruelty and misbehavior. So, you should not trust any comment you receive from people around you. Instead, brush up on your self-esteem and evaluate both negative and positive remarks to improve. And please, do not rely on toxic people’s commentaries.

Has any Famous Person Ever Wondered, “Am I Lovely?”

Marilyn Monroe is an excellent example of a celebrity who always wondered if she is lovely. In one of the interviews, she said, “I need the whole to love me. I must belong to everyone because I have never belonged to anyone my whole life. And I probably never will.”

Now, Take the Test If You Still Feel Unlovable

If you still have doubts about how lovely you are or if you deserve to be appreciated, take the quiz with no hesitation. It will help you have a fair and reliable self-evaluation and get instant results.

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