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Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test

Multiple Intelligence Quiz

The Multiple Intelligence Quiz reveals your lateralized brainpower based on Howard Gardner’s intelligence modalities.

What Is the Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Comprised of 10 learning style, personality, and memory questions, the Intelligence Quiz is an IQ type indicator. It uses the Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner (1983) to determine whether you have a Linguistic, Spatial, Musical, Physical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalistic, Existential, or Logical-Mathematical brain.

Howard Gardner is an American developmental psychologist who devised the idea of intellect typology. According to his theory, the human brain doesn’t follow one particular stream of intelligence. Instead, it employs several unique and specialized paths to achieve its objective.

The test on this page helps you find your lateralized brainpower based on the very same idea. Unlike an IQ test, this intellect assessment considers brain functions you rely on the most—and are consequently good at—to reveal your dominant intelligence type.

What Are the 8 Intelligence Types

Gardner’s initial theory proposed eight types of brainpower:

  • Linguistic intelligence revolves around language-rooted skills, such as writing, reading, and speaking.
  • Spatial is a visual brainpower specialized in understanding objects in 3D forms and locating things.
  • Musical intelligence is a lateralized ability to distinguish voices, naturally follow the rhythm, and relate to music.
  • Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is a physical talent, a fundamental advantage that leads to excelling in bodily activities like sports.
  • Interpersonal lateralization refers to an innate communication skill that allows for more profound emotional connection and easier socialization.
  • Intrapersonal intellect is the ability to self-reflect and understand one’s own emotions.
  • Naturalistic type is the intellectual power of relating to the world’s natural state and understanding its functions. (Think of it as an intrinsic love for the mother nature.)
  • Logical-Mathematical type focuses on rational, critical, and practical thinking.

Additional Types

Gardner considered adding two more types to his intelligence types to his intelligence type roster: Pedagogical and digital and existential thinking. The former is the skill of good teachers, those who can transfer new information to others as quickly—and smoothly—as possible. The latter, however, is a type of fundamental or philosophical thinking that involves questioning deep matters like our existence or self-consciousness.

How to Determine Your Dominant Intelligence

While Gardner didn’t propose a concrete tool to assess intelligence types, his theory can help distinguish between different categories. To find your mindpower, consider your skills, preferences, and memory.

For instance, a knack for writing and a love for reading, combined with a textual memory, indicates you have Linguistic Intelligence. At the same time, a natural talent for sports, a prolonged enthusiasm for physical activities, and a strong muscle memory reveal that your dominant type is Bodily-kinesthetic.

How to Interpret the Results of Multiple Intelligence Quiz

Please note that having a specialized intelligence type doesn’t indicate you’re brighter than others—or vice versa. According to Gardner, we all have these properties in our brains. It’s just a matter of preference, preparation, and practice that leads to one being centralized.

Also, remember that brainpower types can be developed through practice and learning. So, if you lack Musical Intelligence, for example, you can expand it by learning notes, playing an instrument, or studying the science of sounds.

Find Your Dominant Intelligence with 10 Quick Questions

Do you wonder what kind of intellect you have? Take this Multiple Intelligence Quiz for an accurate answer. Inspired by Gardner’s work in Frames of Mind, the following questions identify your preferred brain functionality after a thorough analysis.


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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    What type of activities are you usually good at?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 1
    • Solo and relaxing activities like studying or writing

    • Solo and complicated activities like puzzle-solving

    • Group activities with some level of complexity

    • Solo activities with an audience

    • Solo and physical activities like sports

    • Group activities with zero complexity. Things like partying

    • Solo activities that require extra concentration. Things like yoga

    • Adventurous group or solo activities aspect. Things like hiking

    • None of the above

  • 2
    How would you describe your memory?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 2
    • I remember most of my dialogues with others

    • I’m good at memorizing formulas and rules

    • I can memorize places, addresses, names, and shapes

    • I remember anything I hear and distinguish voices precisely

    • I can memorize things like dance or workout moves

    • I am good at remembering details about other people

    • My memory is self-reflective. I memorize things about myself

    • I will never forget my adventures, travels, and childhood memories

    • I can’t say I can memorize lots of things. I’m often zoned out

  • 3
    Which one is your primary soft skill?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 3
    • Effective Communication

    • Critical Thinking

    • Visual Thinking

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Body Awareness

    • Empathy

    • Self-Awareness

    • Environmental Awareness

    • Reflective Thinking

  • 4
    What keeps you motivated?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 4
    • Others’ pieces of advice

    • My plan and strategy

    • My memories

    • My emotions

    • My goals

    • My friends and family

    • My internal thought process

    • The beauty and joy of life

    • I’m not that motivated

  • 5
    How do you solve problems?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 5
    • I write things down and start analyzing them

    • I research how other people have solved that particular problem

    • I ask around for advice

    • I talk to myself and try to see it through different perspectives

    • I directly engage with the problem. No planning ahead

    • I ask for my friends or an expert’s help

    • I give myself some time to understand the issue

    • I detach from the problem and try to think out of the box

    • I avoid overthinking solutions and try floating with the issue

  • 6
    What drains your energy?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 6
    • People

    • Stupidity

    • Limitations

    • Silence

    • Inactivity

    • Loneliness

    • Talkativeness

    • Cities (and busy schedules)

    • All of them

  • 7
    Pick a hobby that you’d most definitely enjoy.
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 7
    • Reading

    • Playing games

    • Watching movies

    • Attending a concert

    • Working out or jogging

    • Shopping with friends

    • Meditation

    • Camping

    • Smoking or drinking

  • 8
    Which method helps you memorize new information faster?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 8
    • Note-taking

    • Practice (repetition)

    • Visualization

    • Humming or saying it out loud

    • Hands-on experiences

    • Having someone explain it to me

    • Internalizing the subject

    • Slow-paced leisure learning

    • Conceptualizing the matter

  • 9
    What questions tickle your brain?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 9
    • Questions about history

    • Scientific and technological stuff

    • Fantasy and imagination-related questions

    • Questions about natural talent and human skills

    • Questions about anatomy and function of the body

    • Stuff about human emotions and psychology

    • Things that involve self-development and personal growth

    • Mostly questions about nature and how things work

    • Deep stuff that questions our existence or self-conscious

  • 10
    How do you express your emotions/thoughts?
    Multiple Intelligence Quiz. 100% Free Online Test 10
    • I write them down or turn them into an art form

    • I find the most logical and simplified ways to explain them

    • I try to imply them in my actions or reactions

    • I find the most creative way to express them

    • I hide them and keep going

    • I discuss them with a friend or family member

    • I self-reflect and try to be expressive and honest with myself

    • I spend some time alone to see what’s going on with me

    • I don’t see a point in expressing them

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