Quiz: Which Philosopher Are You? 99% Match by Your Ideology

If you wondered which philosopher are you? This complex ideology quiz matches you to a famous wisdom lover. Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, or else?

Which Philosopher Are You

For the Love of Philosophy

The word philosopher means “lover of wisdom.” And you are here to find out which ‘philosophers’ matches your personality. We created the first accurate quiz that matches your ideologies, views, and thoughts to the greatest minds of all time.

Unlike most other quizzes, we don’t ask irrelevant questions like “How old are you?” Instead, we take you on a philosophical ride to dig deep into your true self and find your perfect match afterward.

Find out which famous philosopher you are.

The primary goal of the quiz is to answer questions like, “Which philosopher am I?” We have created a database of famous wisdom lovers’ profiles. And your responses help us compare yours to them.

Discover your philosophy branch.

What kind of philosopher would you be? Which of the seven branches would you choose? Axiology, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Aesthetics or Logic? The good thing about our test is that it reveals your branch based on your persona and ideologies.

Get to know your books and well-known works.

The big question might be, “Which philosopher are you?” But we have more to offer. The test results introduce some of the books or famous works of the philosopher that you match. We handpick the books that suit your way of thinking and overall character. So, it’s going to be a fun collection.

See what key ideas resonate with your personality.

What is a philosopher with no ideology? We wanted to finetune the results with the unique ideas of the great mind that you resemble. So, your results also include pieces of information that expose what type of belief system you might have.

How the Philosopher Quiz Works

The test is a set of 20 questions that focus on your personality and thoughts to identify which famous philosopher is similar to you. It includes three primary phases that expose your MBTI personality type, challenges your beliefs, and finally reveal the most similar historical character.

Here’s what to know about each phase of the philosophy quiz:

MBTI Analysis.

Our database includes information about the personality type of famous philosophers worldwide. But we need to uncover your class in advance to see which one you resemble in real life. So, the first couple of questions in the test focuses on revealing your MBTI category as accurately as possible.


Philosopher MBTI Personality
Plato INTP
Aristotle ENTJ
Immanuel Kant INTP
Lao-Tzu INFP
Nietzsche INTJ


Ideology Challenge.

The second phase of the quiz consists of some mind-bending and slightly uncomfortable questions. The goal is to challenge your beliefs and discover your true persona before suggesting the best philosopher match.

Character Match.

The final stage of the test is to find out which world-famous philosopher shares the same personality type with you. We included brief breakdowns in the results, so you leave the quiz knowing more about yourself. Be mindful that we do not require you to enter your email address or any pieces of personal information to see the results. So, you’re guaranteed to find your match instantly.

How to Know Which Philosopher You Are? Without a Test

Taking the quiz is the most reliable way of meeting your philosophical counterpart. But if not interested, try the other method. You need to read the personality description of your favorite philosophers to decide which one you relate to the most. It’s not an accurate technique. But it’s the only alternative you have.

#1. Plato

Known as one of the greatest minds, Plato is an INTP type. He values creation and reformation, as well as boldness and consistency. His personality is described as authoritative, thoughtful, and wise.

Those who take the philosophy quiz and match Plato are natural logicians. They are intuitive, thinking, and rational characters who enjoy researching and finding the truth no matter what.

#2. Aristotle

As an ENTJ, Aristotle is a leader. A logician who’s confident, expressive, and goal-oriented. He’s one of the most open-minded philosophers who was way ahead of his time. Aristotle was not afraid of expressing disagreement with others’ ideologies no matter what—he’s famous for rejecting some of his mentor, Plato’s ideas.

ENTJ characters who match Aristotle in the quiz are ruthlessly rational. They believe there’s a thin line between stupidity and genius.

#3. Nietzsche

Nietzsche had one of the most complex personalities among contemporary philosophers. It’s rare for the participants to match him. But he’s also one of the most popular results of the philosophy quiz. As an INTJ, Nietzsche is described as an architect. He was introverted, thinking and judging. And he loved perfecting the details of life.

When asked, “Which philosopher are you?” Nietzsche might not pop up in your mind. But matching him in the test indicates you are a creative, private, and open-mind person.

#4. Lao-Tzu

Lao is a mediator. His philosophy is based on balance, peace of mind, and freedom from desire. As an INFP, he must have been quiet, imaginative, caring, and creative. And his key ideas, such as Taoism, show how big of a peace-seeker he was.

Those who match him in the philosophy quiz are problem-solvers. They have perfected the art of negotiation and are excellent convincers.

Other Philosophers

History is full of great minds that might have had a similar personality to yours. But you just read the description of four of them. If you want to increase your chance to find your perfect match, don’t hesitate to take the quiz. We have gathered reliable information about the biggest names in philosophy and created a fun, entertaining, and challenging path to match them with your persona.

If You Don’t Like Philosophy, Don’t Take the Quiz.

Be mindful that the ‘Which Philosopher Are You Test’ is slightly complicated. We recommend it to those who already love the idea of digging deep into their thoughts and exploring their personalities.

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