Quiz: Which TXT Member Are You? 2024 Updated Members

Hey, which TXT member are you? This K-Pop quiz exposes your Tomorrow By Together member match. Are you Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, or Huening Kai.

Which TXT Member Are You

This Quiz Reveals the TXT Member You Are

Inspired by the events of the Star Seekers, the TXT member quiz is a series of 20 personality questions to discover which band boy is similar to you.

TXT, also known as Tomorrow By Together, is a Korean boyband with five members: Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai. And the current test identifies which one looks like you.

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The First MBTI-Based TXT Member Quiz

To match up the boys’ unique personas, we use their MBTI type. Basically, we compare your profile to that of the members, identifying the one with the closest type.

Often compared to Enhypen members, the TXT boys have colorful characters. Because they have no fixed roles (except for Soobin) and their age gap is insignificant, an MBTI match is the most accurate tool to find your soulmate among them.

The following table shows the MBTI type of all TXT members.

Soobin ISFJ
Yeonjun ENTP
Beomgyu ENFJ
Taehyun ISTP
Huening Kai ENFP


How to Know Which THE STAR SEEKERS Character You Are

Tomorrow By Together, unlike mainstream bands like EXO, has an entire cinematic universe, The Star Seekers. It’s a fictional world in which the stories of TXT members take place—almost like a fairyland.

Each boy plays a significant role in the universe and contributes to the unfolding story. But the big question for the MOA is, “which character’s similar to them?”

You can find out the answer using the following guide—or by taking the quiz.

1.    Soobin

As the leader of TXT, Soobin is caring, compassionate, and reliable. His personality type is ISFJ, which means he enjoys helping others and spreading kindness. But Soobin is also quite goofy; he’s the guy behind the Dolphin Cult and many other silly trends.

2.   Yeonjun

The oldest TXT, Yeonjun, is a hardworking boy with undeniable charm and charisma. He’s a total flirt who steals your heart with ridiculous dad jokes. But since Yeonjun is an ENTP, his personality can be described as friendly, curious, and slightly rebellious.

3.   Beomgyu

The energizer of the band, Beomgyu is a true ENFJ: He’s outgoing, affectionate, and extroverted. Fans might call him a walking meme whose remarks are effortlessly iconic. But the band boys love him since he never fails to cheer them up.

4.  Taehyun

Wise and independent, Taehyun is an ideal ISTP. His personality is practical, creative, and result-oriented. But he’s also quite adventurous and ambitious.

5.   Huening Kai

An innocent angel, Huening Kai is an ENFP, an energetic, warm, and passionate boy. Despite his chaotic laughter and tendency to cheat in games, he always finds a way to lift everyone’s spirit and inspire them to do better.

Bonus: Who’s Your Soulmate, Who’s Your Enemy?!

It’s not just about the TXT member you are. The MOA has even more exciting questions: Which member is my soulmate? Which member is my enemy?

Now for the good news. The quiz covers both questions. So, by the end of the test, you find out which TXT member would date and which would hate you.

Let’s Make MOA

The Tomorrow By Together quiz is one of those moments that get you closer to the boys. Taking it gives you a chance to meet your counterpart, soulmate, and even your enemy all at once.

So, here’s to the moments of alwaysness!


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