Are You a Lover or a Fighter? 100% Honest Relationship Quiz

You are either a lover or a fighter; take this archetype quiz to find out if your inner self is a knight or a deity.

Are You a Lover or a Fighter

Fighter or Lover: You Have to Be One

You know what they say, “All is fair in love and war.” The two ends of human conflicts have more in common than you think—for one thing, they are both rooted in our strongest emotions: hate and affection. But hey, you, are you a lover or a fighter? Would you choose war or peace?

Some Internet legends suggest that humans are of two types: Fighters and Lovers. The former is the group of determined souls ready to oppose all the hardships, the troop of those who “fight instead of flight.” The latter is the clique of giving souls protecting and caring for their loved ones, the band of romantic caregivers.

With the quiz on this page, we help you figure out which faction you belong in: The warriors or the devotees.

When Did the Whole “Fighter/Lover” Thing Begin

The first records of fighter/lover conflict date back to the early days of human literature. In Arthurian legends, for example, we meet Lancelot and Guinevere, a well-known knight and a delicate lover. Even in Shakespeare’s classic romance trope, Romeo and Juliet, there is a contrast between the pure devotion of the two lovers and the ruthless energy of Tybalt’s warrior archetype.

In modern times, there appears to be less interest in extremist conversations that pigeonhole individuals into labeled groups. However, the concept of lovers and fighters remains relevant. When posed with the question, “Are you a lover or a fighter?” most people can still express an answer despite the conceptual limitations of having only two options.

Fighter & Lover Archetypes Explained

To many, the lover/fighter concept is often seen as a reflection of masculine and feminine energy. However, these archetypes have nothing to do with gender. Men can possess caring souls as true lovers, and women can be ambitious combatants—and vice versa.

Who Is a Fighter

A fighter is a daring soul, never afraid of facing adversaries and hardships. They are goal-oriented and focused, prepared for a challenging path on the way to their dreams. A fighter relies on their strong will, determination, and courage to overcome the battles of life.

Who Is a Lover

A lover is a caring soul, never hesitant to offer support to those in need. They are empathetic, benevolent, and protective, with a strong sense of right and wrong. Lovers possess charm and allure, yet they use these qualities responsibly, never taking advantage of others’ affections.

Discover Your True Epitome with an Accurate Quiz

The big question remains unanswered: Are you a lover or a fighter? For an accurate archetype analysis, take this quiz. We ask you 15 questions that expose your true self and let you get in touch with your deepest emotions.

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