Quiz: Are You A Country Girl? 100% Honest

Are you really a country girl, or are you all about city life? This countryside lifestyle quiz exposes if there’s a hidden cowgirl in you.

Are You A Country Girl

Basically, a country girl is that easygoing gal who’s all about the rural lifestyle. It’s the vibe of young ladies who aren’t too keen on city living and have a soft spot for the agricultural and rustic way of life. If you want to double-check if you fit into this category, just dive into our Country Girl Quiz. We dig into fifteen factors to figure out what % country girl you are—and, of course, we’ll break down why we see it that way.

5 Signs You Are a Country Girl

A country girl is an outgoing type with a deep love for nature, living that cowgirl life in comfy, not fancy, dresses. She thrives on the agricultural lifestyle, adores animals, dreams of horseback rides, and values adventure over the security of city living.

To figure out whether you lean more towards a city or country vibe, check for these signs in your personality.

You Are Outdoorsy

A country girl finds joy in the wild. She daydreams of running through farms, singing along with birds, and freely petting wandering animals. If you’re fed up with spending your free time indoors and find city life a bit dull, that rural girl spirit is undoubtedly alive in you.

You Are Connected to Nature

To you, Mother Nature is everything. You hold a deep respect for her, a bit of fear, and a whole lot of love. While many of your peers might be scared of insects or stick to cats and dogs, you genuinely appreciate all living things. There’s a connection to nature within you, almost like a calling that beckons you to lounge on the grass and soak in the spring breeze.

You Have a Thing for Cowgirl Lifestyle

Feeding or riding horses, safeguarding your herd from wolves, milking cows, and checking up on the farm chickens all sound like fun and delightful tasks to you. Far from being afraid, you’d actually relish the opportunity to embrace such a lifestyle; the lifestyle of a cowgirl.

You Prefer Comfy and Cozy Styles

You’re not a pick-me girl. Dressing to impress isn’t your style. Instead, you opt for comfort, gearing up for your daily tasks. Your laid-back wardrobe is a quiet indicator that you’d be at home living the life of a country girl, where loose dresses and long skirts hold just as much allure as the tight, revealing ones.

You Could Imagine Yourself Marrying a Farmer

The allure of a rustic agricultural life is undeniable for you. You can vividly picture yourself leading a content life alongside a farmer. Maybe you’ve even painted a clear picture of your ranch, envisioning your kids playing with the farm animals. If that resonates, you’re undoubtedly a country girl at heart.

Are You a City or Country Girl? Let This Quiz Decide That

Living in the city, hustling through the daily grind, yet secretly fantasizing about a chill rural life? Or maybe you’re strolling around your small countryside town, but in your mind, you’re rocking the big city dreams? It’s all about what your soul craves, and this quiz is here to spill the beans.

With just fifteen questions, we’ll unveil whether you’re a country lover or a city dreamer. Hit that start button, and let’s find out what kind of girl you are.

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