How Environmentally Friendly Are You? 100% Honest Quiz

How environmentally friendly are you? This sustainability quiz assesses your eco-friendliness. Let’s find out how much you try to help your environment.

How Environmentally Friendly Are You

How Eco-Friendly Are You?

You are highly eco-safe if you save or use clean energy, produce little to no waste, reuse or repurpose items, buy recycled products, use green transportation, use water efficiently, and plant trees.

However, you are eco-unfriendly if you waste natural resources and pollute the environment.

What Is the Sustainability Quiz?

With its 20 environment-conscious questions, the Sustainability Quiz determines how green your lifestyle is.

In other words, it answers, “How environmentally friendly are you?”

The test analyzes your energy consumption, resource management, and purchases to create your eco-friendly profile.

5 Signs You Are Environmentally Friendly

It’s easy to find out how eco-safe you are: Look around you.

If your lifestyle matches the following signs, you are green.

1.     You buy less and upcycle more.

Buying all-natural products is not enough; you must reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing fewer items and hanging on to them for longer.

2.    You reuse green items.

Getting reusable bags every time you shop doesn’t make you eco-safe. But by using a reusable bag at least 150 times, you help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the long run.

Reusing is key.

3.    You cut back on energy.

According to the Environment Protection Agency, “Saving energy and using cleaner energy sources is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce greenhouse gases and help combat climate change.”

4.   You plant—or fund planting—trees.

Preserving the world’s forests is a crucial aspect of going green. So, if you plant or support charities that plant trees, you are eco-friendly.

Replacing the air purifiers with plants is also a good practice. It helps consume less energy.

In doubt about what to get for your house? Take our other quiz, “What houseplant should I get?”

5.    You produce less than 4.89 pounds of daily trash.

The lesser your daily trash weighs, the more environmentally friendly you are.

Based on the Global Waste Index, each US citizen produces 1787.95 pounds of waste annually—that’s 4.89 pounds per day.

Why Is It Important to Be Environmentally Friendly?

Being eco-friendly—or environmentally conscious—is essential because it prevents global warming. Currently, global warming threatens humans’ future, and the only way to fight it is by going greener.

Living an environmentally unfriendly life could cause:

  • Hotter temperatures.
  • Destructive storms.
  • Increased drought.
  • A warming, rising ocean.
  • Loss of species.
  • And more health risks.

Is Eco-Friendliness a Scam?

A study showed that 90% of green products either lie about their greenness or hide their environmentally unsafe aspects. So, green marketing is essentially a scam.

But eco-friendliness and sustainability are genuine concepts. We need them to co-exist on this planet safely—and preserve it for future generations.

Are People More Environmentally Friendly?

A 2021 study by Simon-Kutcher & Partners showed that 85% of consumers have become greener. That’s a significant increase compared with previous years.

According to the same study, 32% of millennials make environmental-conscious decisions, turning them into the most eco-friendly generation.

What If the Test Said You’re Not Eco-Safe?

It’s never too late to go green. If the Sustainability Quiz thinks you are eco-unfriendly, do the following:

  • Review your energy consumption and cut back where possible.
  • Weigh your daily waste and keep it under 4 pounds per day.
  • Use less water. (Take shorter showers, install a low-flow showerhead, buy products with WaterSense labels, and get a water-smart landscape).
  • Upcycle more items.

Take the Quiz to Assess Your Sustainability Level

Okay, the big question remains: “How environmentally friendly are you?”

Hit the start button for an environmental personality and lifestyle quiz that determines your greenness accurately.

The good thing about the test results is that they come with expert tips on becoming even more eco-friendly. So, it’s both entertaining and educational.

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