Quiz: Should I Get A Cat Or Dog? Based on 20 Facts

This quiz will help you choose a cat or dog. Just answer 20 questions about your lifestyle and personality to get an accurate suggestion.

Should I Get A Cat Or Dog

Well, here comes the ultimate battle in human history. The struggle of whether you are a cat person or a dog person. Although both pets are so cute and can have unique moments, people tend to choose one as their pet.

If you are okay with both pets and don’t want to label yourself as a person with only a choice, it’s a little hard for you to pick your pet between a cat and a dog. But in this quiz, we will make your choice a little easier.

Some facts about cats

Well, it’s time for Cats vs. dogs facts. Cats are one of the cutest animals you can see in your life. They can do a lot of crazy shenanigans, and they are mischievous animals. These animals have some unique acts much different from dogs.

Let’s talk more about these cute animals and learn a thing or two about them. You may misunderstand cats when they are trying to communicate with you, but if you pay close attention to the signs they are giving, you can understand what they’re saying.

I want to play

If your cat is in the mood to play games with you, it will come to you, and his tail will get the shape of a question mark. This way, the cat tells you he needs your attention and wants to play games with you.

Acting and talking

Cats have different voice cords from each other, and when they talk to humans, they act and sound different from each other. That’s why every video you have seen from cats in your exploration looks different from each other.

Trust issues

You should know that cats aren’t okay with staring at their eyes for too long and become a little threatened by it. But if you look at them and slowly blink, it will warm their heart, and if they slowly blink at you, too, your cat trusts you.


Some facts about dogs

You what they say about dogs? They are man’s best friend. This saying is because of how much these animals show love, respect, and loyalty to their owner and receive the same amount of love and passion throughout their time with humans.

People like dogs, and some people may not be cat people, but most people are dog people, and even if they don’t have dogs, they want when they see other people bring their dogs to public places. Let’s talk about the dogs.

Lucid Dreams

One of the most attractive features of dogs is that they dream like all humans. Of course, dog dreaming is not the same among all these animals, and usually, younger dogs crave more than adult and older dogs.

One of a kind

Did you know that dogs, like humans, have a unique mark, just like human fingerprints? The nose impression of dogs is entirely different compared to each other, and each dog has a distinct nose impression. This issue has been proven by various research.

Smell sensors

You all probably know that dogs have one of the best senses of smell. Dogs have about 300 million olfactory receptors. Humans only have 5 million olfactory receptors, and this comparison might show you how strong a dog’s sense of smell is.


Which one do you want, cat or dog?

It is challenging to choose between a dog and a cat. But if you pay attention to their behavior, you will probably find out which of these animals is suitable to keep as your pet. But if you still need an idea, don’t worry.

In this quiz, you will answer 20 questions, and after answering these questions, you will get the answer to the eternal question: Do you like cats or dogs more? Let’s roll the Cats vs. dogs debate.

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