Quiz: What Eye Shape Do I Have? 100% Accurate Guess

Do you wonder, “What eye shape do I have?” This quiz helps you discover if your eye shape is round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned, or almond.

What Eye Shape Do I Have

Discover Your Eye Shape via a Cosmetic Quiz

What follows is a series of questions to identify your eye shape. It assesses the crease and space in-between your eyes, eyelid, and tear duct positioning to determine what shape you have.

The overlap between the shapes complicates the process. And figuring out your eye shape might be as confusing as finding your skin tone. But the quiz walks you through the process, generating accurate results based on your answers.

See which of the six main eye shapes you have.

The test’s premise is to answer questions like, “What is my eye shape?” It works by creating and matching your eyes’ profile to that of the main shapes: Round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned, and almond.

Get personalized makeup tips for your shape.

Most people who take the eye shape quiz want to improve their makeup. So, we made sure the results include specific tips and easy-to-follow tutorials. It’s like having a makeup artist analyze your face and recommend proper eyeshadow techniques.

Find out what kind of false eyelashes you should buy.

Did you know that your eye shape determines what false eyelashes you should wear? That’s true; you need to know your eye type before buying them. But the good news is that the results offer a list of proper false eyelashes for your eye shape.

What Are the Main Eye Shapes and How to Know Which One You Have?

Similar to body types, there are a couple of different categories for eye shapes. But only six are considered to be the main ones. The following is a simple guide on each.

Eye Shape Description
Round Has visible whiteness under the pupils.
Monolid Has no crease.
Hooded Can’t see the crease when the eyes are open.
Downturned The outer corner is lower than inner corner.
Upturned The outer corner is higher than inner corner.
Almond Has no visible whiteness below the pupils.


  • The rarest eye shape is probably downturned. But there is no sufficient data to back this.
  • Upturned could be the most common eye shape since it’s common among Asians.
  • While your eye shape doesn’t change over time, aging might affect your crease. So, you might have a hooded-like shape as a result of drooping skin.

Secondary eye shape categories:

Bulging or protruding. Eye shapes that are outward and popped out.

Deep-set. An inward shape with a prominent brow ridge.

Wide-set. An eye shape with a wide pupillary distance.

Close-set. Eyes with narrow pupillary distance.

3 Things That Affect the Eye Shape Quiz Results

You should consider the crease visibility, the whites under the iris, and the pupillary distance when identifying one’s eye shape. So, these factors directly affect the test results. Here’s what to know about each.

The crease above your eyelids.

The line above your eyelids can reveal what your eye shape is. If it’s prominent, you probably have a hooded eye. If it doesn’t exist, you are monolid. So, the test offers specific questions to classify your crease type before revealing your actual eye shape.

The whiteness under your pupils.

If you see the whites under your iris when looking straight into the mirror, then your eye shape is round—you don’t even need to take the quiz. But if you can’t tell if it’s visible or not, you might need the test.

The space between your eyes.

You could simply measure the pupillary distance using your index finger and thumb. But you might not know how to interpret the measurements. What does it mean when the space in-between your tear ducts are narrow? What about when it’s wide? Well, the quiz helps you find the answer to all that.

Do You Have to Have Only One Eye Shape?

Marlena Stell, a well-known makeup artist and YouTuber says, “You can be more than one eye shape. So, don’t feel like you have to be in this tiny box; I have to be just one. You could be one or two shapes or the combination of both.”

So, yes, you can have more than one eye shape. And you don’t have to fit into one specific category. But oftentimes, one category is more prominent.

Are You Ready for Self-Examination?

Now that you know everything about different eye shapes, you are ready to discover yours. Answer the following questions to receive an expert-level result and customized makeup tips in no time.

The test is in self-report and self-assessment format. So, the suggestions are 100% accurate.

By the way, some questions might require you to inspect your eyes. So, keeping a mirror or your phone’s selfie camera handy would be a good idea.


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