Quiz: Am I Arrogant? Get 100% Honest And Accurate Results

Do you ask yourself, “Am I arrogant?” This personality quiz reveals if you’re overconfident. Answer 20 questions to discover if you’re an egotistic person!

Am I Arrogant

Are You Arrogant?

Here’s the short answer: If you feel like you’re the best in the world and everyone should appreciate you, yes, you’re an arrogant person. You may also be spoiled or narcissistic.

Arrogant Thinks they’re the best in the world.
Self-confident Tries to be the best version of themselves.
Insecure Thinks everyone is better than them.


A Frank Quiz to Reveal if You’re Arrogant

It’s challenging to self-evaluate and find answers to questions like, “Am I arrogant?” Most people who are overconfident are not able to self-reflect on their behaviors. So, you might need some help to analyze your traits, review your views, and compare yourself to others to see if you’re egotistic. And that’s where our Arrogance Quiz comes into play.

The test is a set of twenty personality questions that expose the self-involved side. We made it as accurate as possible and added some extra sauce to the results to help you get to know yourself.

You might also need to take our ‘Am I Spoiled Quiz’ after this one. That’s because there’s a fine line between being a brat and an arrogant individual.

Find out how overconfident you are.

For many, the question is way beyond, “Am I arrogant?” Their arrogance is so evident that they should start thinking about HOW cocky they are—not IF they are. The good and bad news is that our test also takes care of that. You’ll see in your results how big of a self-involved you might be in the eyes of others.

Discover if it’s arrogance or self-confidence.

The good thing about our Arrogant Quiz is that it distinguishes between confidence and cockiness. So, you don’t have to worry about the results if you have high self-esteem. But be mindful that it’s a self-report test. So, every response of yours affects the outcome. Make sure you read the questions carefully and choose the answer you relate to the most.

See why you seem to be an arrogant person.

It’s one thing to know if you’re arrogant; it’s another to understand the reason behind it. Our quiz gives you a brief (but comprehensive) explanation of why you see a particular test result and what affected it. We might not be able to expose the exact reason why you seem to be arrogant. But your responses help us find and share some clues.

Receive some tips on how to change for the better.

When you ask, “Am I arrogant?” one thing that we hate to do is give you a yes or no answer. It’s much more complicated than that. To help you with the following steps, we offer pieces of expert advice and psychological tips to change for the better.

Is Being Arrogant a Good Thing?

No. Arrogance turns you into a self-absorbed person who cannot handle criticism, doesn’t want to learn new things in life, and hurts others’ emotions by acting cocky. So, it’s definitely not a good thing.

Many confuse being arrogant with being self-confident. But they are opposite concepts. The former holds you back while the latter helps you thrive.

Sneak Peek of the ‘Am I Arrogant Quiz’ Results

What are the possibilities? The test you’re about to take identifies where on the confidence spectrum you land. So, you might be on exaggerated ends or right in the middle. Here’s what the results might look like:


You’re arrogant if you see this at the end of the test. You’re on the destructive end of being confident. And your self-reflection is toxic. You think you’re the best at everything you do, and you’re a genius in disguise—waiting to be discovered by the world. Think Kanye West. That’s the vibe you’re giving off.


It’s a safe spot to be on the self-esteem spectrum. If you get that in the results, you’re good to go. Self-confident people don’t need to show off their capabilities or prove their superiority to others. They’re humble about their skills and are humble enough to leave room for learning new stuff.


Sometimes, people who ask, “Am I arrogant?” are on the other toxic end of the self-esteem spectrum. They’re so insecure about themselves that they hide behind egotistic behaviors. Seeing such a result at the end of the test indicates that you don’t believe in yourself. And you’re too afraid to face the fact that no one is perfect.

3 Easy-to-Spot Signs You’re Arrogant

If you’re too skeptical about letting a quiz evaluate your arrogance, do it yourself. See if you can spot any of the following red flags. You are probably a self-involved person if you have one or more of these traits/beliefs.

#1. You believe you’re the best.

The difference between a confident and arrogant person is that the former tries to be the best version of themselves, while the latter thinks they ARE the best version in the whole world.

#2. You cannot take criticism.

If you flip out when someone criticizes you, it’s apparent that you’re self-involved. (No need to ask things like, “Am I arrogant?” because the answer is a clear yes).

#3. You don’t feel the need to learn.

An arrogant individual already believes to best at everything. So, you cannot expect such a person to see their flaws and opt to learn new things to improve. Think about the last time you realized you were not good at something and decided to improve it by practicing and learning. If it’s hard for you to find such memories, you’re being arrogant.

What if the Test Said You’re Overconfident?

You should practice humility. Arrogance happens when you try to hide your insecurities by shouting your success and bragging about your skills. Humility is when you know that you’re valuable without feeling the need to rub it on everyone’s face. If the Arrogance Test called you a self-involved person, take these six steps:

1) Accept the fact that you’re not always right

2) Don’t be afraid of exposing your flaws and imperfections.

3) Don’t go too harsh on yourself and forgive yourself for who you are.

4) Compliment others.

5) Learn how to ask for help.

6) Don’t link your worth to your achievements.


QuizExpo does not want to label you as self-involved. The goal of the test is to help people who ask, “Am I Arrogant?” and give them honest feedback based on their self-report. Please, take the results lightly and be mindful that they’re not meant to shame you.

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